It was a hot July night, hottest day of the year so far in our area. I was sitting at home, bored with television and feeling horny and wishing I was wrestling. Spent some time on wrestling sites, but couldn't find any type of a match, so in an effort to see if I could get into anything, I headed out around 1 a.m. to see if there was any type of nightlife in my area. I threw on a pair of shorts, left the shirt at home and started my adventure driving around. After about 45 minutes of cruising around, I was just about to give up when I spotted a young muscle stud walking along the sidewalk. I guessed he was in his mid to late 20s, weighing around 190 pounds of solid muscle and standing at about 6'. Traffic was basically non existent and as I sat at the traffic light, I watched as he strode along the sidewalk facing my direction. He was wearing a sleeveless button down shirt that he had left open revealing huge, cut pecs and solidly built arms, with a pair of very short cut off jean shorts and a ball cap. I remained at the traffic light as he casually crossed in front of me, both of us staring each other down. The light turned green, and as I slowly pulled forward, I checked my rearview mirror to see him turn to look back my direction as he continued walking into a very remote area. Naturally, I drove up a block and turned to get another block ahead of him and was once again stopped at a traffic light. I remained at that stop, even once the light turned green, in order for him to reach me. He was staring at me the entire time on his approach. He continued to stare at me as he once again crossed in front of me, and once passed, he removed his shirt and stuck it into his back pocket. So I turn right, obviously cruising this kid, and he knew it. As I passed him, we stared at each other and I banged my chest with my fist as I slowly passed him. He stopped, flipped me off with both hands and then motioned his hands in a "come and get some motion." I turned up the next block, parked my car, and got out, walking in his direction. We were a good distance apart, but the trash talk started as soon as he saw me turn the corner. "You fucking faggot! You fucking want a piece of this?" he shouted at me. "Boy," I replied, "you don't know what you're asking for!" As we continued to approach each other, he grunted and said, "Fucking cocksucker!" I just smiled at him and said, "we will soon see who is gonna be sucking on whose cock!"  It was an exhilarating feeling when we finally got face to face, both of us with our fists clinched and trash talking in each others faces, taking turns flexing. I was nervous, but excited as well, and my dick stirred in my shorts. He definitely was much more muscular and in better shape than I was, but I wanted him. He reared back his fist and was about to strike my face, when I grabbed his wrist and twisted it behind him and forced him to bend over. "You sure you wanna do this princess?" I asked. He was struggling to free himself as he said, "Hell yes!" I released him and pushed him away and said, "Tell you what. Come back with me to my place and we can settle this with a wrestling match." His breath was heavy as he looked at me, and I could tell he was game before he even agreed. As we walked back to my car, we exchanged no words until we were on the way back to my home. He just stared at me and said, "I really want a piece of you, bitch!" I smiled, looked at him and said, "oh you're gonna get a big piece!" As we drove, we continued trash talking, took a couple of jabs at each other, both of us ready to get out of the car and fight. Once home and inside, we stood nose to nose, our chests pressing against each other, both growling and breathing heavily. I showed him into the living room where I had some space to wrestle and told him to take his shorts off, as I did. To my surprise, we both were wearing jock straps, and he was already beginning to sport a boner."I want your ass bad fucker!" He said. We danced around each other, fists up, exchanging some good hard blows to each other until I bent down, grabbed him by the legs and took him to the ground. He struggled against me and took charge by rolling me onto my back and sitting on top of my chest in a school boy pin. This boy was tough and I knew I was in trouble. After pounding his fists into my chest several times, acting like a madman, he flexed his guns to nice profound rounded biceps and I saw that like me, his dick was fully erect pushing through his jock. "So who's the princess now?" He asked. I grabbed his arms and pushed him down, squirming myself forward some from his release and pushed his face into my dick. "You are fucker!" To my surprise, he liked his face in my crotch and rubbed it all over. I relaxed a bit and took my hands off of the back of his head as he continued rubbing his face into my hard cock, lightly biting it through my jock strap. He then pulled my cock through the side of my jock and began stroking it, staring at it licking his lips as he did so. Then he took his face to it once again and sniffed my rod from the balls to the head in one big whiff before licking the shaft. As he placed it into his mouth and his head began to bob up and down, he took his fists and pounded hard into my chest as he sucked me. In one sweeping motion, he ripped the jock from my body and laid on top of me, grabbing my arms and taking them above my head, pinning them to the floor. No words. We just looked into each others' eyes with an animalistic appearance. He then stood up, threw off his jock, showing off a nice thick 8 incher standing at full attention. He motioned for me to get up, ready to fight some more. We stood naked and hard exchanging jabs until we couldn't take it anymore, and in no time we were on the floor again in a 69 position, relieving each other of some built up tension. Once we finished, I drove him back to where I met him and dropped him off. We made small talk, but never exchanged any info such as names or anything. We both agreed that if we ever saw each other again, we would go for round 2.

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