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Hey Guys BrownRasslr is Back! and ready to hit the mats again. I took some time off for personal reasons but im ready to wrestle and get sweaty! I missed this wonderful world of wrestling. This time around im mainly look for life long wrestling friends I can grow with. Sub is my favorite style of wrestling but im open to any style. Love gear singlets and trunks are my fav. Im open to any age as long as u r respectful and can give me a great match im down. I dont travel long distance for matches (old car) but if im in your area im down to meet up. Also will go half on a hotel room with u. Not looking for any kind of sex just wrestling! If we happen to have some kind of connection we can explore that after the match. Dont be afraid to message me if you see what you like, Im a cool ass dude. have a great day guys!



  1. USA - Florida, orlando
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Age: 35-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 155 lbs (70 kg)

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BrownRasslr is recommended by DuvalBlack

After a couple years of communication, I finally got the chance to link up with BrownRasslr, and it was a good time. I have a good size advantage on him, but he didn't back down at all. He is tenacious on the mats and very tough to submit. We rolled for a good while and chated between rounds. He is an all around good guy on and off the mats. I look forward to the next time we lock-up.



DuvalBlack is recommended by BrownRasslr

I had an amazingly good time rolling with this gentle giant! We've known each other for 2 yrs so it was nice to finally meet up... We went at it for a hr and half and he wore me out in a very fun way. We laughed and joked the entire match. Lots of trash talk to go along with all the fun we had also. Plenty of back and fourth holds we put on each other I thought we both put up and great fight! Nice convos off the mat also, excellent guy to chat it and wrestle. Looking forward to our next match, If you have the pleasure of meeting this cool guy please do you will have loads of fun just like i did!



BrownRasslr is recommended by suig

The meetup between BrownRasslr and me was years in the making, and it truly was an awesome weekend together. We've messaged each other a lot over the past year, taking our time to get to know each other and talk about potential match styles, gear choices, likes and dislikes, etc.

Competitively, he's a more than formidable wrestler. Strong for his stats, tough, aggressive, and can handle a lot. His headlock is one of the best that I've endured. I had a full size advantage over him and I needed it! We did a bit of everything – sub, jobber/heel pro, oil – with gear changes to match. I loved wrestling with him, regardless of style.

Off the mat(tress), we had great chats and even went bowling one night.

I'm very much looking forward to the next of what I know will be several future meetups. I definitely recommend BrownRasslr to anyone looking for good wrestling with a good guy!



suig is recommended by BrownRasslr

OMG I cant say enough good things about this man! First off we have been consistently chatting for a yr and he was beyond nice enough to fly from California to Florida just to meet me. I was very thankful for that. Now onto the wrestling, I truly loved wrestling this guy ! We did sub, pro and had a oil match. The pro match was so much fun I really think he enjoyed pile driving me as he did it more than once lol but no worries I got him back with of few good holds of my own. Alotta back and fourth sleepers , headlocks and tight headscissors between us also. We wrestled for 2 whole days and had about 5- 7 matches and this is the most fun i had at a match in a long time! He is a great guy off the mats as well. We joked, laughed and had a good time just talking and getting to know each. All around awesome guy if you have the pleasure of meeting him please do u wont regret it! Looking forward to our next meeting buddy thanks for everything!



BrownRasslr is recommended by Judokid88

Definitely a big bro figure of mine and was fun to take him on. Strong, rough, but he's a good guy to go up against. Lost out to alot if his headscissors and he to my chokes and his stamina is great. Do not pass up on my bro.



Judokid88 is recommended by BrownRasslr

My bro is an awesome guy to wrestle, we had a great time and beyond. Just watch out for his headscissors they are a little painful . He knows his stuff on the mat. We've known each other for yrs awesome dude on and off the mat can hold a great conversation and show u a good time on the mat. If you have to the chance to meet him please do...Cant wait for rd 2 buddy!



BrownRasslr is recommended by Tyga

What can I say, BrownRasslr is a very cool and great guy on and off the mats. Was very excited to finally have a match with him. He is very skilled and quick on his feet as well. Ended up being a draw because we both did not tap within the three rounds. And nice convos afterwards and during the match as well. Definitely can't wait for a second match !



Tyga is recommended by BrownRasslr

Let me tell u this kid is spunky and very tough! Don't let that nice face and shiny smile fool u he knows his stuff on the mat. I tried all my best holds on him and he did not tap once! But all in all this was one of the best matches Ive had in a long time. We had a great match along with great conversation, couldn't ask for anything better and so much fun,we laughed and joked the whole time. Cant wait for round 2! If you get a chance to meet him please do this guy is all around awesome!



BrownRasslr is recommended by MakeMeTap

I really enjoyed meeting and wrestling with BrownRasslr. He's very accommodating to various styles and his skill and flexibility make him a worthy opponent.



BrownRasslr is recommended by C-brawler

BrownRasslr is an intense wrestler and love to get down on the mat... Bring at least your B+^2 game