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Hello. I have a wrestle fetish. Any athletic/muscular guys in for wrestling?

I can host.



  1. Netherlands, Amsterdam
    Place of residence
  2. USA - California, San Francisco
    (I'm here between 3/22/2019 and 3/31/2019)
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I am willing to travel 1000 kilometers


Age: 28-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 161 lbs (73 kg)

Gear: shorts, boxers

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Boxing Boxing
Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai

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Athleticasian is recommended by Wrestler Boy

We had very nice meeting in Amsterdam. Wrestling, gym and city tour. Athleticasian looks strong in photos but in real life his muscles are stronger what you think. Until he will learn more techniques he will be very effective!
I hope to meet him again!



Wrestler Boy is recommended by Athleticasian

Finally met Wrestler_Boy a few months after he messaged me. We had a good sweaty fight. His clearly defined abs are able to take a good punching. Also, as a more experienced guy, he was willing to teach me how to improve my holds. Definitely recommended.



Athleticasian is recommended by baywrestler

Had a great fight with this guy. We exchanged sweaty submissions and it was hard-fought and back-and-forth to the end. Man, is he a trash talker!! Lots of fun and a great workout.



baywrestler is recommended by Athleticasian

I was lucky to meet this muscular stud months after he messaged me on the first day that I became an MF member. I had an enjoyable, hot, sweaty and tough fight with him. Off the mats, baywrestler is a real gentleman. I am eager for delivering and receiving more punishments.



Explorer is recommended by Athleticasian

Handsome, skilled and strong with high pain tolerance. I didn't manage to make him submit to me. Off the mats, he was also fun to hang out with.



Athleticasian is recommended by musclesurfer

Don't miss a fight with this guy! Fit, not athletic but muscular(!), despite the weight difference he was able to fight back trying for long time with a lot of energy. Being not experienced, I see good perspectives against his future opponents, he's learning very quickly how to contrast guys even bigger than him. Recommended!



musclesurfer is recommended by Athleticasian

I met musclesurfer after 2.5 months of thrashtalking. His body is amazing and so are his strength and his holds. I was literally destroyed after the match. Off the mats he is an even greater person. I enjoyed the nice conversations and time with musclesurfer.



Athleticasian is recommended by atcher

Athleticasian looks strong in the photos, and is much stronger than you expect in person. Aggressive, fun, and handsome. Watch out for his legs and choke holds. Still, not enough to save him from tapping out to me (hehe), but I have no doubt with a little training he will be able to turn the tables on me in a rematch next time I visit Holland.



atcher is recommended by Athleticasian

Atcher is an extremely handsome, muscular, ripped and friendly guy. We mutually enjoy thrashtalking about each other :). We had a great sweaty fight, but I lost after a fantastic struggle for dominance. Oh boy, that was such a great workout! I even got a bruise on my bicep resulting from the wrestling match (and that's a big plus for me). I do have to add that I might have lost due to being weakened after having been to the gym before meeting atcher (but he might have won as well if I would be on full strength). I cannot wait for a rematch in either Amsterdam or NYC.