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Hey guys...nice guy off the mats...but on the mats...I play to win...looking for other ALPHA males to battle for winner take ALL (safe/sane/limits respected) matches. Get in touch.



Match structure: Even match, Outdoors fights, Online chatting, Not interested in cyber
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Pool wrestling
Stand-up fighting: UFC/MMA style matches
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Friendship, Relationship
Fetishes: Want sex, Wrestle for top, Leather, Naked wrestling, Nipple play, Cock fighting, CBT, Face sitting, Rip and strip


  1. USA - California, San Francisco
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Age: 59-year-old Bisexual Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 155 lbs (70 kg)

Gear: speedo, thong. posers, nude

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No holds barred No holds barred

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Alpha Destroyer is recommended by Antho1984

Awesome fighter, we met last minute and i don't regret at all. He's really strong and put me in some really nice submission. I tried hard to submit it and loved every minutes of our fight



Antho1984 is recommended by Alpha Destroyer

Met up with this lean in shape Frenchman for a match. We went at it for about an hour.....he just keeps coming back for more and more punishment. But in the end...he uttered the words to the Destroyer....I Surrender. Great guy...handsome, strong and takes the punishment like a real man. Look forward to a rematch next time I'm here.

Highly recommend. reliable handsome and strong. What more could you want?



Alpha Destroyer is recommended by Wrestleguns

This guy was one of my first matchs EVER years ago, i was lean and ripped and ready to crush him only to get schooled and destroyed, he got every submision, i slammed him right arm in armwrestling he beat me left, but this was years ago, was a great learning experinice. wrestled again years later but due to time limit, we only wrestled a best 2 out of 3, i won but only by a hair but I should him who is boss now .



Alpha Destroyer is recommended by wrestle bomb

Finally got the chance to meet Alpha after numerous false starts (My fault not Alpha's). Seriously cool guy. A total demon on the mat, knows his stuff and a really great wrestler. He is great with the verbal during the match and before!

Guys - don't get put off by his banter and the verbal. You are missing a great opportunity if you dont fix a match with him.

He is a total gent off the mat, intelligent, fun and trustworthy.

I had an absolute blast (he totally creamed me!) and can highly recommend him.



wrestle bomb is recommended by Alpha Destroyer

This guy is First Rate. In shape, intelligent and takes a beating well! :-)
After a couple of miscues....we finally met up to sort it. I'm confident he will be spending between now and the next time we meet, to figure out how to pay me back for the whooping the Yank put on this cheeky brit.
Great fun...and not just because I won. First rate...10/10!



Alpha Destroyer is recommended by Ben skull stephens

28th October 2017
After missing a meet in San Francisco due to family commitments a few years ago ,we finally met today at his hotel room during his uk work schedule and well the meet was worth waiting for a sweaty fun man to man action bout, he's a great strong guy good at what he does, let u into a secret he beat me and tell you the truth it was worth it and a rather enjoyable experience, he's a great guy and the verbal exchange was great lots of swearing and good alpha attitude , just how I like it , hopefully due to his work schedule in the uk we may meet again I hope.
A great guy off the mats HIGHLY RECOMMENDED thumbs up 11 out of ten



Ben skull stephens is recommended by Alpha Destroyer

just arrived in London this morning (Oct. 28). First up on my trip was to take on the mouth Brit Pro Heel, Ben. Schedules a few years back did not work out...but today the two bad boys locked up. Drenched in sweat with a lot of hot action....AD beat yet another brit alpha. Was a fantastic match. He's strong knowledgeable, safe and very competitive.

First rate and HIGHLY recommend. Thanks for the match Ben. Rematch any time.



Alpha Destroyer is recommended by FTLAUDFLWRESTLER

This guy is really tuff-he worked me over good-I only got one win in the two hours we grappled-would like to have a re-match with him-he is a good challange



Alpha Destroyer is recommended by Blarger

Awesome guy to wrestle with. He beat me up and put in some great holds. I look forward to future fights!



