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into pro style give and take. not really into the competitive stuff. its all for fun, only for easy going stuff.



Match structure: Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling
Specific wrestling styles: Pool wrestling


  1. United Kingdom, London
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I am willing to travel 200 miles


Age: 44-year-old Gay Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 201 lbs (91 kg)

Gear: trunks

Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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Bearhuggruk is recommended by neiljenks

Had an enjoyable meet with Matt on Friday.... Super guy who knows his stuff and a great exponent of old school Britpro..and a super Bearhugger!! A real top guy off the mat too good company and convo.. Highly recommend this sexy bear, don't miss out guys.



Bearhuggruk is recommended by dadwrestle

Thought after last night's session I had better update this! This is one of the best guys around!!! Huge fun on the mats; a GREAT tactician; tough and strong; looks amazing in the gear! Easy to fix meets, totally reliable. To all that he brings good conversation off the mats over a mug of tea!! What more can you ask? This is one 100% GOLD STAR recommendation! As I said, ONE OF THE BEST!
Matt's a regular opponent! Lives up to his great pics too. He's pretty skilled, so don't underestime him. He's sane, safe and utterly reliable! Don't miss the opportunity to wrestle him!!



dadwrestle is recommended by Bearhuggruk

Dadwrestle has been a regular opponent for many years. A good mat based battle is always on the cards and from the moment we meet on the mats we know there's gonna be a great clash.
Always safe and sane with lots of attitude. Never had a bad time with dadwrestle!



Bearhuggruk is recommended by Rick Royal

Firstly my sincere apologies to you Matthew.
I genuinely thought that i had left a recommendation on your profile.
So here goes.
I had the real pleasure of meeting Bearhugger a few years ago - and - to date we have had three bouts .
The Handsome Bear looks awesome in his black leotard - and - was both a really nice guy on the mats - and - great company socially.
Really hope that our paths do cross once again - and - i get to slam the Bear to the canvas again !!



Rick Royal is recommended by Bearhuggruk

me and rick have had a couple of great bouts - I am looking forward to the next one - I have a couple of moves I have been working out for him ;)



Bearhuggruk is recommended by sthlincs

I met this great guy in summer 2012. Had long wanted to meet this hairy beast and he didn't disappoint. Friendly, intelligent guy who knows how to grapple and we worked up a sweat in a sane strong exchange of holds. I enjoyed it immensely and hope to repeat. Don't miss the chance and looks great in his speedos.



sthlincs is recommended by Bearhuggruk

Had my work cut out taking on this big strong guy! We had great fun grappling each other around and he looks great in his gear. Would love to see him again and have another pop!



Bearhuggruk is recommended by bushchub

Had a great night wrestling with Matthew. Fantastic stamina and strength, he managed to flip this fat carcass over a few times. An utter sweat fest but I ain't complaining. A lovely guy and very mindful of my dodgy knee.



bushchub is recommended by Bearhuggruk

had a great roll around with bushchub. looks great in his gear, a proper head of hair to get hold of and a wonderful pro attitude!



Bearhuggruk is recommended by SubguyUK

Had the pleasure of wrestling Matthew yesterday.Enjoyed a Pro Submissions, Jobber Heel type match. Would echo what others have said about him. He is a skilled safe safe sane wrestler who really looks the part. A great guy, and good company both on and off the mats. Matthew makes an awesome heel, and as a result of losing a challenge, I have to refer to him as "Boss" till we meet again (lol). Thanks for making the trip Matthew. Looking forward to round two. Highly recommended.



SubguyUK is recommended by Bearhuggruk

had a great time with Andy. Lots of pro attitude and plenty of sweat. Really great host and fun on and off the mats. Will definitely be back for more of a good time!



Bearhuggruk is recommended by WrestlerUK

What a wrestler Matthew is, if you let your guard down for a second he has you ! An excellent wrestler and looks great in the gear. Completely safe and sane but you certainly know you have wrestled a skilled grappler. Don't miss the chance to have a bout with this man, CAN'T wait for the next bout.



