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*24 Oct 2017 - Currently having a few problems with my right knee so will be taking a break until it's better*

Into Boxing and Wrestling although I've not done much boxing recently. Like wrestling in speedos or sq cuts and ending naked if chemistry is right.
Enjoy boxing in same gear. Can get competitive but most important thing is for both to enjoy. Open for tag match or more than one person meet.
Can't host but happy to use mat room or go halves on a hotel room.



Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Tag team / group fights, Online chatting
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Brit pro wrestling, Arm wrestling, Pool wrestling
Stand-up fighting: UFC/MMA style matches
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, I have access to a ring, I have access to mats, Friendship, Stakes
Fetishes: Jackoff, Boxing gear, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Gut punching, Nipple play, Cock fighting


  1. United Kingdom, Basildon
    Place of residence
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I am willing to travel 50 miles


Age: 44-year-old Gay Male, looking for Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 220 lbs (100 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Speedo's, Sq Cuts, Underwear, Naked

Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Boxing Boxing

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Basildon Bloke is recommended by Warrington-Mike

Met Brian last night, what a nice guy ! Great sport and totally recommend this big guy! He's great to fight and even nicer to chat too. Reckon I won 3-2 ! Here is to the next time !



Warrington-Mike is recommended by Basildon Bloke

Had the pleasure to meet Mike at in his hotel room. Although it wasn't the biggest room to glove up in, we made do. He was stronger than I was expecting.
Mike is a very friendly guy and we chatted loads too.
He likes to keep his phone number private, so communicates through here, but don't let that put you off. He is very reliable, safe and sane.



Basildon Bloke is recommended by Redmond40

Met BB for a long match and had a great time. He thought he was going to outmuscle me, but I had other ideas! He's a big lad and very strong on his own. Has good grappling technique as well. Very good guy to spend time with at the local pub too. Even laughed at my jokes (or was being polite to the guy from across the pond). Would recommend him without question. If you want a good wrestle and workout, take him on. Looking forward to a repeat in the future.



Redmond40 is recommended by Basildon Bloke

Not sure what I can add that hasn't already been said about Red. This guy is like Beauty and the Beast.

When wrestling, he is absolute Beast. One of the strongest (if not the strongest) guys I have ever met. I always thought I was reasonably strong but this guy made me look like I was a five year old girl, ha ha!! Despite saying that, he was always safe and sane, and stuck to all our pre-agreed limits but I certainly came away knowing I'd been in a match (and I'm sure I'm going to ache in the morning).

Now the Beauty part. Red was an absolutely outstanding host. He communicated well and was kind enough to allow me to wrestle him in his hotel room. He made me feel completely at ease from the first minute we met in the hotel lobby and he was very pleasant on the eye too. Afterwards we had a quick couple of beers and throughout our time together Red was extremely sociable. We chatted a lot and he is a very interesting guy with a super sense of humour.

The only downside to this guy is, he's based in the US. So I won't get to wrestle him as much as I'd like.

If you get the opportunity to meet Red, don't pass it up as it will be one of the biggest mistakes you could make. Really hope I get to meet you again Red, thanks for a terrific meet.



Basildon Bloke is recommended by Billboi

Brian is a really decent guy. Had a great wrestle and chat with him and would definitely meet up again and stay in touch. Top bloke.



Billboi is recommended by Basildon Bloke

Glenn very kindly hosted for our session and what a lovely host he was. We had a great match. Felt safe at all times and had a very nice hot and sweaty evening ;-)
Would recommend without hesitation. Will hopefully meet again
Thanks again Glenn for a lovely evening.



Basildon Bloke is recommended by borets

Spent an enjoyable afternoon with this big barefoot bruiser in the ring. Sane safe and enthusiastic pro wrestler. Lovely guy off the mats and well worth meeting.



borets is recommended by Basildon Bloke

Met Mark today as part of a group meet at Walthamstow.

Wow, this guy is like a tank. One of the strongest guys I've come across and if that wasn't tough enough, he moves very fast too. That being said, he was a very safe wrestler and completely lowered his level to mine. He very kindly taught me some pro moves and allowed me test them out on him.

He gave me plenty of encouragement and made the whole session a very enjoyable one.

Would totally recommend him and can't wait to meet him again.



