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  1. USA - New York, Maine Town
    (I'm here from 1/05/2020)
  2. Canada - Quebec, Blainville
    (I'm here between 1/12/2020 and 1/16/2020)

I am willing to travel 100 kilometers


32-year-old Male / 5'10" (178 cm) / 200 lbs (91 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French, Greek


My name is Bill and I’d like to meet people for some casual/fun boxing or wrestling.

I am normally located in upstate New York, but if you see me somewhere else then I may still be looking for a match.



Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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Boxing Boxing
Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai
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Beef Supreme is recommended by mike9293

Had a nice sweaty match with Beef a few weeks ago. Super nice guy and doesn't hold back when it comes to wrestling. I had to wait until the match was over to finally get some revenge for all the low blows I took from this guy. Definitely want a rematch in the future!



mike9293 is recommended by Beef Supreme

I had a really nice time hanging out with Mike and wrestling him. We got to talk quite a bit and I can say he is a nice guy as well as a strong wrestler. I have never been in a match where low blows were allowed, but it turned out to add a fun twist. He is good at defending himself, and you’d better be too!
I would wrestle Mike again and would recommend him to anybody.



Beef Supreme is recommended by toprosub

Had a blast with this handsome beast! Such a good time, that we had to meet up a couple times during his trip up here. Seeing as he’s built like a linebacker and is an animal on the mats, I didn’t stand a huge chance but was at least able to make him work up a sweat as he was making me tap haha. Besides dishing subs on the mats he can also serve up some interesting conversation. All around a very kind and friendly guy with some impressive strength in a match. Really looking forward to the border opening back up so we can clash for round three! Grrrrrrrr ;)



toprosub is recommended by Beef Supreme

I see now I missed giving this guy a recommendation back when we wrestled, but better late than never. Toprosub doesn’t really need any more positive recommendations. With 59 positive comments on his profile as I write this, you already know he is an incredible person and fighter. I had such a great time wrestling this guy, it was one of my favorite matches by far. He is such an energetic and tough fighter, his fierce and positive energy was so strong that it made me feel the same way and kept me going throughout the match! Definitely wrestle this guy if you get the chance. Hope we can meet again someday.



Beef Supreme is recommended by The Warden

Finally had a match with him after a while, my first one on the site. Great and fun match and I'm glad to have finally met someone that won't just tap just because your arm gets around there neck. Only wish it could have lasted longer. Learned a lot and he had a cute dog. Can't wait for the next one.



The Warden is recommended by Beef Supreme

The Warden is the man who first told me about MF and I am glad we finally got to meet and wrestle. I have to say this guy is strong, fast, and extremely tough. He has great techniques and will seize opportunities naturally when they come up. Tight submission holds, thunderous takedowns... we had a wild and savage battle that I won’t soon forget, and I hope we can go at it again soon. This guy will give you a run for your money so get ready! Thanks for the great match.



Beef Supreme is recommended by pripet14

I had the chance to meet up with Beef Supreme or a match while he was in Ottawa and I had a great experience wrestling him. A super friendly guy on and off the mat who doesn't hesitate to show you what he knows when it comes to moves. His immense strength coupled with his experience and a size advantage over me made our match a very challenging one where my endurance was put to the test! We had a solid rhythm going and while he dominated me during the match, I put up quite a fight and didn't make it easy for him to get the taps. I definitely wouldn't hesitate to set up a match with this great guy and I look forward to a rematch!



pripet14 is recommended by Beef Supreme

I’m so glad I got to meet up with pripet14 while I was in Ottawa. Our match was a fierce battle of wits and strength that I thoroughly enjoyed. This guy really pushed me to my limits as I was trying to keep him locked up which was a great and thrilling experience. He is not only strong but also extremely tough and tenacious. Pripet is also a very good, smart man and an excellent ambassador for his city. I would recommend him to anyone and I hope we’re able to keep in touch and meet again.



Beef Supreme is recommended by Blackstallion436

Bill is a great, friendly, good looking guy with a heart of gold and the strength of an absolute beast. Very knowledgeable in submissions and has the strength to keep you at bay for most of the match. Completely dominated me and got a tap out of me. Highest recommendation and looking forward to a rematch soon.



Blackstallion436 is recommended by Beef Supreme

I had a great experience with Stallion, my first matchup from this site. He is smart, strong, extremely tough and an incredible wrestler. I could tell he had some experience and was thinking on the fly to escape my holds and lock me up. If you are looking for a tap from him you will have to work for it, he handles pain and pressure very well. Don’t hesitate to meet this guy for a fight. Good reliable communication, great and considerate host, and a really great challenge. Look forward to next time.