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Lean, strong pro wrestler looking for other wrestlers into pro wrestling, pro fantasy and role play, watching wrestling videos, trash talk, ring entrances and stare downs. Clean, safe and sane guy into pro. Let's wrestle!



Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Promission, Brit pro wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: Friendship, I'm a heel, I'm a jobber, Stakes
Fetishes: Wrestle for top, Jackoff, Leather, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Nipple play, Muscle worship


  1. USA - Florida, Fort Lauderdale
    Fort Lauderdale, FL
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I am willing to travel 50 miles


Age: 66-year-old Gay Male, looking for Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 150 lbs (68 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: pro trunks, speedos, singlets, pro masks

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Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
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Blazer is recommended by flrassle

I recently met Joe again for another great afternoon of pro rasslin fun. A super host, we had a blast trading holds and going toe to toe in an old fashioned heel vs heel match . This guy has a passion for pro and knows his stuff and can sell ahold as well as make you slap mat! Highly recommended for a great time. Iam sure we will meet many more times.



flrassle is recommended by Blazer

I have known Flrassle many years here in So FL. We have not wrestled in awhile, until today. Two long rounds of pro style wrestling. Lots of holds, sweat, dirty tactics, and trash talk. A page right out of classic professional wrestling. This wrestler is skilled, strong, and a mean heel. His holds are tough, applied well, held long, and enjoys watching his opponent suffer. It was a classic heel vs jobber match with each round won by submissions. Great couple hours spent with this pro wrestler.



Blazer is recommended by bowolverine

I had a awesome time with Blazer. He is a great host and has a nice place to wrestle. We had a few round of good submission wrestling and he gave me a good fight. If you in FLL make sure to look him up for a great wrestling match. I highly recommend him.



bowolverine is recommended by Blazer

I finally had the opportunity to meet and take on Bo in a really good pro/submission match. This wrestler/fighter is eager, skilled, strong, and knowledgeable in wrestling and hard to take out. His strong, muscled body does not give in and he gave me a run on the mats. I would wrestle this powerhouse of a man anytime. Great guy off the mats, mean wrestler on the mats. His bearhug is a killer!
Look forward to a rematch.



Blazer is recommended by Shbwrestler

Blaze and I had lots of fun during our first match. His strong body does not give up easily . Took me some sweat to make this fearless jobber to submit, but he did several times after enduring good punishment from my holds.
Out of the ring he is the most thoughtful host I ever met.
Do not pass the opportunity to meet this tough jobber boy and wonderful man.
I can’t wait for our next match.



Shbwrestler is recommended by Blazer

My first match with SHBwrestler and it was non stop action. This guy knows his pro holds, how to apply them, and works it. Real nice guy outside the ring, mean heel wrestler inside the ring. If anyone gets a shot at this wrestler, take it, you will not be disappointed. Can't wait for our second match up.



Blazer is recommended by prepwrestle

Blazer is a good looking guy in great shape, with a keen knowledge of pro and submission holds. This was my first wrestling in a long time, and it was outstanding fun! Loved locking up with him, and especially punishing that sexy body. Blazer can give as well as he gets, but he definitely became my jobber boy for most of the night, suffering in body scissors and the camel clutch. Total fun hanging out and watching wrestling while we applied some holds. Perfect host. Can't wait to have some more wrestling playtime with Blazer. Thank you Blazer for letting me lock you down.



prepwrestle is recommended by Blazer

Really had a great time hanging out with Prep. He is into watching lots and lots of pro wrestling, talking about the matches and wrestlers, he knows them all! In between, we geared up and went a few rounds, totally dominating me, applying some good holds. His body scissors is a killer, no escape and he leaves it on to watch his opponent suffer.
Great legs and very strong. Nice guy, sincere, and friendly. A big recommendation to met up with him. Can't wait to lock up again with this pro wrestling fan.



Blazer is recommended by drake2wrestleyou

You cannot find a more gracious host than Blazer. Before our match he asked me if I wanted him to pick up anything for me–very accommodating and kind guy!!! But on the mat, the trash talk began and I loved it!!! We had several great rolls and he doesn't let you dominate him very easily. You have to work for it!!! His love for the sport is stellar! I can hardly wait to lock up with Blazer again and would highly recommend him to everyone!!!



drake2wrestleyou is recommended by Blazer

As his name says, drake2wrestleyou, is just what this wrestler is all about. A big strong heel wrestler on the mats, genuine guy off the mats, but don't let that fool you. Big, strong, all man wrestler. Tight and controlling holds well applied in total domination. Great match and highly recommended, he will give you a good match. Look forward to locking up with ManDrake for another round.



Blazer is recommended by rjvlatino

thanks Blazer. Blazer and I have been wresting on and off for several years. He is a great guy, very enthusiastic to wrestle, set up matches. He knows I like to heel him more. I can kick his butt so he is my jobber boy but he doesn't give up easily and has his hands and legs on me too. we have fun.



rjvlatino is recommended by Blazer

rjvlatino and I have been wresting on and off for a few years, not sure but maybe as long as ten years. He is a great guy, very enthusiastic to wrestle, meet other wrestlers, set up matches. Once he gets going there is no stopping him. Rjv knows the moves, the holds, can heel mostly, but I can kick his butt so he is my jobber boy. If you are in his area of West Palm Beach, FL, contact rjvlatino, you will have a great wrestling experience; Rjv is sincere and honest and will follow thru on any challenge. Tough and fun wrestler!



Blazer is recommended by BDsubmit

Blazer is a great host and guy. Had a lot of fun wrestling him. He really knows how to sell a hold. If you are into pro fantasy wrestling....don't miss an opportunity to meet up and wrestle him.



BDsubmit is recommended by Blazer

BDsubmit is a strong and tough wrestler. A gentleman outside the ring, but when you face him in the ring, he will take you out hold after hold. Lots of pro/sub action with this wrestler, and a good time overall. He drove from the west coast of FL to me on the east coast, tells a lot about his interest and determination to follow thru on a match. Great guy, can't wait to lock up again with this heel for a rematch.