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  1. United Kingdom, Bath
    (I'm here from 12/16/2019)
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  2. United Kingdom, Brighton
    (I'm here until 12/16/2019)
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I am willing to travel 5 miles
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46-year-old Male / 5'10" (178 cm) / 173 lbs (78 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Singlets and Underwear


Sorry guys I'm not really wrestling anymore due to a back injury. Play safe! ;)



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Coops is recommended by iowbk4good

I met Coops at the weekend. Had a great match with him and he's good considering he only started wrestling at the beginning of the year. We had a sweaty match with a few gear changes. Coops was a great accommodating host and a really great guy too, definitely recommend!



iowbk4good is recommended by Coops

I had Steve over for a Saturday night wrestle and I don't think I've ever sweated so much during a match. We managed to keep it up for quite some time, having a few fun gear changes along the way.
He really put me though my paces and it was a very enjoyable wrestle.
The icing on the cake though was getting to know him a little better after.
He's a sound guy with a lot of experience in wrestling so if you get the chance to meet him then take it.



Coops is recommended by Torrnado

I had the great pleasure to meet and wrestle Coops this Saturday, 20 June on his mats at home. He is a fit, well set up lad and proved a strong, energetic and enthusiastic wrestler. I know he was feeling a bit under the weather but he still had me working hard for my submissions and I thoroughly enjoyed our match. I am sure he won't mind me saying that with some more experience he will be a pretty formidable wrestler.
Coops was a great host, a very likeable guy and we had a fair few drinks, a good meal and good chat after. I hope I don't sound too shallow by adding that he is a very good looking guy too! I recommend you meet him.
Thanks for a great time fella, I hope we can have another match soon.



Torrnado is recommended by Coops

This guy is a total gent.
I hosted at mine on Sunday after a bit of a heavy Saturday night.
For a small chap he takes no prisoners and is a skilled, experienced wrestler. Unfortunately I couldn't wrestle for a long as I wanted to as the previous night was catching up on me, but we still had a good sweaty fun wrestle.

He got me to submit a few times and clearly gets a bit of a kick out of taking down a bigger chap, so I was happy to oblige (like I had a choice!).
He also gave me some good tips on how to improve my performance which I really appreciated. I struggled to get him to submit but maybe next time when I put more of his teachings into practice I'll give him more of a run for his money. He's a good chap to chat to as well and I recommend him to anybody that wants a good challenge from a feisty little guy.

Thanks for a good wrestle buddy - lets do it again soon ;-)



Coops is recommended by Lomandlad42

After chatting for a while I finally got the opportunity to wrestle Coops. He says he is reletivley new to wrestling but this guy is good. Strong, tough and agile. Gives as good as he takes and very hard to submit, although he did tap in a few bostons. Looks great in gear and can most definitely back it up. Safe and sane and a great host. A real genuine down to earth fella too and great company over a few beers. Highly recommended and a definite must meet in my opinion. Challenge him you won't be disappointed , look forward to another session mate



Lomandlad42 is recommended by Coops

Had Jay over for a wrestle Saturday evening and it was brilliant fun.
The guy is strong and knows what he's doing and although I tried my best my lack of experience showed and he managed to get the better of me a few times. It was a really enjoyable session with some give and take. He's a great guy, easy to get on with and very down to earth.
It was great, exhausting fun and I really recommend Jay as a good wrestler and lovely chap - give him a go ;-)

On a not entirely separate note he also wiped the floor with me when we had drinks after - I still don't know how I got home!!!!



Coops is recommended by codo

Coops is a lovely guy outside the ring and a real gentleman.
But once on the matts he likes to win and puts a good match, he's very strong eager to learn and practice although he already knows quite a bit.
He dominated most of the match and did many lifts, holds and locks, it was competitive, sane and fun, i'd love to do him again.



codo is recommended by Coops

I had a nice sweaty wrestle with Codo's, so sweaty in fact that we had about three changes of gear throughout the match.

He's a lovely easy going chap and put me through my paces on the mats, even getting me in the boston crab at one point (how did I let that happen) though for the most part I managed to overpower him.

I definitely need to work on refining those moves but practice makes perfect and Codo's is a good guy to hang around with.

