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  1. United Kingdom, Norfolk
    (I'm here from 6/17/2019)
  2. United Kingdom, High Barnet
    Mat Room - Weekday mornings (often)

I am willing to travel 150 miles


49-year-old Male / 5'10" (178 cm) / 154 lbs (70 kg)

Gear: Speedos, Trunks, Shorts


October 2019 - Back in action after a lull caused by excessive work. Most of my days off for October are booked for wrestling, and November for other commitments but hoping for a very active winter season.

July 2018 - pretty much back in full swing again after some decent matches with trusted friends and past opponents.

Mar 2018 - Looking to start booking matches again. Ideally easier or less competitive matches, GP matches or armwrestling/strength stuff this month and early April then going to competitive matches once I am back from my holiday at the end of April.

Nov 2017 - A DIY accident ended in a broken left leg so am unfortunately out of action until at least January.

I am strong for my size and enjoy wrestling, arm-wrestling and gut punching session (give, take or trade - it's all good with me).

Feel free to ask about more, you will get an honest answer.

If you organise to meet up with me and don't show up, then don't expect a second chance!

If I have challenged you and you live somewhere other than the UK, then I am at least hoping to visit your country/region in the future.



Submission Submission

Match structure: Even match, Squash match, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Workout partner
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Arm wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: I have access to mats, Friendship
Fetishes: Jackoff, Gut punching, Rip and strip, Muscle worship

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Last modified: 9/29/2019

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ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by fight2018

Unexpectedly met this guy but very well pleased we did. Although there is a weight difference the matches were excellent. It was quickly apparent this guy knows a few things about grappling which made the fights very competitive. His strength and fitness are also top notch making the session last a long time. Doesn’t back off and is straight in for another go as soon as one match ends. Even did some arm wrestling (got to with a profile name like that) which was even and competitive. This guy has had a lot of matches and if the ones with me are anything to go by, he will have a lot lot more. If you are a heavier opponent don’t think he is too light and miss the chance to battle him if it comes.

Clearly this guy is competitive so we took to some pure abs punching: he rained down the punches and can throw some seriously hard ones. Swapped around and he took a decent amount of shots. Like the grappling and the armwrestle, he didn’t back off once.

Bicep curls were the last competition. We both got to a respectable total but on this occasion I just went a couple above his total.

A rematch was organised and it was more of the same. Very competitive grappling. This time in the bicep challenge I went first and thought I’d done enough. I hadn’t and he got the higher total. Like I said before, this guy is competitive, strong and fit.

Absolutely pleasant off the mats and very easy to get on with. Rematch material.



fight2018 is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

This is a LONG review so if you want the short version then it’s this. If you want an awesome strong and skilled opponent then take him in but be prepared to lose!


A recommendation from a mutual friend brought about this epic meeting. It’s not like I hadn’t been warned that he was both strong and skilled, but despite that and a 30kg weight disadvantage the promise of strength tests, wrestling and gutpunching competitions with this guy meant I made the journey up to meet him.

Instantly I knew he was a sound guy and he had an great setup for wrestling and using weights. Due to the late hour of our meet we stripped down to our fightwear quickly and a chiselled muscular figure was revealed. The guy is hench. 16” biceps flexed up and were as solid as any I’ve come up against. His whole body ranged from rock hard at its weakest point to the steel of his guns and abs.

We got down to wrestling and it was obvious from the get-go that I wasn’t winning this one. Nevertheless I’m no quitter so I proceeded to frustrate him at every opportunity managing to deny him the number of submissions he obviously desired. This guy is a true warrior. Positionally I was controlled more than 90% if the time and rarely got my legs free to allow me to gain position. Getting his back was completely impossible.

We had a series of long bouts and I hope take comfort in the fact that despite the chilly conditions I did make this beast sweat it up even though the result was inevitable but despite that our battle was totally safe and great fun. What a workout.

Next it was armwrestling, which I love and I’m not half bad at but there was no loving this guys arms. His attack came quickly after he was sure I couldn’t move him. My forearm and wrist power slowed him down significantly but the armwrestling challenge went the same way as the wrestling for me. Still no dice!

Next we decided to introduce a stamina test with a light barbell and curling for reps. Here seemingly I impressed as I dug in laid down a respectable target for the muscle man to have a crack at. He took my target and made it with a couple of extra reps for good measure but I was left wondering if maybe I had sound small vulnerability there.

Finally gutpunching. My last chance to get on the board. I’ve done a bit of karate in the past and can land some mean punches and I’ve got a good reputation for taking hard shots without so much as a flinch so it was time to take the big fella down! Well that’s how it went in my head at least. The reality was that is abs are seriously made of steel. My hardest punches just bounced off. I think I could have punched them all night without making a dent but the challenge was to take equal numbers of punches so I needed to be realistic as to how many I might be able to take from this serious unit of a bloke, besides I was beginning to think I might break my hand or wrist in his abs. So, tue tables were turned and now I had to flex my abs for his shots. The very first punch told me everything I needed to know- I was f*cked! No nicely-nicely gentle warm up shots for the lighter man just properly full-on power. I took the shot and a good number that followed but always in the knowledge that this was purely for pride and that I was going down HARD.

I’m pleased to say that I seemed to earn respect and even though I got my ass handed to me. It was suoer-fun.

The day after our match texts of thanks and renewed challenges started flying between us and as I was still in the area we had a second meet the very next night where upon we wrestled again for nearly an hour and the very serious barbell challenge recurred. The beast set the target this time but through down the bar after 60 reps thinking that was enough and as I picked up the bar I resolved to dig in and see if I could get to 50. So I set off with slow deliberate reps and was weakening by 40 but made my target then spied a slightly worried and shocked look from the muscle man so I seriously dig in and finally got my victory with 86 reps. I AM NEVER LETTING HIM FORGET THAT.

I know he will destroy me again but it won’t stop me rematching with him at any available opportunity.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by RKsubmit

Had the pleasure of wrestling the mighty Marcus tonight. As a member of the 100+ club he knows what he's doing and I was outmuscled and outclassed. He is also ridiculously stubborn and even when I came close to getting a submission he resisted and ultimately turned the tables.
Really nice bloke too and I am pleased he allowed me to add him to his past opponents and I'll take him on again no problem!



RKsubmit is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

Just finished wrestling this lovely guy.
Firstly it was easy to arrange the match and communicate to ensure we met up on time.
I’m sure he is a good 10 years younger than his profile says, he certainly looks it.

