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Are you ready to rumble? Get ready. Want some? Come get some... I will make you tap or pin you in defeat. My name tells the story and puts uncontrollable fear in the opponent that stands in front of me... opponent must have a picture of their face before consideration for a match...🐂



  1. USA - North Carolina, Kannapolis
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I am willing to travel 100 miles


Age: 53-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 185 lbs (84 kg)

Gear: Singlets, Shorts

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Baby Bull is recommended by bobster

Wrestled Baby Bull December 16 th at my place. Great wrestler and strong skilled opponent. Look forward to many more matches with him. Maybe one day I can get the advantage in the match.
Ok had a rematch with Baby Bull, October 16th 2018, and he is still like wrestling a fire plug, a friendly fire plug. Has a blast with him and i still can't get the best of him. If you want to have a good time, challenge him to a match and follow through with it. He is a good friend and he could be a good opponent for you.



bobster is recommended by Baby Bull

Wrestled Bobster again. Good match. He actually thought He had me pinned and I thought the same until He made the wrong move and I took advantage and pinned Bobster. He is always a tough and strong competitor giving me the competition the 🐂 is looking for...



Baby Bull is recommended by wrightstuff

Wrestled Baby Bull the other day and had a fantastic time. He is tough to move and a strong competitor. I know we will have more matches in the future I just hope I can get him to tap once or twice.
I recommend him t anyone who wants to wrestle and get sweaty. He is a friend on and off the mats.



wrightstuff is recommended by Baby Bull

Wrightstuff is a very good opponent. He is very strong due to his marathon running. Had a very good time while wrestling him. I look forward to another match with him...🐂



Baby Bull is recommended by returningrassler

The name "Baby Bull" fits him to a tee!! Wow, this man is strong and quick. He had me pinned several times. Wrestling him was a great experience. I look forward to our next match up but I am really gonna have to eat my Wheaties to stay on the same mat with him. Not to mention his wrestling ability (that is great), he is a fine guy off the mats as well - easy to talk with and a great sense of humor. Next time you are around Charlotte, look him up if you want to take a good ol' southern butt whoopin! Great to meet ya BB!



returningrassler is recommended by Baby Bull

Cannot wait for another match. RR is a very strong competitor and is my strongest competitor so far. He is safe and a clean competitor. I will not tell you about some of his moves and where his strengths are. Get on the mats with him yourself and find out...



Baby Bull is recommended by Brown Bomber

I made a trip to North Carolina for the first time in 2016 and I met Baby Bull and we wrestled, we boxed, and we even arm wrestled. And we had a good time and I think he beat me in all three and we both have pics and video here to prove it. A good match for anybody and will go as hard or easy as you want it. And he doesn't tire easily either, I tried that and it didn't work.



Baby Bull is recommended by Stumpy Stew

Very good guy. Has good style and very strong. Looking forward to having another match.



Stumpy Stew is recommended by Baby Bull

This guy is top notch. Professional and hard to handle. If you are serious then face off with this guy. Cannot wait for a rematch.



Baby Bull is recommended by Nrvsteve

Highly recommend this guy he is a machine. Super safe, strong skilled, respectful. Had a great match and look forward to more matches.


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