Off the mats he's a very polite well mannered chap and I would happily wrestle him again.



Coops is recommended by Leglocklover

This friendly guy stepped in at very short notice after a fellow member of this site let me down. I made the long journey to Brighton and was made to feel really welcome. After a couple of glasses of wine we got into our singlets and had a great grapple. For someone who is fairly new to the scene, Coops has picked up a good few moves and was able to execute them successfully. Well worth the mileage to wrestle him and next time I am in the area I will be going back for some more.



Leglocklover is recommended by Coops

I was chatting to Leglocklover over the Easter period and after he was let down with a wrestle thought I'd offer to step in. It was a long trip so I really appreciated him making the effort.
He's a very friendly easy going chap and I felt relaxed in his company, although that may also have had something to do with the wine I had consumed over lunch.

We had a great time on the mats, Leglocklover's experience and quick thinking showed and he took full advantage of my weaknesses.
In hindsight wine and a big dinner aren't the best fuel for a wrestle, as I was slightly off form and didn't go on for a long as I would have liked, but lesson learnt ;-)
Despite that I had a great time with a sound guy so cheers buddy ;-)



Coops is recommended by MUSCLEHEEL12

After much planning coops and I met up at his place.i was staying all weekend so instead of having a conventional match we had segmented tussles all weekend on a mattress...coops exudes all the attributes of a jobber and his ability to absorb powerful ramped up holds both locks and compression was commendable. This guy is relatively new to the grappling scene and it's palpably obvious that with time experience and a consequential increase in his confidence levels he will become the proficient grappler he aspires to be.With a current penchant for underestimation of his ability this guy possesses good levels of power and time will add to his manoeuvrability. Today's jobber I think could well be tomorrow's heel in his case.And yes he is a really cool guy to chat with and spend some quality time with off the matts. .or in this case should I say mattress. Seize the chance to take him on guys.



MUSCLEHEEL12 is recommended by Coops

Had Joe down for a weekend of wrestling fun.

First off I have to say he's an awesome guy, great company, good to talk to and has a wicked sense of humour. We hit it off really well, albeit with the help of some cider and vino.

Although we didn't actually get to do the planned wrestle we had a few early morning grapples.
Well I say grapples! I wasn't actually doing much grappling TBH and his charm quickly went out the window when his wrestling head came on.
I had read previous recommendations about how Joe had wrestled and had hoped the good chemistry between us might have made him go a bit easier on me - no such luck.

He's a big chap and looks the part in his singlet and as an aggressive and competitive wrestler, at what felt like twice the size of me, I didn't really stand much of a chance. He wants to win and dishes out the pain with an evil glint in his eye, and I was quick to submit and minimise the hurt.
Although he's not been doing it for long his strength and brute force makes up for any inexperience, to the point that maybe he could benefit from reining it in a bit. Not much give and take here but if you like to suffer and don't mind it hard and fast I highly recommend. Guys newer to wrestling should bear this in mind when hooking up with Joe.

Having said that we had a great time together, he's a big hearted generous guy that I definitely want to stay in touch with.
Maybe when I get a bit more experience and he get's a bit calmer we can try it properly on the mats.

Thanks for a great time Joe



Coops is recommended by back2pin4fun

Echoing what has already been said about Coops.
He may be new to wrestling but he is learning fast.
A very strong guy who is going to improve markedly as he gets more experience. Fortunate for me that he was carrying a shoulder injury but he still managed to get a wicked reverse headlock on me. A great session which was as fun as it was competitive. And sweaty. Very sweaty :-)
Coops is a lovely guy to talk with being both laidback and with a great sense of humour. Thanks for your hospitality. Again soon. Highly recommended!!



back2pin4fun is recommended by Coops

I had a lovely sweaty wrestle with Paul, who is a really lovely genuine bloke with a lot of experience.
I was a bit worried at first as I did have a bit of a shoulder injury (sorry if I was banging on about that too much!) but Paul was really considerate and mindful of that. We had fantastic fun on the mats and I even surprised myself with some of the moves - wish I could remember them!
I do think I'm getting better and managed to get my second wind at one point. Next time I plan on less moaning and more suffering for my opponent.
Cheers buddy ;-)