We wrestle to mutually agreed sensible rules and I think we both throughly enjoyed the match. He is pretty strong and his legs are definitely an advantage, they really tested my core strength and endurance.

We wrestled for an hour and then some but I wish we had more time and am up for a rematch any time.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by Jow

I had a great time with ArmwrestleAndMore trying unsuccessfully to submit him !
He is a very good wrestler, resistant and technic.
I also enjoyed a lot to be his jobber on the second part...
Thank you, nice and handsome guy to have accepted to meet me.
Do hope a rematch..



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by He-Man

ArmwrestleAndMore is a great guy have met to wrestle and do strength games with despite having 40kg weight on him, he's got great core strength and like the other reviews confirm he's stronger then one would first think he would be, and I can see now how he holds his own against bigger guys. Warm and friendly guy but also very serious when put to the question of wreslting and arm wreslting, great fun meeting for a novice guy like me and I hope to see him again, highly recommended.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by solidguy

Marcus is a friendly chatty guy who appears to be quite placid however on the mats he is a formidable opponent. Apart from having a very flexible body he has very strong arms and legs. As a beginner I had him in some pins which felt like an achievement for someone of my inexperience! However his technique and endurance got the better of me. Had a great workout and hope to do it again. He also looks great in speedos! Great to wrestle at the Barnet matroom too.



solidguy is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

I really enjoyed meeting Gavin. A very pleasant guy. It was easy to arrange the match with him and we spent a great couple of hours.
He has very strong grip and I spent way too much time pinned down. I managed to escape and find several interesting positions which he seemed not to appreciate so much as he decided to tap out of them!

I am sure with more experience and a little more killer instinct he is going to be hard to handle



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by FitScot

A lovely guy whose experience shows in making his fighting ability challenging yet fun. Pleasant company off the mat as well. Looking forward to another wrestle at some point.



FitScot is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

Great match with Ewan today. His bjj training shows and he will persist trying to get to move no matter how difficult you make it for him, showtimes even after he has realised you know all the escapes.
Nice guy and I hope we get to meet again. Definitely worth a match.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by axxo007

Really proud I was able to hold my own at arm wrestling against a legend ;) but his left was definitely a tough challenge. Super nice guy who was kind enough to arrange for a place to meet. Our wrestling match was a lot of fun and I definitely had to work hard against his upper body which should not be underestimated. Looking forward to a longer match!



axxo007 is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

Met up with Ian today for a short match which began with armwrestling. We discovered we were reasonably matched but that he was stronger in both arms.
We went to the mats and had a well mannered but competitive match with lots of defence (mostly mine).
I escaped a lot of his attempts to choke and otherwise discomfort me but his skills and strength (especially the headlock from his legs) got me in the end and I went down. 4-0.
I feel confident I can find a way to get on the board next time, but it will surely be difficult.
It was super-easy to arrange this match and I look forward to us having a polite but hotly contested rivalry.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by Alan2005sg

I appreciate so much that ArmwrestleAndMore took a 2-hr train from Norfolk to London just to meet me, & I hope I have made his trip worthy.

He is skilled and experienced. We had a very competitive match from the beginning till the end. He maintained his enormous stamina and strength throughout.
He has speed, skills and surprising strength that gave me so many challenging headlocks & body scissors. I have been wore out by all these.

His arms and forearms are deadly. You have to struggle a lot once you have unfortunately got in....

The fight is intensive & we both are exhausted after rounds of back & fro.

Highly recommended.



Alan2005sg is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

I had a great time wrestling Alan.

Hopefully next time we will be able to meet in a mat room and make it even more competitive.

He must have amazing stamina, he had matches the day before meeting me and had two more lined up for today. You can only respect that, especially as he still had strength skill and a lot of speed.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by TakeYouDown71

Met Marcus recently for what turned out to be a hugely enjoyable wrestle!
He was very easy to set the meet up with and was great to chat with while got ready for our match (really good humoured guy it has to be said)
We then got down to business and had a great, long session during which time he maintained great stamina and strength throughout.
Marcus has speed, skills and surprising strength so shouldn’t be underestimated in any of those departments.
He’s technically skilled and can read his opponents quickly to try and anticipate their moves.
If you want a tough match and to be tested then this is the guy to roll with.
Can’t recommend him highly enough! Hope for a repeat someday.



TakeYouDown71 is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

Meet Davey last week having chatted about it for a few weeks and pinning done a day and location about a week in advance.
Making the arrangements was easy, he kept in touch and turned up as arranged. His body is every but as good as it looks in the pictures and he does not disappoint in turns of strength or stamina.
He has some technique still to learn but is definitely no slouch, I was silly enough to let my guard down and suffer a humiliating move that forced me to submit to him. Fortunately I had a few on the board by then, and it was a mistake I was not going to allow again.
I think I taught him a few lessons over nearly 4 hours of stunningly enjoyable wrestling and chatting.
A great guy to get to know and I am sure that no trip to Glasgow will be complete without a rematch with him to gauge what will surely be a swift progression.

Once he has skilled up, watch out!



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by v vv v

Met Marcus for armwrestling at a gathering in Glasgow. He acted as the referee of matches and explained the rules, and health and safety of armwrestling to me. He even kindly show me how I should position my body so as to reduce the risk of injuries during the match. Surly I was beat by the experienced skilful Marcus, but I had great fun learning new skills. Looking forward to our future meets with some submission bouts.



v vv v is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

Was great to meet Sun and introduce him to armwrestling and friends in Glasgow.
Lovely guy with great looking arms (and rather handsome too). He is very easy to get along with and will certainly be on my list for a subs match when I next visit Glasgow



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by scotsgrappler

He took my arm-wrestling cherry:-). Safe, sane, experienced guy who showed me what I was doing wrong and how to reduce risks of injury. Amusing, good fun. Fight seems a plan.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by ovid17

I took part in an armwrestling tournament today organised by ArmwrestleAndMore. As a novice in this field of wrestling action I stood very little chance and went down to multiple defeats, ArmwrestleAndMore giving me a particular thrashing ! A full on submission grapple would, I suspect, be an entirely different ball game and I have challenged this gentleman (and he is an absolute gentleman) to just such a bout in the hopefully not too distant future.....



