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Age 51
Height 5'7" (170 cm)
Weight 210 lbs (95 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Gay
Looking for Male
Gear speedos to start, but often end up nude (not required)
Languages spoken English
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Last update 9/03/2022


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  1. USA - Nevada, Paradise
    Visiting until tomorrow at noon

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Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
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Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Workout partner, Looking to coach

Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu, Pool wrestling

Stand-up fighting: Not interested in stand-up fighting

Miscellaneous interests: Massage, I have access to mats, Friendship, Relationship, Modeling, Photo swapping, I'm a heel, I'm a jobber, Stakes

Fetishes: Want sex, Jackoff, Naked wrestling, Nipple play, Cock fighting, CBT, Foot fetish, Trampling, Face sitting

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Hi guys. I host other men for long intense erotic submission style wrestling matches in Vegas.

I also write erotic poems about the same.

I am primarily interested in Vegas locals and tourists traveling here for matches.

I also travel frequently to Cali, and seek matches there. I will start posting challenges in targeted areas in advance of traveling.

I also enjoy pool and beach wrestling, nude where and when possible.

Always interested in hearing from guys serious about meeting for these matches and ready to text, call and set up real matches with times and dates.

Not interested in semi distracted non serious conversations. I have more than enough of that on other apps. Please be respectful of my time and if you schedule with me, plan on actually meeting. Thanks.


P.S. If you encounter this guy named "punch" absolutely block him and do not wrestle him. Nasty troll!!!

Featured Poem:

Poem: Night Match

In shapeless night we face off
On the mat, our other senses
Compensating for lack of eye’s delight.

Ears hear the shifting of feet,
The slapping embrace of skin on skin,
Grunting as holds are placed.

We dance each other to the ground,
Trading strength for weakness,
Pleasure for pain,
advantage for disadvantage.

As time wears on, we pant and struggle
For dominance, learning each other’s
Secrets, fears and desires.

On another level, our minds wrestle too…
Is it greater to subject you to my desire,
Or give in to yours?

The jobber and the heel inside me
Vie for control as I feel you around
Me, exploring, longing, stretching out
For the final count…

Our bodies, minds and souls entwined,
We both are victors, of ourselves and
Each other.

Final sighs, bittersweet goodbyes
As morning brings a rude awakening.
We cannot wait for night again.


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Newbe61 is recommended by AgentPoseidon

What a nice guy. He has been interested in wrestling for most of his life and he's getting back into the swing of it. I was happy to roll with him and looking forward to more!




AgentPoseidon is recommended by neaux

He was amazing! Definitely my best first experience ever! He has a designated room for wrestling with all the safety precautions beforehand and handled everything splendidly. Definitely a fun, easy-going guy who also knows how to dominate (and teach you) a lot about the wrestling world. I couldn't have asked for a better first opponent!



neaux is recommended by AgentPoseidon

What a delightful young man. Enjoyed touring the wrestling mat with him. Quite the jobber, he seemed to enjoy everything I had to dish out. Will happily welcome him back at any time.




What a great guy. Had a super fun roll with him, and we definitely enjoyed the erotic scene together. He had great energy and instincts. Hoping he will join me again.



AgentPoseidon is recommended by MicroSeat

Made my first time wrestling with someone painless. Easy, straight to the point communication to setup the meet. He stuck to what we said we’d do and limits, but was flexible during our meet. All-in-all great guy to horse around with, didn’t hurt he had an area set up for it. Oh, and he’s hot! Who knew being a guy’s rag doll for a few hours would be so much fun?



MicroSeat is recommended by AgentPoseidon

What a great open minded young man! Very much enjoyed wrapping him up in several holds.
Super nice and easy to schedule with... Thank you.




VegasChub is recommended by AgentPoseidon

What a strong, intelligent and fun young man. It was a pleasure to roll with him for several hours.

Please don't miss a chance to lock up tight with him.



AgentPoseidon is recommended by rsl4fun

Update June 2022- Round 3 and better than ever. Strong and unpredictable. Generously adapted to my temporary injury. Great guy who has become exceptionally skilled the last few years, will give anyone a challenge. Also great to talk to throughout the match. New folks can learn a lot from him. Experienced folks will get a good challenge. Highly recommend if you are going to be in Vegas.

