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  1. USA - Oregon, Portland
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50-year-old Male / 5'8" (173 cm) / 194 lbs (88 kg)


I'm looking for guys who are into wrestling and boxing. Submission wrestling is what I'm most experienced at with about 2 years of formal training while I'm more of a novice at boxing and just getting introduced to sparring. Apart from that I'm just in to rolling/sparring with different guys. I love competitive matches, rolling to tap and body strikes. I'm a strong man who loves a good battle. I am safe, sane and an overall cool person on and off the mats.



Submission Submission
Boxing Boxing

Match structure: Give and take, Workout partner
Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu, Wrestling with body punches

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503grappler is recommended by pskbob

503grappler is very strong and once he has you pinned down, you won't be going anywhere soon. Great skill and a great opponent. Good guy on and off the mats

We met 01/24/20 thru 01/27/20. I work hard to build muscle and I and 3X the muscle I had those years ago. This man is 10X the muscle he was back then when we met.
Off the mats he is the sweetest guy in Portland.
On the mats, I had moments of fear, when I got caught in his arm bars, tactical maneuvers, and a gut crushing BEAR HUG.



503grappler is recommended by Marcwrestler

i am so glad that i meet, roll and wrestled this awesome wrestler! He is very muscular with great shape and with a very sweet and nice personnality! His biceps and chests are so big and strong and hard! Loved it ! : ) If you have chance to wrestle and roll with this grappler, don't miss your chance!



Marcwrestler is recommended by 503grappler

A really great guy to roll with, Marc is strong and was a good match. I look forward to rolling with him again. He’s a great guy off the mats too. I recommend him!



503grappler is recommended by ready2fight

Maybe, my most memorable fighting encounter to date. Truly, the total package - tough, skilled, and a strong will to dominate his opponent. Delivers solid blows whether in standup or ground and pound. More importantly, he is a great guy and someone with whom you will want to stay in touch. Cannot say enough good things about 503grappler...



ready2fight is recommended by 503grappler

I enjoyed my match with ready2fight. I would definitely love to roll with him again and again. He was a great sport on the mats and during stand up. He is a great guy off the mats also. Highly recommended!



503grappler is recommended by fitguy2

503Grappler needs to update his photo's again as he has put on even more solid muscle! Both his weight training and wrestling training shines through making for tough but rewarding tussle on the mats. He is also a very friendly fun guy to roll with. Looking forward to meeting up with again.



503grappler is recommended by yim

Great grappler strong and knows his holds and always safe besides a friendly guy off the mat if you have a chance to meet him on the mats I suggest you do so if you want to test the limits of your skill he's your man



yim is recommended by 503grappler

yim is a real cool guy to roll with. He's safe and sane and knows his stuff. I had a great time wrestling with him and look forward to more great matches!



Yes2014 is recommended by 503grappler

Yes2014 is a strong grappler and knows a lot of submissions and great defenses. I had a great time rolling with him, our rounds were like 10 minutes. He is a great sport, cool person and I hope to roll with him again.



503grappler is recommended by SqueezeNW

I'm honored to write 503's first recommendation. We met up yesterday for what was a fun workout grappling. If you want a challenge, he'll give you that - all muscle and knows how to use it. And before and after the match he's a nice regular guy. I'm looking forward to more matches with him.



SqueezeNW is recommended by 503grappler

SqueezeNW is a good guy to roll with. He's has good technical skills and is a strong guy with great defense. He was a lot of fun to roll with and a nice guy too off the mats. Great sportsmanship and I look forward to more great matches with him.


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