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Have little bjj training, interested in somewhat competitive matches with guys not too far from my size.

Usually quiet beefed up at around 190 lbs, but due to busy schedule, now staying somewhat leaner at around 170 lbs.



  1. USA - Arizona, Peoria
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Age: 30-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 172 lbs (78 kg)

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Browrest is recommended by dag

I met browrest a couple of years ago on a trip to Jakarta. Since then we have been in touch on a regular bases.
Browrest is a reliable, respectful, and friendly person. He is willing to accomodate so that his wrestling partner feels comfortable.
Meanwhile browrest is much bigger, i.e. more muscular than when I met him. But his body was already impressive then: bulging and solid muscles. I felt very safe to wrestle him. I enjoyed the wrestling time with him very much.
I highly recommend browrest not only as a wrestler with a gorgeous body but also as a charming, educated and interesting person.



Luttewrestling is recommended by Browrest

Lutte is an old friend and my regular wrestling buddy, I have known him for many years, from when he was more buffed, to nowadays when he's happy to be leaner. We have wrestled on so many occasions over the years. He is sexy and definitely knows what he's doing on the mat. I've watched him wrestled some other mutual friends as well, and it was very sexy.



Browrest is recommended by Norcalfur

I had another fun wrestling match with Browrest, today! He is strong, muscular and skilled in submission style. We had a long, sweaty match, which was enjoyable for both! He is personable and a great conversationalist, as well! Anytime you plan to visit Jakarta, be sure to contact him and set up a match!



Norcalfur is recommended by Browrest

I've wrestled Norcalfur a couple of times, and today we had another competitive submission man to man match from the get go. It was a sweaty, slippery, and sexy match. Norcalfur is a strong and highly skilled submission wrestler; he is well travelled, and a very nice person to talk to.



Browrest is recommended by brjiu1

We Wrestled long time ago! Nice and sexy match. I Wish i was closer to him to wrestle again. He looks much stronger Now than when i wrestled him. Curious to see who would win nowadays.



brjiu1 is recommended by Browrest

Wrestled brjiu1 some years ago when I was living in Florida. We started in the morning, and continued again in the afternoon, until late in the evening. He is a handsome and sexy guy, and it was a sexy match too, I had so much fun.



Browrest is recommended by Wrestleboyjoey

He is such a trash talker, that sometimes one might get annoyed and be tempted to block him. But good thing I didn't, and I was able to get into a couple of fun matches with him. :) He is a really nice guy and worth coming over to meet – if he can find the time, that is.