Basildon Bloke is recommended by EssexUK Brit Pro

It's been a huge privilege getting to know BB. He is a solidly-built wrestler who gives of his all on the mats and shares a passion for grappling brit-pro style. He is genuine, totally reliable, entirely safe and combines this with the most sparkling personality! We've met several times over the past few years, enjoying 1 on 1 bouts and sometimes partnering up for tag sessions.
I ask you - who wouldn't like a handsome, hairy guy who looks great in speedos or square cuts? You can certainly count me in!
I'm hoping for lots more encounters on the mats with BB!
22 March 2017
My latest session with BB was as part of a small group meet at Walthamstow for tag wrestling. I always hugely enjoy being with him both in and out of the ring and this time was certainly no exception. He now displays added confidence and ring know-how, making him an exceptional guy to meet for either light-subs or pro style. As always, perfectly safe and fully aware of the size, skill level and preferences of his opponents. He fitted in very well with the other guys and looked tantalising in his bright red trunks! In pro matches he sells the holds well and makes all the right noises, so an exciting wrestle is always on the cards with BB!



EssexUK Brit Pro is recommended by Basildon Bloke

I've met EBP on many occasions and have always had a great wrestle with him. Despite my size advantage he always seems to manage to get me to tap. We have always wrestled safe and sane, and it's always been a lot of fun.

He looks great in his trunks and has a great body for what some might call a slightly mature wrestler.

Nice guy on and off the mats. Can't recommend high enough.

22 March 2017

As EBP said, we met as part of a small group at Walthamstow. Over the years we've become good friends inside and outside the ring. In fact, without this mans encouragement I wouldn't be as confident as I am today and I'm fairly sure I wouldn't have had as many meets either.

I would love to say that I'd like to be as fit as EBP when i'm his age but that would be a lie, I would love to be as fit as EBP at my age now.

Despite him not feeling quite 100% he still showed up as planned and more than matched the rest of the guys in this session.

If you get a chance to meet him, please don't pass it up, you won't regret it. Still looks great in his gear and a fantastic britpro wrestler.



Basildon Bloke is recommended by Ben skull stephens

I thank Basildon for joining us today at Walthamstow very much , london 22nd march , 2017 ,
I heard this guy was a great guy and great wrestler, and I could not dispute that , he is a lovely wrestler, enthusiastic, a real gent , more of a gent than il ever be, a real diamond, in the ring hes a fantastic wrestler, fitted in beautifully , by gum hes good, he fitted in the pro training I offered and it was amazing to see him in action , HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, thankyou again Basildon you are star 11 /10 if he challenges you take it up , but be patient he has a busy work schedule but honestly it will be worth it , I guarantee it .:) :) :) a lovely guy a real gem.



Ben skull stephens is recommended by Basildon Bloke

What can I say about Ben that hasn't been said before !!!

Met Ben today at Walthamstow as part of a group meet and what a fantastic time I had. Ben is every bit as good as all his other recommendations have said and a really friendly and pleasant guy.

He very kindly gave me some tips and holds for pro, which come in really handy. He is very encouraging and passionate about wrestling and he put me at ease from the minute we started. He adjusted his level to mine and the other guys at the meet, and at all times I felt very comfortable and safe.

He looks great in his gear and is much stronger than he looks.

I'll definitely be meeting up with him again and highly recommend others to do the same.

Thanks again for a terrific session.



Basildon Bloke is recommended by grappleian

I’m a bit late in writing this recommendation – met Basildon Bloke last summer for a submission grapple.

By guessing, Basildon Bloke has experience and techniques so it wouldn’t be an easy wrestle for me to take him down. Though I was a losing streak and tried my utmost to resist and defend. A good give and take wrestle with various holds – pleasure to grapple with.

A very nice guy also, down to earth and friendly. Happy to recommend this wrestler to anyone. And hope to meet again.



Basildon Bloke is recommended by dhb57

As Brian says, we met on the hottest evening of the year and mashed a few tough rounds till extreme sweat stopped play.
A tough and eager opponent, he is well worth meeting, and I hope to do so again when I am in the capital. Once the gloves are off again, a thoroughly nice guy to know.
Cheers, buddy



dhb57 is recommended by Basildon Bloke

Met Dave and had a great boxing session. Although it was very very hot we still managed to have a few good tough rounds. Dave can dish it out but can certainly take it too. A very nice and friendly guy (but not when boxing, ha ha).

Was easy to make the arrangements and communication was very good.

Can't wait to meet this bruiser again. Top recommendation.



Basildon Bloke is recommended by Berkshireboxer

Met Basildon Bloke today and had a fantastic boxing session. He is an amazing guy, friendly and polite. Definitely going to meet again. Highly recommended.



Berkshireboxer is recommended by Basildon Bloke

Had a great meet with BerkshireBoxer. He is a very nice, polite and good looking guy. Making the arrangements was easy, he communicated well and turned up on time. We had a very good boxing session and he pleasantly surprised me with his ability and strength.
He stuck to the agreed limits and rules and at all times I felt safe. He is also great out of the boxing environment and we chatted for a long time too.
Will definitely be meeting with this guy again.