Met Scott 11 years ago in Denver, so glad we reconnected. He is stronger, fitter, and way more skilled now than then. Glad we were just friends grappling, would not want to compete with him. He is a one of a kind amazing kind soul who will adapt the experience to what you want. 5 hours flew by and he had more energy and stamina than I could keep up with. Highly recommend to anyone for a competitive or fun match, especially if you are wanting to explore your jobber side. He is a jobber turned heel so he knows exactly what will be fun for you.



rsl4fun is recommended by AgentPoseidon

Round 3

Again he was generous hosting in his hotel room.

He was virtually the perfect sub. He took all my mandhandling and abuse and let it soak deep into his body and mind. Time flew by as we played in an alternate dimension nude and in the dark. It was a pleasure to spend time owning him. 😍🥰

Round 2

Was more than happy for round 2 with this guy. Polite, patient, fun.
I found him eager to learn and share. I hope he'll return to Sin City for Round 3!



Set up a last minute match while in Vegas. Was super accommodating and easy to schedule with. Has a nice set up where we went at it for 3 hours. A great heel but also nice enough to provide some pointers. Look forward to meeting again in the future.



What a supernice mature decent guy. Also very lean, toned and muscular. I could tell although he has good skills he seemed to enjoy subbing. We had a great time and he is welcome back any time.



AgentPoseidon is recommended by BigBeast

He was so kind warm and inviting we had limited time but the setup was nice and we got to wrestle we’re both very safe yet strong and aggressive wrestlers Scott is pristine gentlemen off the mats and a monster on them def will have rematches and keep a rivalry going 😈



BigBeast is recommended by AgentPoseidon

What a guy.

We gave each other an awesome wrestlefeast in the dark.

Kind, expressive, strong and deep.

He is welcome back any time...



AgentPoseidon is recommended by Lkn4awrestletoy

What can I say about this wolverine of a wrestler that’s not been said. I’ve tangled with Scot a number of times over the years, first when I was visiting family in Denver before I moved here. Wouldn’t you know he moved to sin city just about the time I relocated to Denver. Sometimes the wrestling gods are against us. Sweaty, intense, gentle, erotic, entertaining, sexual, painful, moments that I treasure. He’s a gentleman and a monster. He has this intriguing smirky smile that sneaks out if him when first approaching each other on the mats. Skilled and tough as all get out yet a gentle pushover jobber too…I could and will wrestle him over and over and over. Don’t pass up a match with this diamond in the rough. And if you like James Bond he’s the number one double oh seven fan. Looking forward to our next encounter…ya give yet mister?



Lkn4awrestletoy is recommended by AgentPoseidon

George is kind of the essence of what I look for in a WrestleDad. Very sure of himself, and willing to impose himself on you in all the right ways. One of the better heels I've been forced to deal with. :)

Seriously nice guy, well traveled, considerate and enjoyable.

I look forward to long nights in Sin City with him this year and beyond...



AgentPoseidon is recommended by grapplerpro343

WrestleChub was a gracious host and great company to be with. He makes sure that his opponent is 100% comfortable and provides for an awesome intense match. I had a great time with this guy and would recommend him to anyone that crosses paths with him.



grapplerpro343 is recommended by AgentPoseidon

What a great guy. Experienced and skilled but so adaptive, friendly, eager yet laid back. It was a pleasure to meet and host him. Don't pass up any chance you get to take him on...