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by chestertom

2.2.19 - at last managed to hook up with this really lovely but fiercely competitive guy after long chats. We got together with Strongarmedhulk who hosted a mini tournament. Wow, was it worth it - a new opponent. The 2 of us set off first - unknown quantity- right arm first then left, two battles each. I triumphed, but not without a real struggle, with the right. He won the first left - but the second left I just managed to pull off a victory - only just! He is deceptively strong and does not concede lightly. I was mightily impressed and can highly recommend a meet with this guy for a challenge session - well worth it. He is reliable, competitive and just a lovely guy!



chestertom is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

Met up with T and strongarmedhulk a couple of weeks ago. Me and S are long-time friends but T was new to me despite having chatted for a while.
Was great to armwrestle him and first time around we both won armwrestles our stronger arm. After that we both had a crack at S (we had no chance). Then we were goaded into testing each other out again. My strenuous attempts not to look like a wimp against S meant that I didn’t have enough left in the tank to repeat my win on the left arm so will definitely have to arrange a one-on-one rematch for the left arm and maybe see if we can fit in a wrestling match too



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by Archfighter

Armwrestleandmore is a great guy
Tough as nails when it comes to gut punching this guy can literally take endless punishment
On the mats a commited wrestler who won't sub easily and is capable of handling guys much bigger than him. Had a great battle. Highly recommended.



Archfighter is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

I have now had several meets with Arch, which has to be a recommendation in itself.
He has great arms and we always armwrestle. He owns me on the right but the left is always a fight which I nearly always win.
On the mats he is strong and pretty good with his take downs and getting position. He needs his strength to get the job done as his technique still needs some work. That’s fun as it means I can frustrate him with my defences and makes for some long, sweaty bouts.
Always easy to arrange a match with him, even last minute!



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by resl4top

Master of the surprise attack! I had a really enjoyable meeting with Aw&m which was competitive and pleasurably sweaty! He is strong, determined and has loads of stamina. He is also experienced and a safe and sane opponent. I've been hoping to wrestle him for some time and am so pleased that I managed to catch him on one of his trips to London. He was kind enough to flog all the way down to Grove Park, not the easiest of trips for him. An all round champ!

Nov 18 catch up with Armwrestleetc. Our fourth (?) meet, I think. As always, a really enjoyable roll. Very competitive match. I'd forgotten just how hard it was to get any sort of submission and also how dangerous it was to give an inch! As always, safe, sane and very good fun.



resl4top is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

Had our first match yesterday after we met as agreed. S was on time and a really nice guy. It turned out we were pretty well matched in strength, stamina and skills once we got down to the match.

I ended up on the wrong side of the argument this time but it was a close run thing and next time...



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by hertsdog

13 Jul 2018: Fantastic GP meet with Marcus. He's very competitive so we did alternate 10 punches each for a while, but no one was breaking so we upped it to 50. I was hitting him hard as I could and he wasn't even making a noise. I, however was huffing and puffing and making a real fuss, so I think its a win for Marcus. We got distracted and stopped after a couple of hours :) Next time we'll carry on until someone's on the ground. Awesome chap, but you knew that!
28 Sep 2018: Another nice meet up. Alternate 1.5min GP rounds, 15 each. Excellent!



hertsdog is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

Great meet with Ade a few days ago. We arranged the meet a few months in advance but stuck to the date and Ade was a great host and easy to chat to before we got to the business of the Day.
He punches hard, by the end he had realised I could take a good beating and was really landing huge blows.
We were both working hard which, I am sure, is the way we both like it and whilst he was really starting to moan by the end I think he was still capable of taking many more hard punches.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by SPORTINPARIS

After several months of exchanges I m really glad to have the chance to meet up with AAM. He is nice and genuine, and a perfect host. He is also a very skilled and experience wrestler, very competitive from the begining to the end. Never ever understimated him, in particular his arms and forearms, bothe deadly and could make you surprises. Our match was intensive and hard in two rounds until realize a decisive winner. In spite of his determned resistance, I emerged victorius.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by Andrew83

Wow, this guy is really strong, especially for his weight. Marcus has a really good experience in wrestling, and can apply a variable wrestling techniques. In armwrestling he is also good, use technics. Do not underestimate his arms and forearms, because he will make you surprises.

Moreover, but not less important: he is really genuine, generous, nice guy and able to choose a good wine ;-) Highly recommend him! :-)



Andrew83 is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

26/07/2018 - Barnet. Hottest day of the year so far with temp in the mid thirty’s outside and so much hotter on the mats with Andrew. Firstly I got destroyed in armwrestling AGAIN and, I think, even more decisively than when we met in Budapest. Those 44cm biceps were just too much for my 32cm (maybe not such a shock). Vengeance was mine in the mats though, so I’ll take that.


Always good when an opponent keeps in touch and is easy to arrange a meet with.
We met for armwrestling and wrestling. His arms are super-strong, there was no way I could beat him, but I fought hard and managed to delay the inevitable. Those biceps are like steel!

In wrestling my years, and years, and years of tough matches meant that I reversed the roles, even squeezing out a submission from a body scissors.

Very nice guy who I am very pleased to recommend.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by Jobber415

I didn't cover myself in glory for this one. ArmwrestlerAndMore was clearly far too strong for me in both arm wrestling, and in more. He's clearly a very skilled wrestler and had me tapping a will. I had a great time nonetheless and found him to be a thoroughly likeable man. Thank you!



Jobber415 is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

Was easy to arrange a meet with this guy who turned up on time and ready to go.
He does himself a disservice in his review of me, as he took me down on the first armwrestle we had. Fortunately I pulled it back but was made to work for it.

We moved to the mats and it’s true that this was more my domain. This was a joint session with Andrew83 and this guy went up against us both. No matter how many times we made him tap he was always ready for more and totally undeterred. I suspect he is storing up all the moves we used to bring to the party next time.
There was certainly not a lack of effort despite the 35 degree heat outside and God knows what the temperature was in the mat room. It was certainly a good sweaty match which only enhanced the natural appeal of this guys body. The face is most acceptable too.

A pleasure to meet such a handsome gent.

Bring in the rematch.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by IKBER

I’m really glad I had the chance to meet up with ArmwresstleAndMore for what proved to be an over 4 hours match! He is tough, stubborn, determined on securing a result. What I learned from him is not to give up through the very end.
Great wrestler, I am motivated to train harder for our next match.



