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I should mention that even though my name would imply I prefer boxing, I'm really more of a wrestler. But open to almost any kind of match as long as it's safe and sane. Looking for some great matches around my area. Just a straight guy with not too much experience but tons of interest looking for some great competition between myself and some guys close to my age. Feel free to write me, no matter what the circumstances. Open to chatting with anyone. And if you think you're up to it, challenge me! Looking to explore my combative nature with some like minded bring it on!

Let’s Wrassle!

RECENT EDIT: Lately, I have become engaged to the love of my life. She’s known about my fascination with and enjoyment of wrestling/fighting for some time and has recently enjoyed coming along as an audience to my matches, even getting in on the fun a couple of times as well. Know however, that we in no way REQUIRE that she be allowed to come, but it’s an added bonus if you’re okay with a female audience, and (very occasionally) a participant.



  1. USA - Alabama, Jasper
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I am willing to travel 200 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 28-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 145 lbs (66 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
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Boxerboy91 is recommended by Ken

Very cool, chill guy off the mat, but a fierce fighter who definitely pushed me to the limit. He's a very experienced grappler with a mean punch to boot. I managed to pin him once, but the three other rounds we fought he managed to get me to submit. Word of advice: try not to get into a scissorhold, because if he does, you're in for a painful defeat.

Highly recommended and would definitely fight in a rematch even if he kicks my ass again 10/10



Ken is recommended by Boxerboy91

Ken and I met nearby to him. Let me tell you that the drive WAS worth it. My girlfriend and I made the trip and we all got along famously. Definitely a cool guy on and off the mat. As for the fight, it was a close one! There were times I thought I was done but in the end, the score ended up 3-1 in my favor this time. Definitely will be seeking a rematch soon.



Boxerboy91 is recommended by Palaman

This guy just keeps comin - great heart and great fight even though it was a bit one sided. Definitely not a quitter. He’s a great guy and a great matchup/workout



Palaman is recommended by Boxerboy91

I met with Palaman during his trip down south, and let me tell you...I have NEVER been so outmatched as I was with this guy, both in freestyle and submission wrestling. Very cool guy when you aren’t on the mats together but definitely showed no mercy on them. We had a blast and a great match, even if he did absolutely trounce me. If you want a real challenge with a great athlete and wrestler, you definitely need to hit him up! Next time he’s down, I’ll be after a rematch :)



Boxerboy91 is recommended by umwrestler

Boxerboy is always a great match. He can be hard to schedule sometimes, but he always gives it his all. He likes a variety of different styles and is definitely very chill. Can’t wait for another match. Hopefully we can chat on skype and plan a match in March.



umwrestler is recommended by Boxerboy91

Faced off against umgrappler a few times now and he’s always a formidable opponent. As he said we do have scheduling issues sometimes but when we meet up it’s always an awesome and hard fought match that takes up every inch of room we have on the mats! Definitely recommend!



Boxerboy91 is recommended by Lovetobecrushed23

This guy is very knowledgeable and very talented. He may not seem strong but he is was stronger than he looks. Look out for his legs they are legs of steel. It was great trading holds and getting a little competitive can’t wair for the future matches



Lovetobecrushed23 is recommended by Boxerboy91

Where to start. This guy is tough! Don’t let his size fool you. Knows his way around the mat and SUCH a cool guy off of it as well. Had an absolute blast wrestling with LTBC and getting to know him. I’ll certainly be back for a rematch and if you’re looking for a hard fought struggle, definitely hit him up.



Boxerboy91 is recommended by jdboxing20

boxerboy91 was a very tough opponent. He's a cool guy off the mats but he won't take it easy on you on the mats. I managed to get the better of him this time, but I didn't escape without taking some some tough body punches. Can't wait to have a rematch with him as he gains more experience wrestling. I highly recommend getting a match with this guy. he'll put your skills to the test.



jdboxing20 is recommended by Boxerboy91

JD and I finally had a match after quite a while of trying to make it happen but it was entirely worth the wait! What a great fighter! We kept up with each other blow for blow and had one awesome match after another. Strong, and a great competitor and a really cool guy off the mats as well. But don't go into a match with him lightly! He'll really test everything you've got. Can't wait to hit the mats again.



Boxerboy91 is recommended by WrestleHard

A great opponent of comparable size and interests. If you want an awesome fun match with a great competitor, I would highly recommend Boxerboy91. He's strong and very tough. Hope to have many more matches with him in the future.



WrestleHard is recommended by Boxerboy91

Had an awesome match with WrestleHard after a few attempts to meet that fell through. A great opponent and a perfect match in size. Great skill, very tough, very fun and an all around great guy. Stubborn as hell too. I Definitely recommend him if you're looking for a good, hard fought match.


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