Fighter Gary is not recommended by AgentPoseidon

  • Unreliable / no show



AgentPoseidon is recommended by buzzcut

Grateful for some fun with WrestleChub. He was clever, safe, candid, entertaining, relaxed but serious about his submission wrestling. What's more to want? He's pretty skilled from both formal training and experience, and he was happy to share a bit of that with me. Submission wrestling is a very mild and tangent curiosity of mine. Even tho there was a huge gulf between our experience levels, he met my curiosity without any condescension or intimidation.



buzzcut is recommended by AgentPoseidon

This guy was very friendly, outgoing and fun. He mentioned he was new to the submission wrestling style and open to learning it. Can recommend him without reservation and I think he prefers Pro wrestling in a ring. Thanks!



mikej7777 is not recommended by AgentPoseidon

  • Unreliable / no show



blacknight915 is not recommended by AgentPoseidon

  • Unreliable / no show



AgentPoseidon is recommended by Jobbick

Super hot and overall a very nice open and responsible person! Jobbed for him for several hours, cant recommend him enough :)



AgentPoseidon is recommended by Zwrestle1

Had a great time wrestling with WrestleChub . He's a skilled wrestler but really is about having a fun match with whomever he is wrestling. He's open to trying different styles of matches to shake things up. I highly recommend, and if you're ever in Vegas, look this guy up!



Zwrestle1 is recommended by AgentPoseidon

What an awesome guy! Gorgeous to look at and better to feel...all over lol.

We had a more than decent match. He felt very skilled and intense to me.

Definitely recommend him if you are visiting Colorado or he is visiting your area.



AgentPoseidon is recommended by TheBlakMask

Great guy. He was very patient and a very good trainer. This is my first time at submission wrestling, I learned a lot and I can't wait to try it again. I highly recommend if you get the opportunity to wrestle him do so, but don't let his size fool you. He is very strong and very quick.



TheBlakMask is recommended by AgentPoseidon

What a great guy. Friendly, eager and generous. We met in his hotel room and...well what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas lol.

Seriously though. Great match. Thank you.



awill92 is recommended by AgentPoseidon

Alex is an adorable little guy I found to be on the submissive side, although I know he has been more dominant with other guys. Knowledgeable with holds and great energy. He has also been flexible and generous around meeting arrangements. I have wrestled him multiple times, and he is reliable.



AgentPoseidon is recommended by wanttowrestle

WrestleChub is a genuine submission wrestler. He is extremely skillful and strong! He dominated me but he was very patient and gave me tips to improve my skills. We wrestled in his new wrestle room which any wrestler would love to have. And, most importantly WrestleChub is a very pleasant person to visit with. I give him much highest recommendation.



wanttowrestle is recommended by AgentPoseidon

What a nice guy to wrestle with! Great energy, very flexible around a last minute unforeseen schedule change, and I could tell he really had a passion for wrestling. Although I don't box Dale does and I know he had a great boxing match with my friend Sid (scubawrestler). I hope to wrestle Dale again when he next visits Vegas.



AgentPoseidon is recommended by WrestleJ

Good guy. He’s fun, experienced, and I loved practicing holds and techniques with him. I did make him my jobber boy at the end of the day.



Wrestlechub is a very eager wrestler as shown today when we practiced together in a jiujitsu no gi class. He wants to learn, has good knowledge of many of the moves, and is a very pleasant person. He was right on time and is a good partner on the mat.



AgentPoseidon is recommended by Redmond40

Amazing experience. Very knowledgeable and experienced grappler. Learned a few new moves and had an enjoyable evening. Very nice guy to talk with too, especially about our shared interests in wrestling. Very much recommended.



Redmond40 is recommended by AgentPoseidon

This guy is big and friendly. He was very generous to let me wrestle him in a very nice hotel room. He was fun, and shot a lot of great pictures of our match with his ipad. Like myself, he was very safe and sane, and we both learned some things and had a good time. I can recommend him without reservation.




Butchnelson is recommended by AgentPoseidon

Butch was very friendly, skilled, knowledgable and fun to wrestle! :) Be sure and look him up if you are in Vegas, he enjoys hosting.




AgentPoseidon is recommended by scubawrestler

WE have been wrestling friends for over a decade. He is my all time favorite. Hands down. You want to meet up with him.



scubawrestler is recommended by AgentPoseidon

Sid is a really great guy. Willing to take the battle to you, but also be an awesome friend with a heart of gold. You can not only enjoy getting sweaty, hot and bothered with him, but you can have a fine evening of conversation and admire his soul :) Hugs, Sid.