Alpha Destroyer is recommended by ca510140

Meet Peter today for round three
Tough as ever, great tim on the mats, always a challenge, love it
Meet him if you get the chance



bdjockboy is not recommended by Alpha Destroyer

  • Unreliable / no show
  • Fake profile



Alpha Destroyer is recommended by readyforit

Alpha Destroyer as his name implies is mean, tough, strong and driven to win. A genuine alpha wrestler. We had met and wrestled 6 years ago so I knew that behind the many exhilarating and aggressive and way over the top banter and cyber fights exchanges that led to our second wrestling bout Alpha Destroyer was a totally safe, sane intelligent and reliable man more than ready to push boundaries and seriously ready for a hard fight but always within agreed rules. Feeling safe with each other allowed us to explore and will ourselves to follow our instinct that much further. We had a really great, rough, hot time. I highly recommend Alpha and would love to wrestle him again anytime he's in London



readyforit is recommended by Alpha Destroyer

Met this fit muscled Frenchman on several occasions . Handsome, muscled, tough and a good challenge. In the end the more dominant alpha prevails and collects the agreed upon consequences,



Alpha Destroyer is recommended by DenverWrestler

I had a very positive (and hot!) experience with the Destroyer. I admit that I was a bit uncertain about meeting him because of things I had heard, but I laid out my concerns in a message, which he responded to positively, and we had a good exchange of messages about the type of match and rules and limits. We then spoke on the phone a few times. The match took place exactly as we had discussed, so both of us had a great time and a lot of fun. His specialty is fairly intense pro with lots of trash talk and horny action and 'low blows' included. This may not be everyone's cup of tea, but he was true to his word about the type of match we'd have, and it turned out to a very hot time for both of us. He has a very nice lean hard body and is skilled at pro moves. He's also a very friendly decent professional guy. I can recommend him without hesitation, and I encourage anyone interested in meeting him to have a conversation with him ahead of time about the type of match and intensity so both are on the same page.



DenverWrestler is recommended by Alpha Destroyer

For a long time me and Allen have debated which of us was the true ALPHA male. Finally, my travels took me to Denver to settle our rivalry which was "smoking hot". Besides being a great host, Allen is a handsome, in-shape and fierce competitor. The fight was rough n tumble but sane and safe. Perhaps the results would surprise anyone reading this!?!? Ready for Round 2??? I think we would both agree there is unfinished business ....Highly Recommend this fine gentleman and superb fighter.



Alpha Destroyer is recommended by antaeusX

Had a good oil match with this alpha male. Never mind I only got 2 submissions out of him and he made me his jobber and worked me over real good. It was a good workout. Yes he is very verbal with lots of dirty talk, and a real mouth piece. He stayed within the agreed rules and he is very reliable unlike some others who seem to have nothing better to do than hang out online.
I recommend him.



antaeusX is recommended by Alpha Destroyer

Met up with John this past weekend for round 2 to see if he could avenge the beating I gave him some years ago. John has a great set up, he's a great host and a very tough opponent. Still has an amazing body and a great tough wrestler. We had a blast...slipping and sliding in oil. In the end, he found out who's still the boss. Ready to go again STUD? Do NOT miss a match with this alpha STUD. Highly Recommend



Alpha Destroyer is recommended by Lederringer

He is a big and strong wrestler (even with his mouth). I love the trashtalk with him. He is very nice and a reliabel person. He has fightingspirite and he is quit sexy. I love a remach with him....the mat is our battlefield and only ONE can leave the mat as the winner!



Alpha Destroyer is recommended by Studboy

AlphaDestroyer and I went back and forth submission for submission for most of the match. He wore me down at the end and took control. Major trash talker when he's working you. But a very nice guy after the match. Highly recommended.



Studboy is recommended by Alpha Destroyer

Been talking for some time about locking up to see who the better alpha male was and finally got the chance to find out. Studboy is a handsome, confident, in-shap and formidable adversary. He comes to a match with a strategy to win...and keeps the pressure on you throughout. A tough adversary on the mat, and an intelligent, nice guy off. Look forward to round two. Highly recommend you look up the Studboy if you are in NYC!



Alpha Destroyer is recommended by resl4top

Alpha Destroyer is well named. He is strong, determined and experienced and more than capable of backing up the talk. We had an all too brief bout, ended early by injury. My advice: do what I did and cheat! Have fun: I did.



resl4top is recommended by Alpha Destroyer

This man is first rate! Handsome, strong and tough. We had a spirited and somewhat brief bout when my frustrated rival turned to cheating in a failed attempt to "even the score". As we say in the States...."Cheaters Never Prosper" I came away with the "W" but this is far from settled. We agreed the mat room will be the proper venue for our next match up.

Highly recommend this bloke. A gentleman off the mat, and a tiger in combat. Happy to grant you a rematch to try and even the score!



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