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12 August 2018: I enjoy training for and growing a strong gut, and look forward to getting bigger and stronger over time. I am mostly into being gut punched. Over time I may pick up boxing too, especially if it opens new doors to getting gut punched (per advice of an excellent trainer, whose name I'll refrain from mentioning until I do get an anvil gut - don't want to tarnish his good name. He has been so good I can't fail him.)

I have attempted some pro/ submission style wrestling, but suck at it, and am content being a jobber. It can be good exercise and I've had a lot of fun doing it though. It's quite erotic rolling around with someone, being put in certain holds, and of course, getting gut punched while exposed.

My boyfriend knows about my involvement here and is fine with it. He is sometimes amused when he is watching TV and hears me punching myself in the basement. He is a bear and I moved in with him only because his belly cast a spell on me.



  1. USA - Washington D.C., Washington
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Age: 38-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 178 lbs (81 kg)

Languages spoken: Chinese, English

Gear: Shorts

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Condecon is recommended by Spruceman

He met with Condecon today (July 1, 2018) so we could work with each other in gut toughening, endurance and other items recommended by our common, over-the-phone, fighting trainer (site member, RadnerBearman). Wow. As he is quite new to the site, I also had the honor, to help intro him more to wrestling. He has great defensive instincts and was fun to take on.

He is much stronger, tougher, more skilled than I had expected. And better than he, himself, had expected. That surely showed up on the Bosu[tm] work and in throwing and taking gut-punches. I am so happy to be working with him on the mats, possibly on a monthly basis.. He's also a really nice guy – safe, wanting to improve, cheerful man. Very highly recommended.



Spruceman is recommended by Condecon

Friendly teacher, encouraging, and generous with his advise! Really strong abs - he took over 300 punches, which gave me a good workout. I did diamond push-ups with my palms on his abs, and even stood on his abs (I am about 175 lbs). Good space for training the gut and wrestling. Will be training with him in future. If you are looking for a good wrestling session with lots of gut punching, look him up!



DMVWrestler is recommended by Condecon

This beefy wrestler is strong and skilled. Safe and sane verbal heel, great for jobbers. He enjoys active jobbers, so if you're one contact him. Easy guy to talk to about bodybuilding as well, so I am learning about that from him too. Visit was about 2.5 hours and enjoyed every minute!



Condecon is recommended by andywrestles

I found him strong, safe, and honest too. He's strong. Try to stay out of his bearhugs if you can, and good use of legs. Had fun wrestling him. He's a great match. Be prepared!



andywrestles is recommended by Condecon

Strong, nice host, safe, and honest about what he is and isn't into. I enjoyed punching his gut and the amount of skin contact. Definitely message him if you're looking to wrestle shirtless.



Condecon is recommended by volcano

Great guy, especially good at gut punishment. He hadn't wrestled in a while so we did more of a practice session and both had a good time. Got me in a Camel Clutch from which I could not escape Very hospitable and friendly. I recommend him.



volcano is recommended by Condecon

It was fun getting back into this with him. He was enthusiastic but patient with me. Showed me a few pro style moves. I had a good time. He is looking for people to share a ring, if interested look him up!