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I'm into submission grappling, pro and give/take. I don't have a place to host but I can travel within Florida for a good match. I got some experience in BJJ but would like to get more practice with other experienced guys to test my skills. I can job or heel but usually like to job. Give and take, wrestling to exhaustion, body grinding is also great. Sex is a possibility if there is a right chemistry. Safe and sane. Face pics upon request. I'm not a premium so please leave an email or some other way I can contact you. Hope to grapple with you soon.



  1. USA - Florida, University Park
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Age: 35-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 185 lbs (84 kg)

Gear: Singlets and Grappling Shorts

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Judo Judo

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CubanBeef Lightning NightWolf



Bodylock GuyFL is recommended by NightWolf

Hard to put it all into words, Bodylock is a strong technical wrestler from crushing bearhugs to tight scissors locks , definitely recommend taking him on if you want a good struggle, Because he does not make it easy at all. I was really surprised with how skilled he was. I thought this was going to be a easy match but I was dead wrong hope to wrestle him again next time hes in the area.



NightWolf is recommended by Bodylock GuyFL

This guy is super tough to keep down. As you may see in his other recommendations, his body scissors are no joke. His bearhugs are pretty strong as well. We had a good back and forth but those body scissors got the best of me. Off the mats he is a truly sweet guy. If you are in the San Diego area and want to get some strong legs to squeeze the life out of you, hit him up.



Bodylock GuyFL is recommended by Lightning

Bodylock is a really cool and smart guy. He’s one of those people who is genuinely dedicated to the sport side of this and whenever I have the chance to chat with him it seems he’s always working on improving his skill. Given that dedication I’m sure he’s only going to become a more formidable opponent over time.
We had a pretty fun match in a hotel. Honestly he worked me over pretty well, to the point where he took a step back and had me run some drills on some submissions. Which is something that, as a lifetime student myself, I really appreciate anyone taking the time to do.
Also to note: his username is bodylock. He has a real mean hard squeeze. Eat light before meeting this one. And anticipate some sore ribs when laughing.
Update from meeting #2: he’s definitely been training which is excellent. Seems he’s gained a lot of skill and is much more effective in communicating that. He’s lookin great. Definitely is a better practitioner than he was before, which is all we can hope for as time passes. Don’t pass up this guy for a legit roll if you’re also taking this sport seriously and want someone in the same mindset who is constantly learning.
All in all, definitely recommend him to anyone who enjoys the craft of submission wrestling.



Lightning is recommended by Bodylock GuyFL

I had a great match with Lightning. Despite him being a little novice on some grappling things, he is very tough and resilient. We went at competitive style and he provided quite a fight. I usually came out on top but he is very resourceful and even caught me in some submissions. I wanted to refine some of his moveset so we went over some grappling stuff to fine tune something. He mentions he has done striking before and challenged me to hit him as hard as I can. Well... the man is a wall when it comes to that. Very resilient when it comes to receiving strikes.

I recommend Lightning, he is a stand up guy and will always try to keep at your pace or be better. Also... he is really fun to bearhug. I might have underestimated my bearhug and squeezed him a bit too hard but we had a good laugh about it and we left with a good story about it. I hope to roll with him again soon to see what he has learned. You will have a lot of fun with a sweet genuine and strong guy.

Update #2 / Round #2: He is still a strong guy. Our 2nd encounter focused more on training. We went over some moves so that he can add to his arsenal. He is a quick learner and still remains a strong adversary. Also, still awesome to bearhug against. He has a nice chest to crush! You wont be let down when you grapple with him. Sweet guy. You will have fun with him during and after the match.



Bodylock GuyFL is recommended by CubanBeef

Great Wrestler, lots of fun, this guy is real, will show up and wrestle, always a fun match with him!



CubanBeef is recommended by Bodylock GuyFL

Great wrestler. Was really devoted to the whole match. Delivers a great variety of moves. His bear hugs are one of the best! Definitely give him a shot if you are into pro fantasy.