I’ve never been into boys. Ok let me correct that, I’ve been into guys for a very long time. But boys just never really did much for me. Wrestling them was too easy. Talking to them was too dull. Men were, and continue to be, what turns me on. Even as a boy, I remember my sexual fantasies and lust centered squarely on men weren’t ashamed to be over 40. Guys who couldn’t be intimidated by the gym. Guys who had no problem showing the results of their battle against aging. Maybe it was my first glimpse of Robert Conrad in Wild, Wild West. Or my uncle’s biceps that constantly threaten the seams of any short sleeved shirt he ever owned caused my infatuation with men and muscle. The combination of number birthdays and muscle were one of the few things that consistently have made me weak in the knees. Muscle Daddies evidently were my thing.

My wrestling coach, back in the day, didn’t help matters. At 5’8” his height wasn’t ever intimidating to me. But those biceps. Those lats. The legs. No other teacher ever challenged him. And I’m betting I’m not the only wrestler ever on this team to bone up over him. Even in my 30’s I recall some of my hottest romps and matches with guys well into their 50’s. One man in particular, Ian totally hit all my hot buttons. We met at the gym and I noticed him immediately standing in locker room in just the gym-issued towel. He had abs of a 25 year old athlete and the face of a 55 year old professor. He inspired me to a great workout that day. To my surprise, 90 minutes later he was still in the locker room. And happy to see me. We wrestled the next day and the intensity and power and sweat defied his age. And snagged me hard. But sadly, he was off to return to Dallas that evening.

Fast forward to now when I am the one who have tallied up the birthdays and find myself north of 50. Like my idols from my youth, I’m committed to the gym. I love working out and I’m determined to keep it up. And what I like about MeetFighters is that there’s no shortage of guys who inspire me. This isn’t a group of boys. It’ been who still look good. Still wrestle…and wrestle hard in one of the most challenging sports there is. I look around at the guys who are older than me who still inspire me. One guy in particular has been a friend for years. We’ve helped each other through high and lows in life and have always been there for each other. In his late 50’s he asked for my help in getting back into the gym. I shared my workout routines. He followed them. Improved them. And showed more commitment than even me. In less than a year his body morphed into something special. Now at 62 he’s back in the gym and pushing himself harder than most 26 year olds. And I like that our relationship has changed and morphed along with his physical changes. I’ve happily climbed off of the pedestal he put me on. And I am thrilled to see him achieve his goals and turn heads. I’m proud of him and proud of the countless other men who keep fighting the fight. Keep building and defining and making age a badge of honor. To me, you’re all Power Studs.

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