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Hey! Just checking the site out. Hoping to find a few new wrestling buds.



  1. USA - Pennsylvania, United States
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Age: 30-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 158 lbs (72 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Anything or nothing

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BrawlerBoy14 is recommended by spladle2submission

What a cocky little attitude this guy has and I had a blast wrestling him and trying to adjust that cocky attitude. He walked in and took me and Kayden on and in all the submissions we got on him he kept coming back for more and never did I get that attitude adjusted. Just means I will need to take him on again and try again to adjust his cocky attitude. What I can say is he is handsome, fun to wrestle and tough as nails. You can not go wrong wrestling this guy and I recommend him highly.

Well the rematch went down and I worked him over some more and still he is as fun and great a guy as he was the fist time I wrestled him. I worked him over this time ever harder than the first time and still he remains cocky and fun. Great guy off the mat and I still HIGHLY recommend this stud.



spladle2submission is recommended by BrawlerBoy14

Beast! Not only does this guy use size and skill to lock on brutal submission holds, he's got nerve claws that absolutely destroy any hope of getting the upper hand in a match. Fought my hardest, but this guy is tough and likes to dominate physically and mentally. Great guy on and off the mats. There will definitely be a rematch!



BrawlerBoy14 is recommended by Studboy

I didn’t think this cute guy would be such a sadist on the mats. Had me tapping and Ko’d. Anytime BrawlerBoy!



Studboy is recommended by BrawlerBoy14

Tough guy. Takes punishment and keeps coming back for more. Definitely had fun working him hard. Take you down any time, Studboy!



BrawlerBoy14 is recommended by piledriverva

Wooofff!! BrawlerBoy14 is a total stud jobber!! Enjoyed some late night wrestling at 2019 NYC Wrestlefest. He took all the punishment I could give and kept coming back for more. And yes, another Tombstone Piledriver victim added to the list! Look forward to a hot rematch with this stud!



BrawlerBoy14 is recommended by cali wrestler

Great guy all around and does not give in easily. He’d rather pass out than tap, but is very willing to let up if you tap. He took a beating and clearly enjoyed it and certainly dished it out too. Definitely recommend rolling with him.



BrawlerBoy14 is recommended by manbarbs

Very tuff guy- eventhough he was 1/2 my size - and punished him in my rack , backbreaker, hug and KO him in my sleeper.
He was very hard to submit ....pleasure to punish him and he enjoyed it.
easy going and nice guy after match.... def meet him in nyc next time



BrawlerBoy14 is recommended by austinmutual

His name says it all! Watch out for nutcracker's hands because he loves to demonstrate why he prefers that name. I was very surprised by his skill, stamina and strength. Really cool guy and I would highly recommend meeting up with him.



BrawlerBoy14 is recommended by Bridgeboy

Had a great time wrestling TheNutCracker and I highly recommend him! He has a tight, lean body and knows what he’s doing. He takes control and put me in some punishing holds, which was hot. He is super nice and definately sexy. Hope to meet up with him again!



BrawlerBoy14 is recommended by Kayden

May have set a personal record for submissions in this match, you might be able to put this guy down but you won't be able to keep him there. He's got endless stamina, but that just makes it all the more fun to work him over. Had a great time with this tough guy, highly recommended if you're looking for a marathon match.



Kayden is recommended by BrawlerBoy14

Kayden is a very skilled grappler. I managed to get a few subs out of him, but the man has thighs like a vice and goes from sub hold to sub hold seamlessly. It was cool to meet a wrestler who matches my stamina; we went at it nonstop the whole match. Strong guy who definitely knows his way around the mats/ring.



BrawlerBoy14 is recommended by Fit2Fight

TheNutCracker is a very tough and competitive fighter. He does not submit easily. If he gets knocked down, he comes back for more, harder than before. And in the end, he got me in a bunch of fun submissions and kicked my ass a good amount. And a fun guy off the mats too.



Fit2Fight is recommended by BrawlerBoy14

Fit2Fight has a ton of stamina and puts up a good fight on the mats. We've been wrestling for years, and he gets stronger every time we meet. Just as hot when he's racked over my shoulders as when he locks on a full nelson to allow his BF to practice some gut punches.



BrawlerBoy14 is recommended by msclhard

GREAT guy, and a ton of fun to wrestle. Takes more punishment than anyone! DEFINITELY worth wrestling.



BrawlerBoy14 is recommended by builtnycguy

jobberboy2000 proved himself to be a reliable, fun, and game opponent. He lives up to his jobberboy handle on the mats. He still needs to add some offense (and some defense) to his submission wrestling game. But he demonstrated some real wiry-boy strength during our armwrestling rounds. Very nice looking, good humored, and though he's slim, he's very good at flexing what he's got. We'll meet again jobberboy!