IKBER is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

Great opponent. Easy to make arrangements with, strong legs which he knows how to use and stamina enough to sweat it out for 4 hours.
I took the win this time, but not without being forced to tap several times myself. Fortunately most of the time I managed not to be distracted by his nicely proportioned body, a task that took a lot of concentration and having to wrestle most of the time with my eyes closed, otherwise I would have lost badly.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by hugefan

31/5/18 Over three years and several hundred miles from our last meeting it was lovely to see Marcus again. I remembered he was silly strong for someone who doesn't have a huge build but had forgotten his little quirks like keeping a record on his computer of all his match scores. I won't reveal the tally of this round but have to confess I did get a few slightly, how can I say, cheating subs but hey when your wrestling iron man you need to bend the rules a little.
Lots of sweat, lots of moaning and straining, great match all round. He is a stubborn fucker if you will excuse my anglosaxon.
Very grateful for the effort of driving down to see me and hope we don't need to wait as long for round four.

18/12/14 second meet with mighty muscles Marcus . this time he let me gut punch him before we started and i was left wondering who was weirder him for enjoying it or me for enjoying doing it. the weirdos had fun anyway. then after proving he is indeed a fine armwrestler and i am shit we started to wrestle

my bleeting about being constantly being beaten up paid off as he let me have the upper hand. lots of fun with the hot action man who is Marcus .

Marcus is another guy with whom it has taken a long time to find a mutual date for a wrestle but he was well worth the wait. Adding to my recent string of defeats I learned three important lessons.

1) Three stone extra and five inches taller don't count for much when your opponent really knows what they are doing and has been taking secret mighty muscle supplements or wrestling Norfolk pigs since he was five (ok so i made all that up)
2) I must have a face that says please break my neck, choke me, take my head off or alternatively I am just not very good at keeping it out of the way.
3) I really don't care because it was an excellent wrestle with a very tough opponent who was careful and skillful rather than a wild tazmanian devil.

I may have spent a lot of time seemingly with the upper hand but when it came down to it Marcus was just too stubborn to give much and too good at defending for me to keep him down for long.

Really enjoyable, excellent body, nice friendly guy and if his computer record of our match gets corrupted he says he has a terrible memory so it was a draw! (in my dreams)



hugefan is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

We had been chatting for some time, but when we actually got down to arranging a match it was very easy to do, and Stephen arrived on time and ready for our match.

Our match took place yesterday, we had a good couple of hours battling it out on the mats at Barnet. Stephen proved to be a strong opponent, making me work from a defensive position a lot of the time. No more than expected he is both taller and nearly 4 stone heavier than me so I expected to have to work hard, especially given his previous recommendations. It's true that his legs are strong, not enough to break my core and force a submission from his abs scissors but after a couple of extended attempts we were both sweating and having to gather ourselves for the next move.

Strong legs are matched by strong arms making it impossible for me to get some of my favoured moves, he was just too strong and his good stamina level means we will need a much longer match to see who is the man on that front. Time constraints meant that we were both still up for more when we had to finish.

I am looking forward to the rematch already, another opportunity to own the big man!



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by fitman321

He was so much fun yes nice man and fighter please meet him for match .i would as shoot.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by battlefox

Meet this guy 3 times now with always 2 years in between. and the wait has been always very worthwhile. He is a joy to wrestle with, very tough on the matt and gives it his all. Always ready for a good bout. Of the mats he is very nice and cool to chat and hang with. Really hope for a new match again, maybe less than 2 years but he is really worth waiting for.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by pndfighter

Meeting Marcus was a real pleasure. He kindly organised our meet at the Barnet mat room and we quickly got to it once we arrived there.

Marcus is a charming and very welcoming guy. Always a pleasure to talk to and a great match-up as well!

He's quite strong considering his size and definitely has a decent amount of tricks up his sleeve which made the encounter a good workout for both of us!

If you get the chance to meet up with Marcus too, don't pass up the chance; otherwise you'll probably regret not meeting him!



pndfighter is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

Really enjoyed my first meeting with Philipp, a wrestler who uses his technique over his strength because his technique is good enough to handle most of the wrestlers he will find here.

We had a really good match punctuated with short breaks to allow for an injury that is taking a while to completely heal.

I was very pleased to have been able to defend against nearly everything he tried on me, but he did get me a couple of times.

He says he still has a lot more BJJ to learn, so I suggest you get in early if you want to stand any chance of winning against this guy.

I hope for a rematch soon, certainly from his friendly attitude and conversation I will be looking him up when I get around to visiting Vienna.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by Belgianjudoka

Only short match with this guy but enough to know that he is really worth for a a longer meeting next time.



Belgianjudoka is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

An unexpected pleasure to wrestle briefly with this gentleman. I was visiting a wrestling friend and we were able to use this guys own mats. He collected and returned us from the station and was a perfect host.
I suspect that his superb hosting extended to letting me win our brief match, but will be interested to return and discover just how tough he can be.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by corkey

I had the considerable pleasure of wrestling Marcus this afternoon. A very pleasant experienced and competitive but sane grappler with a very expressive face. He made me work for my submissions and obtained a good number of his own. I echo other recommendations heartily and am very pleased to have met someone who so obviously enjoys wrestling and is modestly very skillful.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by Crushhhh

Even though we only live about an hour apart, we'd missed out on the chance of meeting, until now. A warm evening meant we were sweating before the match began as we tested each other in an armwrestle. Marcus is strong and we drew the challenge 1-1 (breaking a table in the process). Then to the wrestling. I never underestimate an opponent, even if they are smaller, and Marcus proved to be a tough opponent. Agile, knowledgeable and strong...he resisted every attempt to get him to submit. He wouldn't even tap while I cranked on heavy duty cross body scissors. A great match with a really nice guy that I am sure will be repeated.



Crushhhh is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

Toughest match so far this year!

Paul has great biceps (not to mention solid pecs which look great) so I knew it was going to be a task and a half to armwrestle him, but didn't expect what it got - he took my right but was more of a match than I had hoped I could give him. Then to the left where I thought I had some advantage, I did make a decent start but the battle that followed was truly exhausting. Even when it was going my way he would find more power somewhere and pull me back. In the end I got the win but my arm was almost destroyed in the process.

We took to the mats and it was a similar story. We battled hard both needing all our skill, strength, stamina and stubbornness but neither of us could make it pay. Around 90 minutes of giving my all resulted in getting nowhere against this beast. Every time I was in charge he hooked a leg or arm and held me so I couldn't gain enough position to make him tap. When i thought I might have just enough leverage power him into a tap I would use all my strength, several times literally expending every ounce of my strength, I could see him hurting and even a suspicion that he wanted to be dominated (but not unless I earned it) and every time I just didn't have enough strength it couldn't keep up the pressure long enough.

