wrestlemask is recommended by celtwrestle (5/25/2017)

The dude is an aficionado of the old Brit-pro style, but when we hit the mats any notion of script, give and take or promission was set aside in favour of a good scrap based on submission wrestling. We wore the trunks, knee pads and high-laced boots of ring wrestling but we grappled competitively on a hot Queensland afternoon.
Good bloke to make arrangements with and superb gym and fight mats.
One of the best scraps I've had this year. Mask blamed the sweat and a tough work day. Fair enough: I had a weight advantage and I needed to use that against this guy.
He gained two submissions with it going 1-1, 2-1for the Aussie before the Celt dug deep to make it 4-2. I was the last man standing.

Rematch: May 25, 2027
Superb second bout against a superb opponent. This time more scripted give and take which I needed as still in recovery from an injury.
Instead of being locked together grinding submissions out of each other, we went for the heel v heel back and fro. And bloody great it was too.
Would've loved more time to do plenty more moves on him while also taking the heel punishment from him.
The dude is touring England sometime- I hope some of you lot can handle it. This is the art of underground Brit-pro style but he can mete out (the more boring) submission stuff too.
Wrestlemask is a Brit pro-style warrior but I'm up for revenge


donner1 is recommended by 230guy (5/25/2017)

DH is exactly who he says he is. Requires frequent breaks but there was 15+ years between us. Strong, honest and friendly.


slpt is recommended by Thomdude (5/25/2017)

I met slpt for two matches on my recent trip to Dublin. I can't recommend this guy highly enough. After spending a night with us drinking and experiencing Dublin, we had our first match which was long, sweaty and tough. Getting this guy to tap took a lot of effort. The second match I was a bit more prepared and taught him a few lessons on being a good bitch ;).

Slpt is a top guy on and off the mats. He brings it on the mats with all he has, and just keeps coming back for more. His trash talk took the matches to a higher level as well, making me want to beat him even more.

I agreed to meet him as an opponent, and left Dublin having made a great new friend. I truly can't recommend this guy enough. You're mad if you don't line him up for a match. I just wish I could smuggle him into Australia and use and abuse him every day ;).


Indomable is recommended by BRIT PRO HEEL (5/25/2017)

September 2015

A strong skilled wrestler I met with Tyger and THEIRONMAN we both rolled around the mats in a sweaty but competitive match back a few years ago, a gentle giant of a man , great company and great guy off the mats, hope to meet for round two when we are able to


midwestboxer is recommended by Squeezemaster (5/25/2017)

I had the pleasure of going a couple of rounds Midwestboxer today. He is an awesome boxer and it was an honor to get to know him. He has an honest love for fighting and I gladly recommend him to anyone who loves stand up fighting.


Tap123 is recommended by Prosubswrestler (5/25/2017)

Met Tap123 for a heel v jobber match. I don't normally do these matches (especially jobbing!!) but really enjoyed it. Tap123 is a strong and engaging fella, who is a lot of fun to wrestle. He is great at loads of moves, especially camels and headscissors :) 100 percent recommend this lovely guy!


Prosubswrestler is recommended by Tap123 (5/25/2017)

Met prosubswrestler for a jobber match we've chatted for a long time and finally got the chance to meet up and I'm glad we did he's a strong guy and won't just tapout for you I'd recommend him 100% a really cool guy


surrey71 is recommended by bristolwrestler (5/25/2017)

Meeting this guy was definitely worth the lengthy train journey; a very friendly host who did his best to make me feel welcome and at ease. Having chatted for some time before meeting, we both had a good idea of what kind of match would be enjoyable for us, and Surrey71 was very accommodating of the rules I like to have in place when I'm wrestling.

After a chat and a coffee, we wrestled in his living room. It certainly wasn't a large space, but it was big enough to roll around in and very importantly it was a clean and safe area for what we had in mind. This guy has power everywhere, and I especially felt the strength in his arms as he had me tapping out several times despite never unleashing 100% of his strength!

Surrey71 was thoughtful enough to give me a little guidance as well. Not only how to wrestle a little more technically but also safely, which is much appreciated! Maybe, just maybe I'll be able to use it to my advantage next time I take on a tall opponent.

Lots of you have met him before, so you know why I recommend this fighter to anyone else on the site who wants a real challenge!


Grakoda is recommended by elephant8859 (5/25/2017)

It was such a pleasure to meet Grakoda.
He had great wrestling skill, strength, and knowledge of my weaknesses to defeat me. Even tho I over muscled him, it didn't work well against him. He could always quickly get around and find a hold to limit my strength. Overall, it was just a ton of fun to wrestle him.
However, off the mats, he gave me the best hospitality possible. I wish I could live in MI and see him around every day. It was definitely worth travelling.


BRIT PRO HEEL is recommended by Rtg09 (5/25/2017)

Ben is a great lad! He gave me my first wrestle and second wrestle when he was based in Glasgow! Generous welcoming host, way ahead of me in skills etc but made me feel at ease and encouraged me in both meets adjusting his style etc to help get a lot out of the wrestle experience! I look forward to our next wrestling meet and would recommend him absolutely!!!! Thanks Ben!


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