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Age 39
Height 6'6" (198 cm)
Weight 216 lbs (98 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Gay
Looking for Male
Gear Briefs, singlets, shorts, Lycra, jocks, naked
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  1. United Kingdom, London Borough of Camden
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Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Just watching Just watching

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Workout partner, Outdoors fights, Online chatting, Looking for coach

Specific wrestling styles: Arm wrestling, Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling

Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Friendship, Photo swapping, Stakes

Fetishes: Want sex, Wrestle for top, Jackoff, Spandex, Leather, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Cock fighting, Foot fetish, Face sitting, Rip and strip, Muscle worship

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Very new to wrestling, tried it once and enjoyed it, would love to practice more, always had an admiration for it.


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Clouds is recommended by muscleluv

I think the second I walked in and saw how big clouds was, I knew I may be in a bit of trouble.

Needless to say despite my best efforts and many scissor attempts I was overpowered and submitted by this huge man.

Big arms, incredibly impressive chest and huge legs helped this sexy man control the fight from start to finish and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Despite the size difference I always felt safe him, and when we weren’t wrestling he was extremely welcoming, great to talk to (and very easy on the eye).

Looking forward to round 2



muscleluv is recommended by Clouds

Muscleluv is a sexy man who puts up a good fight, he certainly goes for it and tries his best and will leave you sweaty and wanting to make him tap more and more :) I enjoyed rolling around with him and locking him in few positions and making him tap; want to meet this sexy man again and get him to work hard trying to free himself from my grip! Thank you again, was real pleasure to have you as the opponent :)



Clouds is recommended by gokiddo

Clouds was kind enough to travel down to Brighton, and was only my second match from here but he didn’t disappoint at all! Very handsome, tall and strong - we didn’t wrestle for long though mainly because my mattress wasn’t really right for it, but definitely want to meet him again. A nice guy and easy to communicate.



gokiddo is recommended by Clouds

Just wow! I was taken back by Gokiddo as soon as we meet, I’m tall and we’ll built but he’s a mountain of sexiness and muscle, solid, strong built, determined, calm, manly appearance, he wants to prove that he’s stronger and he goes for it! We rolled around, and after 20 mins I was drenched in sweat! Great personality and an admirable opponent matching me in height and being bigger than me makes me work harder! Want lots of rematches sexy man, thank you for the match today :)



Clouds is recommended by DenverWrestler

I have probably met and wrestled close to 1000 current and past members of this site, and it is an honor for me to say that I have wrestled Clouds. He is disarmingly charming, cheerful and outgoing, intelligent and articulate, 100% reliable, and then there is his body – tall, beautifully proportioned, strong, solid, and sexy. We managed to have a sweaty fun time in a relatively small space, and his size and strength more than made up for his relative inexperience. He was able to power out of every submission hold I tried, and he pretty easily managed to get on top of me and pin me to the mat – he just powered me down and I was helpless to move him off me. I tried very hard to find some weaknesses, but he doesn't have any – strong arms, strong legs, powerful chest and shoulders. So if you're looking to wrestle a super nice, powerful, sexy fun guy, I doubt you'll find anyone better. Wrestling just doesn't get any better than this!



DenverWrestler is recommended by Clouds

DenverWrestler is an amazing guy, gentleman at heart, highly skilled wrestler who knows how to use it fit his advantage! Friendly personality and eagerness to meet and teach some of the moves/holds makes him a formidable opponent and I can see clearly why he had so many past opponents! I’d be happy to wrestle him again and take time to get to know him more, enjoyed our match and I hope I meet you once you’re back in London sexy man, enjoy your stay up north :)))



Clouds is recommended by Brixton1975

I have now met the real life BFG! ;). This statuesque guy is spirited, engaging, fun and has a powerful physique. Given the size difference we decided to have an oil match which was sweaty, playful, intense. I tried to use my all to gain advantage. However whatever technique I claim to have (it’s decidedly limited) did little to move this man mountain. He has a very instinctive way of using his powerful physique to gain the upper hand. He also has varied interests, a great conversationalist, eccentric in the most coolest and charming way and incredibly handsome! You will not want to pass him up! He’s ace! To repeat, I’d say Yes! 👍



Brixton1975 is recommended by Clouds

What to say? This kind, sexy and determined man was a pleasure to wrestle with! We spiced the match with some oil and went at it for a good hour :) he’s strong and gives everything, my height and strength gave me an advantage but loved the attitude and would meet him again to throw ourselves at each other :))) great guy who loves wrestling and has genuine passion, thank you and let’s meet again soon! ;)



Clouds is recommended by Broc

An amazing physique and awesome attitude. Clouds may just be starting out but he is eager to learn and already perfectly combines intensity with safety. It was a real pleasure to wrestle this giant of a man who wears his gear really well. We worked and sweated hard. I had the advantage of meeting him whilst he is still a beginner. With a bit more experience under his belt, I would have been toast. If you get the opportunity, this is a guy not to miss.