Ours was a night match and I hope we manage one where we are not deep into the night before we are that far into the match, but I suspect that whenever it is there is no way either of us will get an easy win from the other.

This will hopefully be a hard fought rivalry that goes on and on



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by Bham87

Sometimes you just have to admit it ... I was COMPLETELY outclassed by this amazing wrestler! He is totally safe, sane and easy to make arrangements with. Off the mats hes charming and great to chat with. On the mats, he is fast, skilled, amazingly strong and has got the most incredible stamina and just doesn't quit. Added to this, he has a physique anyone would be proud of. HIGHLY recommended!



Bham87 is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

It was really easy to arrange the match with AJ despite issues of distance. We had lots of chatter in the weeks beforehand and decided on a really long match so that each of us could work out what the other was made of.

I am pleased to say that AJ's pictures do not do him justice and he was very mild-mannered indeed before we began the match. When we armwrestled, however, he was certainly not the shrinking violet I had supposed he might turn out to be. His right arm is strong and although I gave him a good test he overpowered me with his stronger arm. Fortunately I decidedly returned the favour on the left and so it was to be our wrestling skills that decided this.

AJ was certain that even though he had very little experience in wrestling his youth, strength and stamina would mean that he would easily get the better of me. It would seem that even though he had done his research on my recommendations, he was sure he was better than the guys who have failed to make me tap in the past.

I have now reprogrammed his firmware and his attitude adjustment has been completed! I will not reveal the score - I will leave that to him - if he is bold enough to show it.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by RNC23

I'm so glad I was able to meet up with this guy!! It was kind of a last minute match...but we pulled it off!! The match was real quick though since it was so late when we met up! Real impressed with how strong he actually was! You can tell he's playing you like a chess game, but a game you dont wanna stop. Hope to meet up again and I can take back my title! :)



RNC23 is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

Met up with J at very short notice as I had been away for a long weekend in Europe when he was in my area.
To encourage me to accept the challenge he "guaranteed" me that his legs would crush my abs, so there was no choice it had to be sorted.
I drove over to meet where he was staying and there is no denying that the guy has a decent scissors on him, but he hadn't met me before and there was no way I was tapping to that. Instead I turned the tables and got him with a selection of neck holds and a leg lock and showed him how a real lightweight Dom wrestler rolls.

A great guy, whom I will hopefully meet again someday for a much longer mat room session when I can really take him apart 😈



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by Biceptor

Awesome fight with this guy, Marcus' arms are far beyond his weight! Super tough and super strong! His forearms are the size of his biceps, imagine that! He does not like to lose and gives his all to resist a bigger opponent! If you want a hard fight with a genuine guy, look no further.



Biceptor is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

My God, he is so strong. I have everything but could not come close to moving him. He was so kind and complimentary but I was easy for him I am sure. I even tried to cheat with two hands. He couldn't beat that but his arm was still like steel. I think it was the only time he actually had to make a real effort.

Such a pity he has an injury which prevented us wrestling as I might have had more chance with that, or just got destroyed twice in one day!

Now I have to come back to Budapest just for a rematch.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by Pinstride

It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to meet Marcus for the first time today for what turned out to be an amazing, tough, painful and thoroughly worthwhile match. What an exceptional wrestler he is - really exceptional - able to withstand and defend against every possible move and hold I could think of with ease. His ability to maintain a strong and unbreakable stamina for three hours is breathtaking, as is his stubbornness, strength and technical ability.
Marcus got 20 submissions off me - I got none at all. Am I embarrassed and frustrated? Not at all - what I got out of the match, what I learned from him and the workout itself was worth every moment of defeat!

Off the mats, Marcus is a fantastic guy, he's a joy to spend time with and chat to and for a million other reasons I highly recommend him - and I look forward to round two!



Pinstride is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

Jack was kind enough to invite me to his place for our first match. When he opened the door the first thing I noticed was his striking eyes, and then that he seemed to look fitter than his profile pics.
He was great to talk to and we chatted for nearly an hour before getting down to our match, nearly 3 hours of it during which he set me many, many problems. He is very strong and that strength doesn't falter. Several times I was trapped in debilitating body scissors and, whilst there was no way I was going to allow him - or any guy close to my size - to break my core, I was reduced to suffering the pressure for long periods until I could manufacture an escape.
As always I kept score of each and every submission, but the final score in no way indicates the reality of the match. On paper I won convincingly, but in no way was that easy. I was forced to ensure some tough holds and on several occasions had to use all the strength I could muster to escape them.
It's been less than 36 hours and already our next match is planned, and I can't wait. I think that should be recommendation enough, except, did I mention those eyes???



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by mateusjudo

Met ArmwrestleAndMore today with Abs2000 and we had an amazing 2on1 session! this guys can be either a Heel or a Jobber. As a Heel he is very skilful and could apply holds which left me harmless as I was being beaten up. He could also suggest his mate other holds to apply. He was teasing me and the two heels were having a great banter while I was suffering under them. Absolutely HOT!

As a jobber he has an incredible stamina and his abs are impossible to break, he could hold more than 150kg on his abs as we both trampled him. He is also a strong ArmWrestler, absolutely recommended. Very nice guy outside the session too!



mateusjudo is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

Had a three-way meet today which included this stunning guy.

They say the camera doesn't lie, but it certainly doesn't do him justice. His body is little short of perfection. Every muscle is rock hard especially the abs which just take everything you can throw at them. There is some moaning and groaning, but that doesn't seem to stop him just soaking up all the punishment that comes his way.

Can't wait to arrange a one-on-one with this guy to see which of us is still standing at the end of it!



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by fight32uk

Oops administrative error on my part has meant my recommendation is not showing. So here it is.. It was a great meeting. I always like to start slow and build up on a first meet, just in case and armwrestleandmore was really accommodating and a really nice guy. It was a great match building up to hard power shots. I made him wear mma gloves after a while as his bare fist shots are a lot to take, so he wins for endurance. It was fun and I hope to meet again some time. Strong tough guy!



fight32uk is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

Met L last night for a GP session. He has met a few more guys than shows on his profile but wasn't very confident in how much he would be able to take so we started out lightly.

First punch revealed he had nothing to worry about, his abs were solid. We worked our way up in both the number of punches we exchanged and effort we were putting into them.

