There’s a lot of different types of guys who get my attention when it comes to wrestling. The classic All-American jock. The mature muscle dad. The cocky upstart. The swaggering Italian. The Ginger beefcake. They all earn a place on my list of “Guys I need to Grapple.” But recently while getting to know another member of MeetFighters (ok, Action Figure), we hit upon another type of man that scores a perfect 10. The great looking stunner. A handsome man. A face that could bone up a thousand sailors.
Action Figure and I had an interesting take on the subject. Our thoughts wandered from ‘can a really handsome guy impact your focus on the match and give him an edge’? To ‘are they just a pretty face with no talent’. But then as we explored this topic; we both landed on what is most likely a more common reaction to squaring off against a guy who makes George Clooney looks like Seth Rogan. Sometimes what you really want to see a face that looks that good is pain. Face it, a great looking face only looks that much hotter when trapped in a guillotine. Pain is the great equalizer.
The only thing better than a devastatingly handsome guy, is a devastatingly handsome guy trapped in a more devasting head scissors. Picture the grimace on that face that will either define or diminish his dimples. Killer blue eyes glazed over in a headlock are just too sexy to pass up. Full pouty lips are only enhanced when actually forced to pout out a submission while trapped in a camel clutch or cradle. And that 2-day scruff on chiseled features is just dying to be on display in a rough hold like a Kimura or arm bar. Sometimes when you’re THAT good looking (yep you heard me Action Figure) you just have to be made to suffer. The more handsome the face, the grislier the hold. Yep, pain IS the great equalizer.
Beauty has its price on the mats. You come at me flashing that Hollywood smile or leading with that square jaw line and you’re gonna have to suffer. Deep set eyes will only set off a deep seeded need to get you on your knees and trap you in a rear naked choke. Seeing your face contort. And twist. And moan. And whimper only makes you that much more handsome in my eyes. And in my grip.

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austinwrestle (10 bronze) 1/09/2019 12:04 AM

There are few things hotter than the face of classically handsome man whose face is contorted in pain as I squeeze a classic figure four headscissor on him and if it is a face to crotch headscissor, so much the better. Then I get to enjoy up close not only his pain but his humiliation!


pinningmuscle (0 silver) 1/09/2019 1:25 AM

Just out of curiosity, I’d like to hear from the guys who gave this a thumbs down. What didn’t you like? I want constructive criticism and honestly I won’t judge or be offended.


the123champ (22 gold) 1/10/2019 2:50 PM

That's funny... I'd classify you on the "stunner" category. Personally, no matter what category you start in when you step on the mats with me, you all wind up in the SAME category... DEFEATED!


Lkn4awrestletoy (88 gold) 7 days ago

Couldn't agree with you more about the pain on the beautiful face..hell the pain on any face is music to any heel's heart and soul...I'm not that skilled or strong or young but I DO know heeling and dishing some pain but you, my friend, have the gift of descriptive talent...if you're not a professional writer/author, methinks you should be..