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I'm a bearded guy recognising his love of wrestling and body contact and looking to find like minded guys to wrestle with...had a few meets now and definitely getting better I'm told( see updated reviews)..can't wait for more opponents....into good man on man wrestling with erotic mixed in for good measure...any Edinburgh , Scottish or North East England guys msg me for Meets!!😉....Or any guys in my area!!



  1. United Kingdom, Reston
  2. United Kingdom, Edinburgh
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  3. United Kingdom, Berwick-Upon-Tweed
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  4. United Kingdom, Newcastle upon Tyne
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I am willing to travel 75 miles


Age: 54-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 183 lbs (83 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Singlets/topless/aussiebum undies/naked

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Jprr1 scotjock Scots Wrestler Tynesider


Beardedguy65 is recommended by Scots Wrestler

Circumstances dont always work out but in this case they did. If only for a brief meet. And it was well worth it! What a lovely guy he is. Genuine, friendly, and a perfect host. We didn't have a lot of time so managed to pack in an intense wrestle where his strength in legs and arms had me helpless very quickly! It was an excellent meet! And I do hope we can sort round 2. Circumstances allowing!

Thank you very much for making my day!

PS. A good looking man as well! Photos dont do you justice! ;-)



Scots Wrestler is recommended by Beardedguy65

Met after few short messages as a last minute opportunity to fight came up with him. Really nice genuine guy, with good solid body and legs. Time was against us both, but we made full use of the time we had with a full on , intense fight. Few holds achieved by me, and locked him in helplessly in my strong thighs. Was a good match, and showed me that I am improving. This guy, due to his circumstances, struggles to get regular meets but if you get the chance, meet him. I hope we can do R2, where I can kick his ass even more .😛...great pre and post fight chat too...nice guy.



Beardedguy65 is recommended by Tynesider

I am pleased to have been Beardedguy's first opponent. It was incredibly easy to arrange: we made contact this morning and wrestled this afternoon.
Although we only wrestled for about 40 minutes it was excellent fun. He has a fine solid build and is surprisingly strong. He will soon learn how to use that strength to his advantage and will easily hold his own in a match. One thing we both need to learn is how to avoid nettles in an outdoor match. The stings are vicious!
I have a thing for beards and a Scottish accent so this was always going to be a good meet for me. The fact that he is a good looking man was the icing on the cake.
I highly recommend this bloke and hope to see him racking up opponents soon. I will definitely seek round two.

I felt it would not be long before I met Beardedguy again: as round 1 was so good why wait? He hosted for this second meet and has a decent sized room for wrestling. Again, it was very easy to arrange and his house is easy to find.
We had a good give and take session that lasted about 2 hours. He has wrestled 2 men since our first meet and I can tell he is picking up tips and, more importantly, recognising when to use them. Given time and more matches he will be very good.
Afterwards we had a long and interesting chat and he passed my homemade scone test with flying colours. I’m please to have found someone within an hour’s drive that is normally free to wrestle and is able to host. Round 3 will happen soon.

12/11 and round 3. I can see the improvement in him already. He is a lot more tenacious and aggressive and put a lot more force into his blows. He gave me problems today. I shared some tips with him but can see me regretting that when he uses them against me.



Tynesider is recommended by Beardedguy65

Great 1st meet for me today with Tynesider..great genuine bloke and a meet arranged at short notice. He is a strong guy and glad I met him..look forward to meeting him again..great bout outdoors(bar the nettles)..strong arms and legs that were amazing to retaliate against...great match with a good finish!! Look forward to round 2 very soon...great experience for me and superb advice and tips from Tynesider for me..Thanks buddy.

2nd meet today with Tynesider, and it just gets better. At least today there were no nettles to dodge, as I hosted. Brian is a tough nut to crack and today he really put me in my place, despite some fair efforts from me I feel. He is very strong, especially his arms . Helped me explore a few holds and positions which was appreciated plus some tips to take on board....great after match banter and he seemed to enjoy my homemade scones.....really nice guy who I hope will become a good friend. Hope he saw improvement in me today, as I certainly got caught out many times with his power but tried my best..enjoyed the gut punching!!.....until the next time B...thank you...
Round 3 with the mighty tough Tynesider. This I have to say was our best match so far and made a dreary,wet day seem very good. He is very strong, but I did manage to be troublesome for him on a few occasions, which is good progress for me. Great hard, sweaty bout with plenty varied holds, punches and moves. A great guy who very kindly shared tips to help me conquer future opponents!! Really tough wrestler, but a great guy off the mats...great chat and lunch shared afterwards. Thanks for taking my pics....look forward to R4 very soon B.....😊



Jprr1 is recommended by Beardedguy65

Met J on 24/10/19 after a few short messages. Glad we met up as had a great meet, which I hosted for the 1st time. A very strong guy with a great physique, and looks great in his trunks. Lots of holds, moves, punches etc, but all within what we agreed. Very strong opponent and hope he thought I put up a good challenge. Hope to meet up in future for round 2. Thanks J for a great are a genuine , nice guy.



Beardedguy65 is recommended by scotjock

Go to meet and was worth the wait. Despite being a newbie this guy knew what he was doing and reminded me I need to up my skills! Great sweaty fun and still feeling where it hurt. Nice guy too but will make sure he brings change for the meter next time :)



scotjock is recommended by Beardedguy65

After a few messages , I finally met up with Scotjock. Sane, safe guy who is an excellent conversationalist on/off the mats. Very kind host, and was ready for action when I arrived. Great 1 1/2 hrs of grappling, sweaty fun. Great , fit body and got me in a few strong holds. Really enjoyed our meet, and hope to do again very soon. Thanks for the cuppa and the parking fee, A!!