We took a couple of breaks but over 90 minutes later we were properly sweaty and slugging it out with all the power we had.

Was a great meet and I can thoroughly recommend him.

Arranging the meet was easy too.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by pshawfocus

Really nice, genuine guy. Strong abs and great for a long gut punching meet of which we've had several (as of Sept 2016, probably 30+ now?). Starting to add the dates in below!

2 Sept - London apartment / hotel



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by MatmanTX

Was lucky to catch Marcus on my recent London visit. We wrestled once before about 3 years ago and he wiped the mats with me. I did manage to beat him then arm wrestling with his right arm (but never with the left).

This trip and match with Marcus I was able to redeem myself and get some sweet revenge. Nothing like hearing a hot sexy opponent telling you “I give.” Had a fun time with him and tried arm wrestling again (this time only managed to win once with my right).

Marcus is a fun and tough opponent. Anyone visiting the London area should definitely challenge him.



MatmanTX is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

Have now had two matches with MatmanTX and both have been great in different ways.

The first time around we matched each other in armwrestling, both winning every bout on our dominant arms and I took the wrestling in decisive fashion, one of my most dominant performances ever.

This time around and we wrestled first, MatmanTX had totally cheated by taking BJJ classes in the intervening three years and managed a complete reversal of fortunes. This time it was me who couldn't get a sub out of him, no matter how hard I tried. I did manage to keep the damage down to half the number of subs I got from him last time however, and this time I dominated the armwrestling on both sides only letting slip of a couple of bouts on the right arm.

So in wrestling it is one match each. Let's hope it isn't another three years before our third match.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by brazilwrestler86

Finally , after a few years of wrestling trips to the UK I managed to organize a match with Marcus. What a pleasant surprise it was ! This guy is very fast , skilled , resistant and surprisingly strong for his size ! His arm wrestling forearms are just too powerful making it impossible to submit him with a kimura! We had a blast as we rolled around the mat and can't wait to meet him again !



brazilwrestler86 is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

Met Ric on a very warm late spring day at the Barnet mat room. As you will have gathered from his pics this guy has a serious body, but the pics lie - it's even better and packed with strength, particularly the biceps as I soon learned when he caught me in headlock.

I was 4 subs down before I knew where I was, but fortunately began to get a handle on his style and come up with some defences. By the half-way point I had managed to find some ways to dodge, slip and endure enough of his constant attacks to make him work up a mat-drenching sweat and had even managed to resist submitting to him for a couple of 10 minute periods but I was having to use all my strength and concentration to minimise my losses.

A couple of times I managed some brief (very brief) periods of attack but soon ended up on the defensive again, and once even schoolboy pinned with Ric flexing over me - a cocky move, but can't say that I didn't appreciate the view!

By the end I was 12-0 down and also drenched in sweat. I'd like to say that it was all his, but it wasn't. Two hours of wrestling this muscle guy was as hard going as four hours against most guy - that said I'd do it again in a heartbeat and would love to have a match with Ric without time constraints. Maybe if I have 10 hours or so to wrestle him non-stop I can find a weakness and get a submission from him.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by The Arrow

I would like to thank ArmwrestleAndMore for his patience - he asked for a match at the start of the year and schedules meant it wasn't possible until today. Not only that but by the time April came round, I cheekily asked if he was cool with my tag partner to join and he was very accommodating.

It's time to echo what many others have said - ArmwrestleAndMore has strength beyond his weight category and is a highly skilled and accomplished wrestler and I can well believe he has defeated many in his time, including those rather bigger than him. His fighting intuition is sharp; he had natural responses to nearly everything I threw his way and his defence is outstanding - it took a determined effort to eventually break through and it's fair to say I left the match feeling drained and pretty achy. Were it not for his impressive recommendations from others and his high previous opponent tally, I may have underestimated him, very likely to my misfortune.

A pleasant and talkative chap who keeps himself marvellously busy and of course, I'm very happy to recommend him - as long as you don't want an easy ride! Maybe a full on tag match in the future...?



The Arrow is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

The pictures really don't lie. Fit as ... But more importantly here is a guy who despite only being a few months in is already an accomplished wrestler.

Managed to frustrate him by staying off his rear choke attempts but I was forced to tap several times and trying to get the advantage of him is very tricky, he is very well balanced when in control and almost as strong as he looks ;-)

Totally sane wrestler whom I met in a three way with benji123 who is also highly recommended.

Am looking forward to arranging a tag match with the pair of them if I can find a tag partner capable of kicking their collective butts.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by DenverWrestler

I've not been very conscientious in the past about doing recommendations for some of the best opponents I've had, and I need to make up for it with this guy. Twice he's traveled quite a distance to meet me, and he is an incredibly nice guy, a beast when it comes to armwrestling, and a tough submission wrestling opponent. He's in top shape, safe and sane on the wrestling mats, and an all-round good guy. I strongly recommend him to anyone who wants a good wrestling match or arm wrestle.



DenverWrestler is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

Allen is a great guy both on and off the mats. Stgicks to agreed rules and is 100% reliable. We have met 3 or 4 times now and had good matches each time. Allen is strong with really good wrestling skills.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by PassionatePowerPlay

What a nice guy. First of all he is generous, polite and civilised. His secret cocky-attitude is revealed when he shows you his own wrestling database, and score board, where he lists his results. He absolutely defeated me in armwrestling, and boy did that make me angry and frustrated. I had many reasons to try to make him submit once we began wrestling properly, but this little fucker is quite strong. His experience against my blind attacks did work out for his benefit, and I found myself from multiple holds where I couldn't get out of. Imaginative, kinky, and cocky. He also ruined my underwear, and gagged me in the end. Hot. Cocky. Fun.



PassionatePowerPlay is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

Had a great match with this plucky guy. Was very easy to arrange the match which we began the armwrestling. He gave it all he had and was shocked and frustrated when he came up short, way short! Nevertheless he kept trying again and again.

In our wrestling match he proved his determination , stamina and jobber credentials as I showed him what years of wrestling experience and real strength can do to cocky little punk kid but he is no wimp. When I had him in a painful arm bar, i was slightly out of position and so only had it 90% he steadfastly refused to tap so I had to release and beat him with something else. Every hold I put him in needed to be muscled hard to force him to tap making it a really good match despite the mismatch in skills.

