A Change of Mind

I had this one on my list of to-dos for a while, so here we are with a late night musing.

Summer has gone well, I think. I did a bit of traveling as it rounded off and got to finally have that one match with RNC23 that was far too long in the making while on my way to Indianapolis. I enjoy long distance driving; it's scenic, quiet, and gives you a lot of time to think. One of the things I've been thinking about lately is how some things that I thought I wasn't or wouldn't be into are less about preferences and more about trust.

I watched a lot of wrestling videos and whatnot during my downtime and one of the things that came up was, "Oh, looking at it, [move/tactic] is kind of hot. Huh..." It was with all sorts of things, but for the sake of example, let's use something like CBT or high impact moves in pro or whatnot. So much of this when people have described it to me or asked was like, "Nah, I don't know if I'm into it" only to then see or experience it in the moment and think, "This isn't bad. This is actually kinda nice. I should do this more."

You'd think things like trust or even general emotions wouldn't mean as much as they do, but they do.

I'm also thinking that, as long as it proves worthwhile, I might do some more of these long distance drives, visit some people, and roll a bit. It's gonna take a lot of planning, but it would be worth it. Especially since I work remote.

Alright, bed now. 😴

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PierreDef (1) 9 days ago

Love the thoughts expressed in this. Trust is the most valuable thing we can give to another, which is why it hurts so much if it’s broken. Risky to give but if we don’t give trust then growth isn’t possible. I need to always remind myself of that.


bnjifghtr (1) 10 days ago

New experiences always contribute to growth in all of us . , not a bad thing at all . . another great piece of writing my friend. - take one of those extended road trips to Texas !


GINGERMAN (0) 11 days ago

You experience illustrates that we all have a tendency to stay within a well defined area in a number of areas. We have a tendency to be niche players. We don't experience a multitude of things that upon trying are quite wonderful.

Auntie Mame put it more succinctly: Life is a banquet, and most SOB's are starving to death.


synxiec (52) 10 days ago

(In reply to this)

Mind, sometimes you don't like things. For me, that's Fantasy Pro (as an example). But exploring is good.