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Mucfightsport is recommended by svenmuc (12/05/2021)

Strong and fit! Very good match


alex1987 is recommended by Stgorob (12/05/2021)

I had a good 12 rounds of 1.5 minutes with Alex. He is strong and is willing to punch hard and can take strong punches as well. Since it was our first time boxing we didn't go full 3 minute rounds but after the 12 1.5 rounds we did, we both were happy with the other opponent. He is a nice friendly guy who wants to practice more. If you get the chance, box with him. I look forward to boxing Alex again.

Tuve unas buenas 12 rondas de 1,5 minutos con Alex. Es fuerte y está dispuesto a golpear fuerte y también puede recibir golpes fuertes. Como era nuestra primera vez en el boxeo, no hicimos rondas completas de 3 minutos, pero después de las 12 rondas 1.5 que hicimos, ambos estábamos contentos con el otro oponente. Es un chico agradable y amigable que quiere practicar más. Si tienes la oportunidad, boxea con él. Espero volver a boxear con Alex.


WrestleJ is recommended by LatinoPro (12/05/2021)

From the moment I walked into his hotel room I couldn’t wait to get my hands on him. He felt so good as I bearhugged him and slammed him down. He suffered so beautifully it almost pained me to continue working him over. Almost. Seriously he’s a great jobber. Very sexy. And great to talk to in between and after the bouts. Great guy to meet up with if he’s in your town. Can’t wait to see him again.


Jobberman97 is recommended by CHUCKCHALLANGE (12/05/2021)

Jobberman is a great guy to wrestle-he is muscled-strong and he is a great sport-we went at it for about 2 hours and he is a hard guy to beat-but he did get me to submit once-I got several pins and submissions out of him-but he never gives up and keeps going


newstravel is recommended by crofighter (12/05/2021)

Very strong and muscular wrestler. He easily controlled mine heavyweight. He knows how do to a good armbar, choke or hold in any position. I strongly recommend newstravel and I hope to meet him again.


Karategi01 is recommended by AD idf (12/05/2021)

J'ai eu le plaisir de recevoir pour ce weekend karategi01.

Nous avions prévu de bien profiter du weekend pour de nombreuses sessions mais cela a du être écourté en raison d'une petite blessure de ma part, bien involontaire. Malgré cela, jai pu découvrir quelques bases d'un monde que je connais peu : le karaté avec karategi01 qui a su s'adapter, me montrer les bases, tout en restant très sure.

Malgré cela un weekend agréable avec une personnalité fort sympathique.

Nul doute qu'on s'organisera un autre weekend.


AD idf is recommended by Karategi01 (12/05/2021)

Si tous les chemins mènent à Rome en Europe, sur meetfighters France, tous les chemins mènent chez AlainIDF. Il ne dément pas à sa réputation d'hôte parfait. Notre objectif était de travailler toutes les techniques (sol, pieds-poings et leur liaison) pendant un long week-end, mais malheureusement une petite blessure nous a obligé à être plus raisonnable. Nul doute que nous aurons à nouveau l'occasion de nous croiser.


NickBPL is recommended by GazStar (12/05/2021)

There isn’t enough space here to write everything I would like to about my roll around with Nick.

First of all he is very friendly, funny and we shared a connection almost straight away. He is also stunning and has a great figure which all added to the great time we had. He came over to Preston on the train and I picked him up and meeting was very easy :). We’d already chatted extensively about what we both wanted and liked so there was no awkwardness when we got down to it!

I’ll be honest, with him not having wrestled in quite a while and the obvious size/weight difference I was expecting to take control from early on - and I did but that only gave me a false sense of security with regards to his talents and strength (particularly in his legs) and once he had me he would have long periods where he would bully me into multiple submissions; added to the fact we’d both do the whole Preston vs Blackpool rivalry thing to verbally abuse one another if we were able to it was very enjoyable (if not a bit humiliating at times!).

All in all we probably finished about evens and were both exhausted and aching all over by the end of it (which lasted hours!). I would definitely meet again and would even go as far to say that it was probably my favourite meet ever. We’ll definitely be meeting again in future I hope and many times after ;). I’d definitely recommend without hesitation and hopefully we can team up some time!


Musclebrawl is recommended by Fitbloke (12/05/2021)

Great to lock up with this guy again.
Id say we’re both pretty good with long drawn out strength holds, so we punished each other.
I wobbled at one point, with his very effective rear choke, but I had him tapping a few times.
Again soon!


oldbutfitswiss is recommended by PATWRESLER (12/05/2021)

On a pu se rencontrer pour un premier match grâce à Dundun et quel match !
Malheureusement je n'ai pu que m'incliner sous la carure d"Oldbutfitswiss avec ses 90 kilos mais j'espère pouvoir prendre ma revanche avec ce gentleman. Nouveau combattant totalement recommandé.

80775 recommendations