He is a great guy off the mats too and thoroughly recommended for anyone. I am sure he will quickly pick up more skills and will soon be a tough opponent for most guys he meets.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by dadwrestle

Rematch today! I had forgotten just how strong this wrester is! Watch out for the choke!! Great long tough submission wrestle this morning. I can only say you would be mad to miss your chance of locking up with this guy!
Met Marcus today! Great wrestler, took on the bigger man and made me work VERY hard! Most enjoyable wrestle; good company off the mats, too. He has skill, stamina and strength...what more could you ask for? I hope the rematch is soon!



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by abs2000

Meet up with Armwrestleandmore regularly. He is a great Gut Punching Buddy, can take more than most in his abs of steel! And he can distroy abs to :) Great guy on and off the mats to, and now a great friend. Look forward to are next abs session !



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by 2toughwrestlers in 1 team

this guy is really top !
a friend of mine we have been wrestling about 9 times during the last 10 years and every match is a surprise : he is very strong and loves to win. last fight was yesterday and it was very competitive and hot !
he is unbeatable for me on armwrestling and his skills in submission are top
i cannot recommend him enough don t hesitate if you can meet
looking forward next match !



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by speedos wrestler

I had my first wrestle with ArmwrestleAndMore a few days ago. He was very strong and had powerful arms and legs. He showed me some holds which I enjoyed learning and I enjoyed trying to apply them on him.

When we got down to wrestling he was very hard to hold down and has great resistance to scissor holds. I also enjoyed dirty element part of the wrestle which also helped me get out of sticky situations and turn the tables on him!

I really enjoyed the wrestle and look forward to a rematch where I can learn more holds and improve on them.



speedos wrestler is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

Had my first match with this newbie yesterday. He is a small guy but perfectly formed, tight little guns which are very strong, six pack, and cute too. Showed him a few moves and then went easy on him for a while which turned out to be a huge mistake. You need to have control of both his hands at all times, otherwise they will find their way to your balls and latch on with a powerful grip that just gets stronger if you try to escape it or be stubborn, there is only one way out.

It was a great match, with me able to take control with strength and wrestling skills but just when you think you have him he gets your nuts and you are begging for mercy. He has good controlled aggression and is very strong. I suspect that, pound for pound, he is one of the strongest guys I have met.

We wrestled for a solid 2 hours which flew by. Can't wait for the next match



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by readyforit

ArmwrestleAndMore was one of the first wrestlers to contact me when I joined the site. It took until 2015 for us to meet and he was well worth waiting for. A good looking, naturally well built, pleasant and smiling guy and a pleasure to the eyes in his speedos. I soon learnt why he was smiling as he calmly, slowly, methodically, relentlessly got me to submit time and again. Not my finest hour as I didn't manage to make him give once, but still a bout I really enjoyed. I must up my game if I want to challenge him for a rematch.
All in all an excellent opponent and very interesting and charming man. Go get him. Avenge me! PLEASE!! Someone??? :-)



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by Zander

Fantastic guy to meet, arranging was easy. He can really dish out the punishment and is willing to try more inventive stuff. Solid body, too means he can give as well as he can take.



Zander is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

Met with Zander yesterday for a prolonged gut punching session. He prefers to take but is a good giver too with powerful shots. When taking he has rock solid abs which don't fatigue even under heavy shots.

Great guy to meet, highly recommended.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by leelondon

Always a pleasure to meet Marcus and today was no exception. Great fighter and a pleasurable person on and off the mat. Keen to meet again soon.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by ScotLaird1

Enjoyed a good tough tussle with Marcus on the mats on October 17th 2011. Was great to match up with an opponent of similiar stats. Don't be fooled by Marcus friendliness and geniality or his slim appearance. He came for a fight, and proved an aggressive and skillful opponent with excellent stamina and strength. He is self assured and good company. Hoping for a rematch soon...
Update: July 2014 Recently had a rematch with Marcus, with Marcus claiming victory, (making me keen to wrestle with him again, just to set the record straight ; >) Was impressed my Marcus's power/strength and how intuitive a wrestler he is, capable of countering holds. Marcus also proved resilient when under pressure. We both broke sweat in a well and long fought encounter. I look forward to rolling on the mats with him again.



ScotLaird1 is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

Rob has a great toned, strong body. Good technique and awesome stamina. Had an excellent match with him that left us both tired and sweaty. He turned up on schedule and ready to wrestle as agreed too.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by Raufmaniac76

That was a great experience:
Not only get to know the super Matroom in High Barnet, but more M., who is very experienced, is so versatile and is really strongl. M has our meeting perfectly prepared. Left-sided he can hardly be beat at arm wrestling (for me), but in the other categories it looked quite good! ;-)
Impressive is that he can take a lot and hardly ever admits defeat. On the other hand, one must always be on guard, or he makes short process - I had to make this experience, too.
It was a lot of fun! I would be happy to meet this sympathetic mate again.



Raufmaniac76 is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

Had a great match with Raufmaniac a couple of weeks ago whilst he was in London for a few days. We had planned it weeks in advance and he confirmed our arrangements at every stage and arrived in very good time. What we had not expected was that it would be the hottest day of the year so far.

We armwrestled before getting down to the match proper and he proved to be very strong as his clearly defined biceps popped and veined up as we strained against each other. We ended in a draw, him being stronger on the right and me on the left.

When we began wrestling it was obvious from the get-go that he undersells his ability. He was strong, and whilst he doesn't have the widest variety of ways to submit you, the ones he has he has mastered well and applies them with as much force as is required to make you tap, no matter how stubborn you are.

Raufmaniac has an unassuming but rock-hard body, and his biceps truly pop when he uses them. He works up a nice sweat easily too. He is also a thoroughly nice guy (we headed out for a bite of lunch after)and I can only recommend him highly.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by Flexforme

Had a great wrestle with this guy over at Barnet. He is a bit lighter than me and is very strong and an experienced grappler. When he gets you in a hold he gets you very tight and it is difficult to escape. Off the mays he is a genuine and really pleasant guy and I hope we can meet up again.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by barryg

I have wrestled Marcus on a number of occasions and I have always enjoyed our very even well fought bouts. I look forward to out next bout. Bring it on.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by legflexxxer

After a long time chatting and wanting to meet up, I finally met Armwrestleandmore for a couple of hours.

First of all he's a great guy and very welcoming, don't let the pleasant attitude fool you, as when he gets going he's full on, plenty of aggression.

