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Hey everyone I'm really new to the world of martial arts. I'm trying to learn some new moves and meet with people who are interested in having matches, one sided or otherwise.



  1. USA - Connecticut, Hartford
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I am willing to travel 10 kilometers


Age: 25-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 120 lbs (54 kg)

Languages spoken: English

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Atlfighter10 is recommended by Dubblejab

I met up to wrestle with Atlfighter10. Neither of us are trained wrestlers, but it was a great time. Atlfighter10 is a super nice guy and tough as well. I had a huge weight advantage on him, but he is very strong and that made the match a lot of fun. Definitely recommend matching up with him.



Dubblejab is recommended by Atlfighter10

Rolling around with Dubblejab on the mat was a good time. Neither of us have formal training in wrestling be we enjoyed the hot sweaty action of rolling around and taking body shots. He's got a great reach and a strong pair of legs to watch out for.



Atlfighter10 is recommended by mattz4fun

Easy to write a recommendation for this tough guy. Don't be fooled by his compact size. He took everything I threw his way and seized any chance he could to dish it right back. Great combination of killer legs and a killer smile. Great fun all the way around!



mattz4fun is recommended by Atlfighter10

Mattz4fun is an amazing fighter. He is incredibly strong and knows a bunch of holds. He will have you simultaneously hating and loving his holds. He is a nice guy off of the mats as well. It was genuinely a great time wrestling with this guy.



Atlfighter10 is recommended by Marcwrestler

Had amazing time to meet and wrestle this young novice wrestler! I applied and practicing many holds with him! This wrestler is lot of fun! Very easy going! He is a great fun hot jobber! Also, I used my feets and red scocks for humiliate him!
Enjoyed my conversations with him after out match! Forward for a rematch for sure when i will be back to Hartford CT!



Marcwrestler is recommended by Atlfighter10

In a word Marc amazing. He is a super skilled and strong wrestler who really enjoys the true essence of fighting. He is a pleasure to meet both on and off of the mat. He is very easy going and made me feel comfortable from the get go. Long story short, he is a gem that this community is fortunate to have.



Atlfighter10 is recommended by painauthority

Awesome wrestler lean muscled and aggressive when he takes control otherwise he's equally as tough when taking the holds and punches. Gonna continue to meet up and experience more intense action against him



painauthority is recommended by Atlfighter10

This guy is the real deal. He is super strong and can equally dish out and receive punishment. He is a nice guy in person and was able to show me some holds and techniques to make my fights more interesting. I look forward to meeting with him more in the future.



Atlfighter10 is recommended by ATLRAYTEMPURA

I met with Atlfighter10 knowing that I was one of his first matches.
This guy is SCRAPPY, and knows how to get in and get aggressive with guys bigger than he is. Lots of fun. We wrestled for a couple of hours.
He has great endurance and an awesome attitude. Nice guy off the mat too. Highly recommended!



ATLRAYTEMPURA is recommended by Atlfighter10

ATLRAYTEMPURA is a really awesome guy. He is a strong fighter and knows a variety of holds. He can dish out punishment just as well as he ca take it. He's a lot of fun to wrestle with, regardless of skill level. He is experienced but also patient with new fighters like me. I would definitely recommend this guy to anyone looking for a good match.