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My Name Is Aj,
I like the idea of being wrestled around while you try to plant your soles in my face. I will fight and resist to my fullest extent and try to turn my head away from your soles while avoiding positions I may be stuck with them near or in my face. Bring it ;) 2 or more on 1 is even more fun sounding to me. Being dominated and forced in uncomfortable/humiliating positions.

This is a pretty new thing for me to be into, Have never had a "match". Just enjoying exploring for now and hoping to live out some fantasy scenarios later on. Hmu :)

-Forced Soles in face
-Pinned/submission tickling
-Gutpunching/Nipple torment
-Held down/Submission humiliation (Wedgies, Wet Willies, Feet in face)
-Navel fingering (Mine is extremely sensitive to touch, I will go nuts)

Unrelated to wrestling, But If you're interested

Huge kink for CumControl, edging, milking, ruined orgasms, polishing, and orgasm denial.

I am in the Jamestown area. Would love to host for anyone that may be willing to travel (I can help cover travel costs if it is a long trip) and torment me for an entire WEEKEND. We can plan out multiple edging sessions throughout each day spaced different times apart. Maybe keep me in chastity the whole weekend minus the sessions until you let me cum? Would be a blast and i'm serious if anyone is into actually planning a meet. Hmu! Or even just a one off edging session for an hour or so.

Love a guy with skilled hands ;D

My Top 3 Edging/Milking Fantasy Scenarios:

Displayed CumControl Party - I would be immobile in the middle of a room/club/bar and on display for an entire group of guys to edge me. Focused ONLY on me. Groping me, teasing my nipples, polishing my knob, and taking turns stroking me. I would not be allowed to speak at all, only to warn that I am close. At the end no cumming and locked in chastity only to return for the next meet up. After several (maybe meeting up every weekend) I would finally be milked dry all of the cum I owe.

Weekend Edging Adventure - This one is more simple. Save my cum for a week or more. Meet with a cum control expert. Several edging sessions spread throughout each day: Morning, Afternoon, and night. Maybe 2 hours per session. No cumming at all Friday or Saturday unless it is an accidental ruined load. On the last session of the last day, milked dry with prolonged post orgasm polishing.

Foot only session - Any guys think they have skilled soles? Skilled enough to edge a guy for hours with no hands or toys? Just soles. I have had footjob play incorporated into my sessions but never a session that was just someones soles tormenting me. I think it could be interesting.

Hope one day to make these all Cum true
A session like this is my dream:


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