Bearhuggruk is recommended by grappleguy66

we wrestled today and had a blast, mathew is a strong skilled wresler, and a lovely guy, safe sane and great company.HIGHLY RECOMENDED

many thanks andrew



grappleguy66 is recommended by Bearhuggruk

Had a great time with Andrew this weekend. He's a great host and a fun wrestler, strong and skilled. Will hopefully be meeting again!



Bearhuggruk is recommended by terry

Had a great weekend wrestling Matthew. He is an awesome wrestler and a mean heel. Mind you he submits well too!!! A great guy on and off the mats. Highly recommended and cannot wait for return bouts.



terry is recommended by Bearhuggruk

Had a great weekend of wrestling with Terry. Lot of fun prostyle wrestling attitude and gear. Recommend!



Bearhuggruk is recommended by Essex

Met Mathew yesterday and had a great pro style match.
Despite the weight difference, this guy is extremely skilled and had a fantastic fun pro style match and i certainly paid the price for my cheek!
He put me in some great holds and showed me a few and gave me some great tips.
Top bloke both on and off the mats and i can honestly say he's one of the nicest blokes I've met on here!
Challenge this fun. Friendly bear, you won't be disappointed.
I'll take a rematch for sure.......HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.



Essex is recommended by Bearhuggruk

Met Mark, last night and had a great time. lots of give and take pro style moves. He's very strong for his size and and has lots of determination. Fun and friendly off the mats too and we will meet up again. Great time!



Bearhuggruk is recommended by Warkscub

Met Matthew for a fun pro-style wrestle and despite getting a proper ass-kicking from him it was a really fun grapple. He's a big strong bear who knows some wicked moves but totally safe and sane and knows what really works - can take just as much as he dishes out as well. He's a really friendly, fun guy on and off the mats and I totally recommend him. Hopefully a rematch is on the cards soon.



Warkscub is recommended by Bearhuggruk

Had a great match with Neil. Good ole fashioned pro style. He is great to wrestle and we had a lot of back and forth fun. He picks up moves quick too so watch out. I am hoping for a rematch soon!



Bearhuggruk is recommended by MEGRAPPLE

Wrestled Bearhuggruk earlier today. Great talented wrestler knows his stuff and can be a handful when wrestling. Very skilled and more than happy to highly recommend. Go for it challenge this bear and you won't be dissappointed. Can't wait for rematch. Thanks M.



MEGRAPPLE is recommended by Bearhuggruk

Had a great grapple with MEwrestler today. Great fella, strong and persistent and looks great in his gear! A pleasure to meet on and off the mats. Looking forward to the rematch already!



Bearhuggruk is recommended by Perseus

wow where has this awesome pro- wrestler been hiding?
Bearhugger not only looks gr8 in his singlet- he's the real deal
exceptional pro skills and years of wrestling experience made our match a typical WOS grunt and groaner. First class and a gr8 fella to chill with off the mats. Has my total recommendation and rematch is a must.



Perseus is recommended by Bearhuggruk

had a fantastic grunt and groan session with Perseus! He knew his pro moves and we had a lot of fun with the pro attitude! Solid and trustworthy I would recommend him to anyone looking for a good roll. Will definitely be looking for a rematch!



Bearhuggruk is recommended by hunk71fi

Met Matthew in London for a short hotel room match. He is a friendly guy, knows how to wrestle and enjoys taking a muscle guy into a heel vs jobber bout. Had such a great meeting, hope to meet again some time in London. Next time only with more time for a good, sweaty match! Maybe in a mat room for a change, big guys like us need more space! I can recommend this wrestler for everyone who enjoys real man vs man wrestling!



hunk71fi is recommended by Bearhuggruk

Met Timo for a short hotel match, he's a friendly, funny guy who looks great in his gear. Had a great time working on his big muscle body. Really looking forward to another meet so we can work on each other again, hopefully with more room so we can roll around some more!



Bearhuggruk is recommended by romanhero

I've wrestled Matthew a couple of times now and he is a great guy ! He is strong, knows plenty of moves and can really get into the pro-style scene, as well as being equally responsive to other scenarios.

He is reliable, friendly and fun, with a good sense of humour, and interesting to talk to off the mats as well.

Well worth wrestling !



romanhero is recommended by Bearhuggruk

roman hero is a great fella and the tangles we have had have been really hot - ignore those so so pics - once he gets his gear on hes a monster!!!



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