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  1. United Kingdom, London Borough of Tower Hamlets
    (I'm here from 1/28/2020)

I am willing to travel 20 kilometers


41-year-old Male / 5'8" (173 cm) / 161 lbs (73 kg)

Gear: Speedos, singlet, naked
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AlphaX is recommended by musclechris80

After a short break from wrestling, I couldnt find a better chance to get back to it! AlphaX although novice had the power to give me a good and sweaty match. His muscled well-propotioned body is a pros on his wrestling activity which I hope wil last long. Yes its one of those hot fighters I d love to fight with again.



musclechris80 is recommended by AlphaX

Excellent fighter . Strong and fearless .
Although we took it slow as I had a minor injury was a great encounter . A great body to match a great personality. Hope we repeat if next time I am in Athens



AlphaX is recommended by AsPalepsoume

A very pleasant person to talk to and an even better fighter! Although an amateur who is just starting, he's very promising in the wrestling world and the body and strength to support it (yeah, the body you see at the photos is totally real, if not more muscular)! ;) Reccomended with no doubts!



AsPalepsoume is recommended by AlphaX

A really genuine guy and a great fighter. We managed to arrange after a few message exchanges and I could not recommend him more .AsPepsoume has proved to be extremely strong with a great technique that he took the patience to try to pass on to me. Exemplary.



AlphaX is recommended by extralarge

Alpha X is a very fit and strong man for his size, who can deal with most challenges. Hitting regularly the gym for more than twenty years, gave him a very tight and muscular body, an impressive strength and stamina and a remarkable self-confidence.
He has no problem in facing larger and more experienced opponents. His resistance is impressive and he doesn't give up easily at all!
We did some training together: We practiced certain moves, and he managed to put them in use, right away!
When he improves his technique, it will be very difficult for any opponent to beat him!
Outside the mat, he is a highly educated and cultivated person, pleasant and polite, with very good manners.
I would train with him again, for sure!



extralarge is recommended by AlphaX

I only have the best words to say .
Great fighter , very patient with a novice , great technique and a very social and polite guy .

He also showed me some great moves.
Hopefully we fight again when I visit Athens