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Here is a photo of me at 32, now at 52 I am training hard, eating healthy and using wrestling and boxing as a fitness tool.

I started taking Opti-Men High Potency daily supplements which contain vitamins, minerals and herbs. After having a full check-up which included blood and urine analysis my doctor recommended Opti-Men, 3 per day with food. I have been taking it for 35 days and have more energy, workouts last longer and noticed that my skin has improved.

Healthy Eating - I have cut out all fast food, non natural sugar, meat accept chicken breast and turkey breast. I have been eating fresh fruits and vegetables: raspberries, blueberries, cranberries, kale, carrots, salads, walnuts, flax seed, chia seeds, raw almonds for the past 30 days and I feel more energy, less inflammation, better endurance, better skin, increased short term memory function less brain fog.

I have had two recent wrestling matches which were long and competitive with lots of sweat and I notice that my endurance is getting back to where I use to be, I use to be able to wrestle competitively for 3 hours straight.

Starting to box for fun and exercise bare fisted and with gloves. I was never into boxing I was more a controlled brawler (meaning no damage, headshots, etc) but after discovering the benefits of boxing I started doing boxing workouts and slowly began boxing with friends. I have noticed that my endurance and cardio is improving, lots of sweating out toxins, better muscle tone and one of the best ab workouts I have ever tried.

Aside from what I have discussed above, I also incorporated the following to help fight father time.

- I am trying to keep my hair for as long as I can, a friend who is older, wiser and still has his thick wavy hair at 55 told me he has been taking Finasteride 1mg under his doctors care for 11 years and he credits it for helping him keep his hair. I talked to my doctor, he said her would prescribe 1mg Finasteride for me and said it will not grow hair from follicles that are dead but it will block the DHT in the scalp which will keep you from losing hair. I found HIMS, a subscription company that ships you a monthly supply of Finasteride along with 5% Minoxidil liquid solution and a DHT blocking shampoo. I have been using HIMS for a month and have noticed my hair is a bit thicker and shinier so far and I have not had any side effects, I will update in later blogs. I have read that some men have noticed adverse sexual side effects, so far I have not.

- I started using "The Ordinary" skincare and facial peels along with a prescription of 5% Retin-A aka Tretinoin cream. I have been using The Ordinary for 3 months and noticed less pores, clearer and softer skin. I have been using Retin-A for a month along with 50 SPF sunscreen, you MUST use sunscreen with Retin-A or your face will swell and become damaged. Retin-A is VERY strong, so far I have noticed my nose to mouth lines have filled in (in my 20's and 30's I use to get collegen from my Dermatologist for photo and video shoots, the Retin seems to do the same thing, made my skin more plump.

- I started using an EMS - electrical muscle stimulation machine that I purchased from England because they allow stronger at home devises. In the 90's I did a print ad for a company called "Body 2200" a place that did EMS treatments in Hollywood, they gave me 2 months of treatments but at thee time I did not need it, I do now! I love using this machine to target my stomach and bicep muscles, it is like doing hundreds of sit-ups and barbell curls and I have noticed an increase in muscle size and mass.

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technics2 (42 ) 6 days ago

Thank you for sharing. I like to see others striving to reach their goal. Health is something we tend to not focus on when we have youth on our side. Father time is coming for all of us if we are blessed to see our so called golden years. Keep pushing on and keep us updated on your progress. Some will read about someone's journey and give it the thumbs down and feel that the person is being vain and too stuck on physical appearances. That is a thin line to walk. I say judge not. Our bodies are our temple and we should take care of it. I find it strange that people will be happy for a person who has restored a vintage car but hate on a person who puts half of that time on their body. Keep pushing on. You got this.