Coops is recommended by goodlookingwrester

Wrestled coops yesterday . Really nice guy good to talk to off the matts . Was a good fun wrestle . Coops has strength and will become a good wrestler in time he is keen to learn . I highly recommend this sound guy . Look forward to wrestling him again



goodlookingwrester is recommended by Coops

Had a brilliant wrestle today with goodlookingwrester.
Very last minute but well worth it.
I tried to tire him out a little first by making him walk to mine from the station but once on the mats he was on good form.
I did manage to fight back a few times and its great to feel like I'm making some progress with this, so I really appreciated Lee giving me this opportunity.
I'm still making silly mistakes though, which he capitalised on to good effect, and haven't quite found my signature move yet, but I'm working on it and hope to give him a much harder time when we next meet.
Cheers buddy ;-)



Coops is recommended by matchup

Coops hosted a last minute bout. Nice little set up with some mats to wrestle on. I don't think I've ever met a nicer chap! New on the wrestling scene and I'm sure he won't mind me saying he'll be better with a few more matches under his belt. But great fun and I'll definitely wrestle him again some day.



matchup is recommended by Coops

Meet Matchup for a very last minute impromptu wrestle and was really glad I did. He's a great guy with a good toned physic and he put me at ease straight away.
He's very quick and strong and took full advantage of all my mistakes (I made many!!) and I enjoyed our wrestle very much.
The gloves and body blows was a new thing, and I actually appreciated trying that out with him.
It was fantastic sweaty fun and I hope we can do it again soon.



Coops is recommended by Christian Rage

I met Coops and it was his first session in Pro. Firstly he looks great in gear and has a great physique. Had a great chat with him to understand what he had or hadn't experienced and think it helped to relieve his nerves!
We went onto the mats and initially had a session of showing a few holds and how to put them on and then let him try those onto myself. He was adept and a quick learner and even made notes of important points for him to research later on!!

Then came the match - it is fair to say I did make him my jobber but I did give him opportunities to be in control but the heel in me came out and had to work him over. He suffers really well in all honesty and I thoroughly enjoyed the bout.

Off the mats he is a lovely guy and a genial host - take him up on any challenge he offers as he is worth it.

I'm going for round 2 to see if this rookie has learnt anything .........



Christian Rage is recommended by Coops

This was my first experience of prowrestling and Christian arrived with a good amount of kit and a lot of experience,unlike myself.
We had a really nice chat before hand, in which he explained how pro worked and what he thought would be good for us to do that night, which was great to hear as I'm somebody with very little (actually no!) pro experience.
As an honest genuine guy he put me at my ease and I felt relaxed going on to the mat.
Then we started to wrestle and in his kit he really looked the part, towering over me with a slight air of menace.
He showed me a few moves and allowed me to have a go at trying a few things on him, but I was definitely the jobber that night!
I felt he worked me quite hard, although he did say he could have taken it further and probs was a bit easier on me with it being my first time.
However I was stretched, pulled and choked with a few slaps thrown in for good measure. I felt a bit like his toy, and as much as I wanted to put up a good fight I had to concede again and again to his brute force.
Today I ache, but I had a brilliant time being worked over by somebody with a passion for dominance. I've got some homework to do now as I don't want to make it as easy for him the next time, but I can't wait for the rematch.

Cheers buddy - but this jobbers coming for you ;-)



Coops is recommended by speedowrestle

Very nice guy who is a great host, providing tea, wine and wrestling space! What Coops lacks in experience, he makes up for in enthusiasm and physical fitness. Also has a very impressive DVD collection! Highly recommended.



speedowrestle is recommended by Coops

Speedowrestle is the first guy I've met for a wrestle, and I couldn't have picked a nicer guy for my first experience.
I was a little nervous but we had a great chat before hand, in which I must have asked some very annoying basic questions and he shared his experiences with me.
He also brought around some wrestling DVDs which we had on in the background as we had a nice sweaty wrestle. It was great fun but I definitely need to get proper mats!
I ached a little the next day but he's definitely ignited something in me.
Cheers buddy - lets do it again soon ;-)