PharonicGrappler is recommended by MDWrestle98 (8/19/2018)

As intense and hot Pharonic is, he is equally as nice and understanding. He understood and respected my limits. However, while Pharonic held back due to size difference, he possess great skill and speed. If you want a wrestler who can go with the flow or put you through your paces, Pharonic is the wrestler for you.


Jdc265 is recommended by Dogfighter5 (8/19/2018)

I Had a great time with this young man on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. I wa able to use my favorite pin for some nice slow count outs I amlooking forward to doing it again!


RNC23 is recommended by salemathlete (8/19/2018)

Met RNC23 for a brief match while I was in Delaware. His recommendations are all on point: great guy on & off the mat and his legs are lethal! If he gets his legs around you, you’re going to tap. Super fit with good endurance. Glad we were able to meet, even for only a short time. Look forward to future matches.....hopefully with time for a longer dual.
Definitely recommend!


WrestlingFL is recommended by solarphonics (8/19/2018)

Stars were aligned for this match! lol His pics do NOT do him justice btw. He's a solid, built tough, hairy chested wrestler who knows how to use his beefiness. Hot, masculine, aggressive sweaty afternoon. Super considerate, respectful, honest, professional guy. A man's man. No BS. I look FWD to being pals.


nevadafighter is recommended by VBwrestler (8/19/2018)

Joey is incredibly strong and persistent. Getting him to tap was a challenge and I had to work for it. Great attitude, competitive, resilient, and a whole Lotta fun. Got to roll with him for almost 2 hours, lots of sweat, and ready for the next time around. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet up with this young, powerful, great wrestler


subfight is recommended by Mad Grappler T (8/19/2018)

August'18 : after long time we met.. he never disappoints.. he's still tough and good fighter, with more skills than in the past, he moves all the time, he knows how to play the body.. stronger body than in the past, good submission holds.. this time we had a 2vs1 mode and he got revenge.. glad we met again and I expect you again 1vs1 match.. you won't be alive after that XD

April'16 : good fighter, in good shape and nice moves included in his game... thxs for the re-match... XD

27/XI/15 : Still great guy even he says he's out of training for now... great attitude.. strong... good stamina... lots of submission holds.. special pro-wrestling holds... we spent a lot of time punishing each other... again and again... but I still got 13min 30sec to pay back... u know what I mean eh... thxs for the gift.. now u have to come and take it back iiiiiiiiiif... u are man enough to take punishment again.... thxs for the visit....

Amazing guy on and off the mats.. stronger enough to keep long holds and submit you.. don't give your back for any reason or he will know how to use this advantage..
Thxs for inviting me to your place.
I hope we can meet again.. and maaaaaaaaybe you can submit me heheheheh.. hugs bro


axxo007 is recommended by paradoxrunner (8/19/2018)

Really fun (but tough) fight with axxo007. I’m used to fighting guys his size, but he was much stronger than I expected (atch out for his scissors). Really looking forward to doing some light trash talking again ;)


scissorboy is recommended by Sailor (8/19/2018)

I met scissorboy recently for a match at his place, he was good enough to host! What a great guy, both physically and mentally! I really enjoyed tussling with him! Only positive stuff to say, really easy to chat with and organise, friendly intelligent guy off the mats and on the mats clearly a tough, strong and skilled guy! I am sure he was keeping a lot back on account of his bjj experience so I didn't get to overwhelmed but we had a really good hard fought sweaty tussle until near exhaustion! This guy is not only intelligent and friendly, skilled as a wrestler, but also has a fit, muscled tight body that is designed for fighting! We both enjoyed testing each other until submission in various moves, where it seems the name (very apt) comes from! He was even good enough to cook me dinner!! I had a great time and have met a great guy whom I definitely hope to see again many times!


GroundFite is recommended by Mad Grappler T (8/19/2018)

GF is such a cool guy.. we finally managed to meet and have fun on mats.. he´s cool, kind and nice but be careful on mats he turns into a sweet beast.. his solid body makes him unbeatable, he's got pretty good skills.. hard to submit.. always moving up or down position.. he knows how to take time, keep calm and strike in the exact moment.. after that he's playful and fun.. he likes to give some pain and take final prize.
Glad we got time to meet.
Hope we meet someday again..


txgrappler is recommended by Cut2danut (8/19/2018)

txgrappler gave a good solid fight and beat me repeatedly. Beware the choker hold! Gave some good back and forth too,
Tomorrow belongs to me