Had plenty of flexing and comparing muscle and good arm wrestles to start out with. It's true hes a good arm wrestler and I can easily see why he beats much bigger opponents. He's got forearms and biceps of steel and it was very enjoyable to toy around with him in armwrestling. Not quite as strong as bigger guys I've armwrestled but incredible for 67kg! It's always awkward when one guys a leftie, and the other rightie as we have different dominant arms. Luckily for me i won that one on both arms.....but.....

I've never met a guy with such a high power to strength ratio. This guy's inner strength and determination is awesome! If you are bigger than him expect to struggle like hell when grappling. His abs are rock hard and are relentless. We had a good play grapple and he really worked hard. Both of us tired after a bit, its very equal. But one thing I cant get over is the sheer power in his full nelson, no way could i escape the pain and power. Trying to get out resulted in my own struggle hurting me more. Even more impressive was he eventually broke my attempt on him! An amazing feat. Luckily I escaped his attempt of an arm bar and chokes, as it would of probably been the end!

A great meet and would definitely grapple again. Stronger than you could ever warned :-)



legflexxxer is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

Met up with this guy a couple of weeks ago now for a flex and strength testing session. He is solid, every muscle is like rock and biceps have the beginnings of a double peak forming as well as being hard as steel. Forearms and quads are exceptional and I could have been pulling on him all day long without effect when we armwrestled.

Introduced him to a little grappling and can't wait to have a much longer session with this friendly and strong guy.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by gutpunching

Great guy, with very very storng abs. Could really hard take from fists to dumbbels, and give hard punches back too. Really recommended.



gutpunching is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

I have met Andre a couple of times now, neither time was long enough but certainly we have worked each others abs very hard.

I can't wait until we next get an opportunity to meet up.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by Cornejo

We met at an Armwrestling-Event. He is very nice on and off the Armwrestling-Table ;). It was a funny evening there.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by Perseus

Was a real pleasure to wrestle this powerful lad. Do not be deceived by his weight or stature this lad can fight. Probably one of the best in his weight class he's a Consumate relaxed wrestler who is very strong, skilled and uses his arms and legs expertly when he wrestles. Although we only had a short wrestle he had me wanting a longer bout and definitely round 2 is on the cards.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by craig36uk





ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by bob76

Had a great match with armwrestleandmore , very tough skilled fighter and a lot of fun, would recommend to all ;)



bob76 is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

Great guy, very slim but strong, he had a lot more power than expected and was extremely tough to submit. If you allow him to play dirty then you better make sure you've got the cahonnes to take it.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by Superfly

I had a good match with this wrestler today with plenty of sweat (just how I like it). This guy really knows his technical skills and was resilient. In terms of stamina, boy! This guys tank was full of petrol after two hours lol. A great genuine guy, reliable and setting up the match was easy. Deffo want to meet again. Highly recommended.



Superfly is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

It's not often I recommend someone on just the first meet, but had such a great match with Rob today I have to do just that.

It was easy to arrange the match and I am pleased to say that he had great strength, really matching his great physique perfectly.

Strength is probably his best weapon at the moment, but he is also pretty fast and his skills are not bad either. He calls himself a novice, but I think he is getting the hang of this wrestling lark pretty quick. If he nails a few more skills, he will be serious competition for just about anyone. Stamina is good too, we wrestled for just about 3 hours and he was still able to keep up.

I beat him this time, but not without taking some punishment. I am hoping we could have lots more bouts like this one. I really enjoyed it and can't wait for more.



musclemarkuk is not recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

  • Unreliable / no show



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by ulx1

Straightforward to arrange a meet with him. Surprisingly strong for his size and a real tough. Enjoyed a real sweaty and fun match, looking forward to wrestle him again.



ulx1 is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

Had a great match with Thomas today. He has great strength making it tough to get anything on him, but I rarely give up so even though I could not beat him, I gave him a good match gaining a few subs along the way. His upper body is his real powerhouse, but legs are good too - made of Iron. Unfortunately for him, they came up against my abs of steel!

Arranging the meet was easy, he arrived in good time, and was easy to chat to. Definitely up for a rematch.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by Matt73

Marcus is a great little fighter. Don't be fooled by his size, he is strong, has bags of stamina and agile too. I had a great fight with Marcus and his greater experience won through. Hope to meet him again soon.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by Mark uk

Met marcus before at the eagle and have every intention of meeting him again very soon. very nice guy, great wrestler and fun to be around. good recommendation to anyone. mark



Mark uk is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

I have only met Mark once for a brief match at the Eagle. Was enough, however, to discover that he is a good wrestler. Strong and skilled. Off the mats he is very friendly and good to chat to.
I am hoping that we manage a long, hard-fought match during 2012



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by garrietate

Friendly, genuine, reliable and a strong wrestler with loads of stamina. A good match guaranteed.



garrietate is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

Met with Garrie on Saturday at Grove Park and had a really good match.

He was at least as strong as expected, quite a bit faster, and has some good skills especially in defence. His stamina is a lot better than he will own up to, and he is way more solid than he looks from profile pics as well.

Not a lot of guys make me sweat, but he sure did. Can't wait for the next match with him.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by Broc

Strong (for his size) and determined guy. Had a great, if late, night with Marcus. A good sub wrestle for sure and a really nice guy too. Very welcoming and relaxed.



Broc is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

The pics on here really don't do this guy justice. Particularly the bicep pic, they are bigger and more defined than shown on here.
Strong guy with good wrestling skills, and if you think you have worked him over, you're wrong he comes back for more with some extra. We had a great match last night, pretty even between the two of us.
I am hoping for lots of return matches against this guy.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by drahtman

Nice guy and a really good friend to have !! We have met several times in Uk and Germany as well. Really good armwrestler.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by RojoLion

Met up with him a multiple times over the past few years. Powerful dynamo with great technical knowledge and not afraid to take on much bigger guys! Sane reliable and open to all experience levels. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a good long fight. Ask him to arm wrestle if you want to unleash the tiger within...just be prepared because it'll be "ON" from that moment.



RojoLion is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

Have wrestled this guy several times. Never postponed or cancelled a match on me, and every one was a great workout and competitive. It is always good to meet another guy who can wrestle for hours and still be able to take the pace,and if that works for you, don't be afraid to challenge him. You will gain a safe, sane, reliable and challenging opponent and quite likely a friend too.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by mikecumbria

Just had an excellent wrestle with Armboy in my Berkshire matroom - he is highly recommended for anyone wanting a long, hard, but fun grappling session. Very reliable - he travelled a long way.