Basildon Bloke is recommended by mackemsub

Great company as well as a decent wrestle. Competed well and is agile. Oh and me getting the upper hand didnt extend to the tag bout where he and Ironbull had me pinned on my back for about 10 minutes!
I would be disappointed if we didnt become mates despite the distance between us.



mackemsub is recommended by Basildon Bloke

Had a great wrestle today as part of a small group meet. Mackemsub it a good wrestler and a strong guy. Most of the time it was fairly close but in the end he always managed to get me to tap. Hopefully with more experience I might make him tap :-)
Look forward to hitting the mats again with him. Can whole heartedly recommend him. Polite, clean and very sociable too. Can't wait for Round 2



Basildon Bloke is recommended by Rock Hard Pete

28th February 2016.
Had a good session with this bloke from Basildon in a small group organised by mackemsub. He is a strong wrestler and worked me hard! Sociable off the mat too. I can recommend him for a good match. We will meet up again!



Rock Hard Pete is recommended by Basildon Bloke

Met Pete today as part of a small group meet. Was a very enjoyable experience. Pete is strong and has a lot of knowledge about wrestling. A nice and sociable guy too. I'm sure we'll meet again in the not too distant future. Strong and put up a good match. Clean and reliable. Definitely worth meeting up with.



Basildon Bloke is recommended by Ironbull

I can't think how I managed not to put a recommendation on Basildon Bloke's profile before now, but I wholeheartedly recommend him on so many levels. We've wrestled now three times. He's a good solid wrestler. He's also a pretty decent boxer and is one of the two guys who introduced me to it, for which I am most grateful. Looks exceedingly good in his kit and is great company on and off the mats. Meets with this guy are always fun, interesting and leave you feeling good. Highly recommended.



Ironbull is recommended by Basildon Bloke

Ironbull is great in every sense. I can't thank him enough for the terrific session we had. He showed a lot of patience with me, and my inexperience was not as an issue for him. He taught me some moves and gave me a great session on the mats.

He is very strong and has a lot of great technical knowledge which made beating me seem easy. This said, we wrestled at a level suitable to my standard and I never felt in danger of being hurt. Everything was safe and sane.

Lastly, if you think this guy looks good in his pics, just see him in the flesh, it's even better. You won't be disappointed

Can't wait for Round 2.



Basildon Bloke is recommended by dadwrestle

It had been a long time since we last locked up! This is one impressive heavyweight!! Watch out for his steel, and he can use them efficiently! Great evening spent on the mats. This wrestler is reliable, safe, sane....and huge fun on the mats! He knows his stuff, and is a real challenge. Can't wait for our next session. 100% GOLD STAR recommendation! if this guy challenges you, ACCEPT! You wold be mad not to.



dadwrestle is recommended by Basildon Bloke

Dadwrestle is an amazing guy. He's strong and has tons of ability. He's more than a match for any wrestler. But he's also patient and can lower the pace to your standard. A real treat for any wrestler of any level.

This powerhouse looks great in his trunks. He's a perfect host. Friendly, safe and definitely sane.

There's a reason he has so many recommendation and that's because you're mad not to meet him if you have the opportunity. Really can't recommend him high enough.

Thanks for a great evening and look forward to doing it again soon.



Basildon Bloke is recommended by nwuk

Been chatting for a while but not often in London. Met Brian in London for a hotel grapple in August. Great guy. Strong lad and good company. Would recommend him.



nwuk is recommended by Basildon Bloke

After a few messages over the past couple of months I finally had the pleasure of meeting Gary, and I wasn't disappointed.
What we both lack in technical experience we more than made up with our strength and determination. We both managed to get submissions out of each other and had a good hot sweaty session.
Also got to chat with him over a few drinks afterwards. He is great company and I would definitely recommend meeting with him if you get the chance.
Look forward to more meets with him (hopefully).



Basildon Bloke is recommended by Tyger

Great fight with BB today! Hard n horny grapple - both working hard, tired and happy by end. Grab the chance to fight him if you can.



Tyger is recommended by Basildon Bloke

Have met Huw a few times now and today was no different. He's a genuine guy who has a lot of experience. Great strength and knows how to handle a bigger guy. He's very reliable, and sane, and also hot.

Looking forward to many more meets, hopefully!!!!!



UKAndy99 is recommended by Basildon Bloke

Not sure I can add anything too new to what has already been said about Andy. All I can say is, this is one of the most friendliest guys you can have the pleasure of meeting.

He is a terrific host, and is quick to put you at ease. The facilities at are great. They're clean and very suitable for wrestling. Plus they are very reasonably priced.

Chatting with him is easy and he has lots of great stories about various different subjects.

The wrestling community has a lot to thank him for. Meet or chat with this guy, you won't be disappointed.



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