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update 10/2

Will be taking a small break through rest of year to tend to a minor injury (not related to this site, fear not)



  1. USA - Massachusetts, Beverly
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Age: 28-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 135 lbs (61 kg)

Gear: Singlet, running tights, underarmor,

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BombsAway is recommended by justforfun01

I really enjoyed meeting bombsaway. He was flexible and easy to schedule a time with, and he was a very eager and engaged fighter. He was very strong and was always willing to push for another round. Would gladly meet again



justforfun01 is recommended by BombsAway

Justforfun is one unassuming natural fighter, the guy next door type who enjoys the eagerness in a fun and competitive wrestle. Strong, good instinct and even greater stamina that keeps him going. He was easy to communicate with and set up details on the when and where's. Was a great host and I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with him before and off the mats. Definitely peg him to be one to watch as he gains more experience; and, until our eventual rematch, maybe I can turn the tables. Thanks man



BombsAway is recommended by Ronan777

Easy to set up a match with and a fun guy to roll with. He wasn’t intimidated by our weight difference, and put up a very spirited fight.



Ronan777 is recommended by BombsAway

This is one beast of a wrestler and he's fully aware of it. I knew going in to it that our 50#+ weight difference (he definitely bulked up since his profile pictures) wouldn't do me any favors and sure enough he dominated the hour or so we bouted. Despite that I had a good time working up a sweat and would recommend him for any experience level. Good guy, confident, and overall a real tough opponent. Thanks man



BombsAway is recommended by Dogfighter5

I had the honor of meeting and wrestling this young man and I would do it again in a heart beat. He is both pleasant and easy to communicate with he says what he does and does what he says. When we got on the mats he surprised me with strength, speed and agility forcing me to regroup and get more serious. This young man is just starting and will only get bigger, stronger and better in the years to come. I was lucky to get him at the beginning a rematch a few years from now could end very different.



Dogfighter5 is recommended by BombsAway

Dogfighter5 is one strong fella. After making the effort to head down to his neighborhood for a match he definitely delivered on a great sweaty one-on-one. Comes off intimidating looking in his photos but is actually a very cool guy and a great host and is overall respectful of particular boundaries like where to watch, etc. Was a bonus to learn a couple of moves as a very amateur scrapper. Thanks Todd!



BombsAway is recommended by chzwz

WOW, what a fun match. BombsAway showed up ready for a sweaty match at my hotel while I was visiting Boston. He was strong, fun, safe, and relentless. While I really don't like hotel bed wrestling, we were all over that bed and would often reset when we had to in the limited space we had. He is a natual and instinctive wrestler that even though he hasn't been at it for too long, you can tell he will be a force as he gets more experience. We had some taps on either side, which is testimony to his strength since I'm heavier. He's a masculine, down to earth, VERY good looking guy, pictures are nice but he's even better in person, which made it fun. Super nice guy on and off the mats, no ego but definitely competitive, easy to talk with, and I'd definitely want to wrestle him again. If you get a chance for a match with him, DO IT. what a nice surprise. ****ONE OF MY FAVORITE MATCHES from this site****



chzwz is recommended by BombsAway

Fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet with this fella during his brief visit to my area. Definitely not a disappointment. Chzwz is a formidable tank of a dude with some good stamina and skills under his belt. Good looking fellow too with a great personality and easy to communicate with. Really have no other accolades other than definitely looking to lock up with him again if our paths cross. Great rolls, great time.



BombsAway is recommended by fghter

Bombs Away is an awesome tough, strong, and aggressive opponent. We had a great war, and I'm already stoked for the next one. Do NOT underestimate this dude. He tips the scales at about 130 but he has the strength of a lion. His endurance is off the charts (We rolled for hours and his gas tank stayed at full the whole time!) and he always fights to win. He has a lean, really athletic, super tight build, we both spent hours in a primal flexed grip of muscle on muscle struggle for dominance. On breaks between rounds we stayed locked down on each other and he def knows how to ride that line between fightin and man on man muscle play. On the mats he's all instinct right now and he's def on point. As this guy gets more experience (or if he starts taking any martial arts or submission fighting arts) he's gonna be an unstoppable beast. He's also a great guy off the mats, chill, and respectful of all limits. If yr in or passing through Boston, and dig an intense fight with a real hot, athletic brother, I HIGHLY recommend you seek out this true warrior.



fghter is recommended by BombsAway

Fghter is one beast of a dude. We had it going for hours muscle on muscle. Sure he got his weight class and experience to tip the scales for his end. But still a enjoyable bout where I learned some new techniques. Start of more to come



BombsAway is recommended by wrestle16

Really exciting to have an even match - hard-fought, exhausting, and fun. Hope to have many more rounds with this guy. Off the mats, he’s a nice dude, easy to communicate with, and fun to be around. Highly recommended!



wrestle16 is recommended by BombsAway

Finally had the chance to catch this guy's schedule for a little match and it was certainly worth the wait. Great shape, and high fighting drive made for a very equal bout where we definitely could have kept going at it for hours. Before and after a very cool guy with a very good head on his shoulders. Definitely am looking forward to future matches. Thanks man!



BombsAway is recommended by Lightweight21

Watch out for this one once he gets a bit more experience! He’s tall, strong, scrappy, and refuses to give. I’m glad I could be the one to introduce him to oil matches and can’t wait to get my hands on him again. Off the mats, he’s a really great guy to chat with. I can’t recommend that you meet him strongly enough.



Lightweight21 is recommended by BombsAway

Great guy with a whole lotta experience under him – no short of disappointment when it came down to finally meeting up. Style wise he is great with both the competitive side with an erotic edge making for a nice match up. Friendly fellow afterwards and before. Looking forward to future match-ups