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Fiftyish fan of old-style Brit Pro with some experience from over the years. Love the gear, wrestling in trunks, boots and pads, and also the physicality of man to man grappling, building up a good sweat and going one to one competitively, exchanging holds or just having an enjoyable bit of role-playing. I respect all limits and abilities, but am equally looking to challenge myself and developing my wrestling skills.

I enjoy the preamble to a bout (entering in ring jackets, shaking hands before hooking up) as well as a bit of verbal during combat. Will heel or job where appropriate as long as it’s safe and sane.

I’m open to all types and offers generally and, despite being unable to travel at the drop of a hat, I will make the effort to get to England, Scotland and Wales for meet-ups with the right opponents after a bit of chatting and planning.

Nothing beats a World of Sport workout, so let me know if you’re interested. Seconds away...



  1. United Kingdom, Belfast
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I am willing to travel 500 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 51-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 210 lbs (95 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Trunks, boots, pads, judo suit.

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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Past Opponents

Average Joe bigchest46 Mr Wrestling PowerHolds


BellytoBelly is recommended by Mr Wrestling

Met The Bussiness man today for a true WOS bout. I wasn't disappointed he is a great grappler with some good moves that had me tapping out a couple of times. The only thing I'm not sure about is if I enjoyed the wrestling more or the banter he's a true gentleman.



Mr Wrestling is recommended by BellytoBelly

I met Mr Wrestling for a good competitive grapple today and it was an absolute blast. We had three hours of good sweaty Brit Pro, with my opponent getting a good pin for every one of my submissions. He’s a strong, well-built guy with quite a few tricks up his sleeve that kept me busy trying to counter his formidable holds.

Just as good was the inter-round conversation. This is one interesting, funny guy and we found we’d a few shared interests beyond the wrestling. I thoroughly enjoyed myself in his company and can’t wait to hook up again very soon



BellytoBelly is recommended by bigchest46

hi met bely2belly this afternoon what can I say what a nice guy off the mats on he is a hard fight we had a good old world of sport bout hes worth meeting he gives as good as he gets and knows a a few good holds he look the part trunks boots and rite from the start it was back and fourth bout a rematch is on the cards even with my weight advantage he give it his all seconds away round 2



bigchest46 is recommended by BellytoBelly

I met bigchest46 on Saturday for a good old give and take Brit Pro bout. Right from the get-go he used his strength and build to formidable effect, causing me some difficulty at times in even applying a hold. His enthusiasm for wrestling was never in doubt and it was an enjoyable experience both off and on the mats.



BellytoBelly is recommended by PowerHolds

Had one of my first proper pro style/World of Sport type matches in years. Well rusty to be honest but I had just the most amazing wrestling session with BellytoBelly. He’s a superb guy on the matts and a total gentleman off them too. We could have chatted a fair bit more and I felt incredibly comfortable in his company. Had a good lock up. Got a few holds on each other and the sweat was dripping. He looks incredible in his gear. Terrific build. Stronger than he thinks he is. As a beginner like me he has already got a good range of moves. We had a bit of practice with some of them too and no doubt we will hone our skills as time goes on so that the matches flow properly in future.
I got a pin. He got a tremendous submission off me. More to come. More creative moves and playing out our roles as pro wrestlers which we are going to work more on. I cannot emphasise enough how much a recommend this gentle giant of a man.
Thanks for your hospitality and kindness big guy. You’re one of the best ever.



PowerHolds is recommended by BellytoBelly

Met PowerHolds for a good Brit Pro session on 22/10/19, and had a great time, swapping holds, doing a bit of verbal and generally reliving the old World of Sport days of 4 o’clock on Saturday afternoons.

He is a genuinely nice guy, easy to get along with, and now that the ice has been broken, I’m really looking forward to future bouts where we can start to get a bit more competitive and build on our first meeting. I’d definitely recommend this big guy if you ever get a chance to wrestle him.



BellytoBelly is recommended by Average Joe

I met BellytoBelly at his place which was safe, discreet and clean. We agreed on a fantasy Brit Pro match and it was "seconds away ... round one". We had a great sweaty bout with lots of give and take.

BellytoBelly is a great lad and I completely recommend him. I'm looking forward to our next bout.



Average Joe is recommended by BellytoBelly

I’m just recovering from a good sweaty encounter with Average Joe which was nothing short of excellent. We were both immediately comfortable in each other’s company and agreed on a safe and sane Brit Pro bout which was really enjoyable. I applied headlock and leglock only to be countered by his powerful head scissors and bearhug. He definitely knows his stuff and is as much a gentleman off the mat as he is a bruiser on it.

I can strongly recommend Average Joe and can’t wait for our next encounter. Seconds away...