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  1. USA - Tennessee, Three Way
    (I'm here between 7/30/2020 and 9/15/2040)

I am willing to travel 100 miles


65-year-old Male / 5'11" (180 cm) / 222 lbs (101 kg)

Languages spoken: English, German

Gear: Speedo;Briefs, Trunks, Singlet


NEW UPDATE/ September 2, 2020

I am unable to accept any requests for wrestling. I will not participate until such time the COVID 19 pandemic is eradicated and my doctors reevaluate me in January 2021.

My vascular specialist and new PCP has suspended my wrestling until such time he believes I have toned, built up my core; increased my aerobic intensity. He will check my progress in January 2021. ALL IS NOT LOST!😎

I fell again walking on the sidewalk of our residence 2 weeks ago managing to inflict pain and lacerations to my right knee. I think when my doctors see my improved physically and able to stop doing actions distracting me resulting in injury, they could allow light wrestling until I can turn it up.

Prognosis is good until mid January 2021 when I go back for a checkup.

I will always be friends with those of you I have messaged recently and in the past and my 2 wrestling brothers I have matches duly recorded.

I have enjoyed the camaraderie shared with all of you and perhaps during this period we can continue to message and chat.

Wishing all of you have fun in your pursuit of wrestling!

Thank you for your understanding and continued friendship with each of you!

My email is [email protected]

My page will be restored.

Have Fun in all that you do.

Wrestle On!




Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
Just watching Just watching

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Workout partner, Not interested in cyber, Looking for coach
Specific wrestling styles: Promission, Folkstyle, Arm wrestling, Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling
Stand-up fighting: Not interested in stand-up fighting
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Friendship, I'm a heel, I'm a jobber, Stakes
Fetishes: Spandex, Wrestling gear

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Last modified: 9/04/2020

Past Opponents

latinoHT Rassle4Fun



Rassle4Fun is recommended by Bighouse

Rassle4Fun was indeed a challenge for me! He is skilled; he is knowledgeable; “Quiting” is not in his vocabulary. We had a fun filled and challenging match. Do not let his lack of bulging muscles fool you. This man has a hard torso; extremely strong arms and hands. I managed to get him into a school boy pin for only a few seconds before he rolled me over. Retaliating I used a skill learned from my Army days of hand to hand fighting causing him to squirm begging me to stop! He has this internal drive to win, and he found out I did, too! Want a hard, spirited match? Wrestle Rassle4Fun!



Bighouse is recommended by latinoHT

What can I possibly say other than this is an amazing man he is sweet strong and an awesome Wrestler he is a must to have as a match , you have to try him he is honest and a no bullshit guy , he will continue to be a wrestling match in my life , as a BIG BROTHER



latinoHT is recommended by Bighouse

LatinoHT is the real deal. This was my Inaugural Match with a first class younger man who definitely treated me with respect and very accommodating in all respects .
He is very flexible, great muscular strength and treated this opponent with a sense of humor, challenging and respectful of his desires to wrestle safe, sane, light, easy to moderate level of match intensity. I highly recommend all wrestlers to experience wrestling LatinoHT. We have a lot in common in how we were raised by our parents. He is highly recommended as he possess a friendly, spirited demeanor; respectful; FUN TO WRESTLE!