Broc is recommended by Clouds

Now, that was something! Still thinking of this sexy man, we rolled around for 3 hours! Amazing strength, great physique, friendly personality, perfect mixture to just want to go few times until we were both drenched, and I was exhausted :) made me tap few times and as soon as I get a better hang of it, I’ll be returning the favour ;) highly recommend and want to meet again and again, thank you again for a great match :)))



Clouds is recommended by Desterfight

An absolute pleasure to meet Clouds today. His name suits him. This guy is TALL !!! He is also fit, strong, agile and a very fast learner. Watch out for those long legs of his wrapping around you.!! It wasnt long before he was copying some of my moves and using them against me !! This incredibly good looking guy really looks the business in his wrestling gear too. We had a great meet. He started with a workout lifting my weights but it wasnt long before he was itching to get into some trunks and square up to me on the mats.. An excellent hard struggle lasting 2 hours with both of us pouring with sweat having had a GREAT match. I recommend this guy 100%. He has a great body. Fit. Strong. GREAT looking in his gear. Deffo worth meeting and I hope to see him again soon.!!



Desterfight is recommended by Clouds

Wow! What a man! Strong as an ox, charging as a bull, a perfect opponent to show me how it’s done! He’s a great guy on and off the mat, we measured up and went for it for few hours :) he’s knowledgable, applies his strength and technique without going too far and he let me take an advantage few times to inspire me to get a better gist of it and learn how to attack and also defend...I highly recommend Desterfight, beast of a man, he’s the strongest opponent I had and we had good times together and I’m coming back for more! Thank you again for a great match, you sexy strong beast! :))))



Clouds is recommended by hunkywrestler

after chatting to Clouds for a bit we were able to meet up at Grove Park and wrestle after Iain had taken extra precautions with the level of cleaning of the ring and mats.
Its not very often i meet and wrestle a guy taller than me that was a treat. Clouds is a handsome, well put together sound friendly guy who, like me, likes pro gear and pro wrestling.
With a little more experience than he I was able to show him some pro moves which we practised and worked in to several bouts. We also appreciated each other physiques for a total of around 3 hours.
Lookin forward to meet no.2. and I would recommend him to anyone wanting submission or pro particularly if they want someone very tall and over 200lbs.



hunkywrestler is recommended by Clouds

Hunky wrestler is an amazing guy, the match lasted almost three hours, we couldn’t get enough of each other! He’s very knowledgable, showed me some pro moves and it was my first time in the ring :) he’s experienced and can both heel and job and we kept switching throughout; he’s a real hunk, tall (amazing height match :) stunning physique and husky voice, makes you want to wrestle him for days on end :))) I know this won’t be the last time we meet, still so much to cover ;) he’s got amazing gear too and i need to see him again flexing in all different ones ) Excellent introduction in pro wrestling ) thank you!



UKSubsFighter is recommended by Clouds

Amazing personality, true gentleman, rolled around a bit and man he’s strong, and very experienced so easy to get you to tap! :) really enjoyed it, thank you for being such w great and patient teacher and showing me all the moves; can’t wait to do it again, I’ll get better and then we’ll have more fun on the mat ;) highly recommended experienced, knowledgable wrestler with a great approach and personality, thank you!



Clouds is recommended by ukwrestler

He's a tall, toned (great abs and pex), hairy and flexible guy who's looking to get more wrestling experience. He's also educated and very personable.....and did I say he is tall ? A very welcome addition to the MF community. Don't forget that he's tall 😄



ukwrestler is recommended by Clouds

First match and lucky enough to be with this great man! Patient, calm, confident, showed me few moves and explained a bit how things worked. we broke a sweat and rolled around a bit ) happy to have a rematch any day! Thanks man :)