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Age 55
Height 5'11" (180 cm)
Weight 168 lbs (76 kg)
Gender Male
Looking for Male
Gear all or naked
Languages spoken English, Hebrew
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  1. Israel, פתח תקווה

I am willing to travel 50 kilometers

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Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission

Match structure: Even match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Workout partner, Outdoors fights

Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Friendship

Fetishes: Wrestle for top, Jackoff, Boxing gear, Naked wrestling, Face sitting, Rip and strip

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Hi i am a sporty guy, love to wrestle, open minded to style, gear etc, sane and safe yet competitive. As a long distance and marathon runner I am very fit, strong and in very good shape. I like an opponent that fights back, respect rules, gear etc, bring it on lets wrestle man to man.


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ComeOn is recommended by Yarivcohen7111

Comeon is a great fighter and great person to have time with.
We wave great time and long and sweaty fight
We sure will meet again



ComeOn is recommended by Elyashblue

So happy that my first impression in this field had happened with ComeOn:) he was very kind and patient for my interest and questions about that world of fighting. It was very sexy situation and I can't wait to our next meeting that for sure will happen.



Elyashblue is recommended by ComeOn

What encounter. Elyashblue is a newbe, but sure knows how to put up a fight. The chemistry was explosive. In addition hes a great guy, really enjoyed his company. 3 hours past so quick' Cant wait to meet again.



ComeOn is recommended by DanIsr

I couldn't ask for a better introduction to wrestling on meetfighters. ComeOn was very accommodating, a very good fight, and exactly what I was looking for. We had a strong sweaty session, lots of contact, pinning and more. Throughout, he made sure I'm comfortable with the action and took care to be safe in our maneuvers. I was exhausted by the end, and I suspect he was not - he is really in shape. Besides, we had a terrific conversation afterwards. I'm looking forward for our next session, I'm even more determined than before!
Update 17.5.2020: Had a second great session with ComeOn. The wrestling was quite balanced, we each managed to outthink and outperform the other a few times, to our great enjoynment. I really look forward to our next meeting. I'm sure it will be even better.



DanIsr is recommended by ComeOn

I met "DanIsr" and what a great meeting that turned out to be, first of all hes a great guy.and in great shape too, hes really quite strong, great body. We also chatted afterwards too, really intresting man and conversation. Cant wait for our next meeting. Highly recommended.



ComeOn is recommended by darkknight

Come on was more than a great match
He's very strong ,and a very tough oppenent, he is also a very great person, very polite
It was exciting meeting him and fighting him
Looking forward for a rematch



darkknight is recommended by ComeOn

Met DarkKnight for the first time, first of all a great wrestler, strong and fiesty. One of the best matches ever, cant wait for round 2. Highly reccomended and in.addition hes a really great cool guy.



ComeOn is recommended by wrestlersub

I was very lucky to meet ComeOn. He is a very nice and easy to talk person. He was punctual and during the match he knew how to keep his hold and does not give up easily. Hopefully I will meet him up again some day in the near future. Make sure you contact him if you are around the area.



wrestlersub is recommended by ComeOn

I had the pleasure of meeting "WrestlerSub" while he visited Tel Aviv. First of a great guy, had a great match, quite evenly matched, although he was jet lagged, which gave me an advantage😃 Anyway highly recommended.



ComeOn is recommended by frogcub

ComeOn is a great guy. I had a lot of fun with him. We horsed around and tested each other's strength. He's light and agile and I'm much heavier and a bit slower, so it was a great challenge to both of us.



frogcub is recommended by ComeOn

I met FrogCub. First of all hes a great guy. Despite our weight differences i really enjoyed our meeting. Highly reccomended



ComeOn is recommended by Dynamo

Wowwwwww!!! This man is a very very very strong and wonderful wrestler. Our wrestling match it was full of male strength and incredible excess of sweat. We were fighting non-stop for 2 hours. In addition he is a good connoisseur of the fight, there was a lot of fighting and gutpunching holds, all the time with great strength, respect and friendship. After the fight we walked together through Tel Aviv, drank a delicious beer and I see that he is a great friend, cultured, educated and very kind. I would gladly repeat many more fights with him. It was an incredible afternoon of struggle and friendship. I highly recommend it to fight, you will surely enjoy the fight a lot like me.



Dynamo is recommended by ComeOn

I met Dynamo for the first time. We had a great fight, which lasted for hours. Strong guy, yet respectful of his opponent. After our match we went to have a beer together. In.addition hes also a great guy, and although we come from.different ends of the planet, i am sure we will meet again sometime. Looking forwad to our next match.



ComeOn is recommended by D-ZFH

Met ComeOn for a great match! He is a strong and determinant fighter. It was a wonderful experience wrestling with him. and he is also a great guy. kind and interesting. hope to meet him again soon. highly recommended...!



D-ZFH is recommended by ComeOn

Meet D-ZFH at . We had a great match' . He may lack.experience but he makes 2.hours later we were exhausted. In addition a really great guy' Looking forward to.our next match.



Tmast28 is not recommended by ComeOn

  • Unreliable / no show



ComeOn is recommended by Ilanc

I've met 'ComeOn' for a very sweaty fight.
We had a good fight (and then one more), I had the opportunity to improve my grips and holds, and keep on learning.
Other then that he's a great guy - we had a good talk, and we surly will meet again for another fight.
so come on, 'ComeOn', bring it on!



Ilanc is recommended by ComeOn

I met Ilanc for a fight. Hes a great fighter, very fit and in shape. The fight lasted hours, the chemistry was amazing, both of us are of the same mind set, in.addition, hes a very hansome guy, and also a great guy. Although i was after a long flight and tiered, somehow i kept going, although next time to beat your ass.



ComeOn is recommended by Aspen

A cute British guy with a nice smile off the mats, a fighter with lots of stamina once we started the fight. He lives really close and has a nice place to fight, see you again soon.



Aspen is recommended by ComeOn a great wrestler and also a really nice guy. One of my best fights ever, highly recommend. Cant wait for round 2



m2434 is recommended by ComeOn

Great match and a great guy, highly recomended



ComeOn is recommended by yoni1

Simon is a great guy and its really great to wrestle with him, he has a lot of stamina and can go the distance. In.addition hes a really nice guy and a great host. Highly reccomended



yoni1 is recommended by ComeOn

Gosdimantov, is a great opponent. We have met several times and always have a great fight. Cant wait for our next fight



tzahik is recommended by ComeOn

I have wrestled Tzachi many time and each time feels like the first. We always have a great fight, Tzachi is also a great guy. Cant wait for.our next fight



It was a very nice meeting with ComeOn. Although he had a long run that day and was tired in the evening, he was a great opponent with a lot of stamina. We enjoyed and I can fully recommend to meet him for a match. Also a very nice person of the mat. Thanks for the nice meeting! ;)



ComeOn is recommended by orenoren35

Very nice guy. Great match



Some1 is recommended by ComeOn

Great guy, great match