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I've been training in bjj for 2 years, so I'm into sub matches more than anything. I will wrestle folk style and try freestyle though I'm not good at them yet. I like long, competitive, sweaty matches. Bjjers to the front.
I have to travel for matches so I'll hit you up if I'm planning on being in your area. I'd like to get in as many matches as possible when I'm visiting a city so recommendations are welcome.
I do have access to mat space depending on the style and time of match. If you're visiting nearby, give me a shout out.



  1. USA - Montana, Belgrade
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I am willing to travel 750 miles


Age: 40-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 183 lbs (83 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: I have most everything, so name it.

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Crendal is recommended by Open Guard

Crendal is awesome. He definitely sweats the ju jitsu details. He’s a strong no attitude dude that can roll for hours. He’s passionate about the sport, keeps it fun, and he’s athletic as don’t tell the full story! Excellent guy to hang out with after a long hard match. Long beautiful drives through Montana just got way better! Next time.



Open Guard is recommended by Crendal

If you're looking for a long, strenuous jiu jitsu match, Open Guard is your guy. We had some long bouts with plenty of give and take, making each other work for every move. It was some of the most fun I've had in jiu jitsu. He's also really cool on and off the mat. Highly recommended for real submission matches. Already looking forward to our next match.



Crendal is recommended by Likestowrestle

Crendal is a very strong and knowledgeable wrestler. Makes good use of his bjj training during our matches and even implemented some into our folkstyle matches, while also being strong enough to flip me off of him once I was gaining an advantage. A great guy to hang out with off the mats too, was walking and chatting with him for hours and never seemed to get bored. I highly recommend rolling with him if you get the chance and I look forward to future matches with him.



Likestowrestle is recommended by Crendal

One word to describe Likestowrestle: scrappy. He's stronger than he looks, knows his folk style wrestling, and a lot of fun to roll with. He had me in so many strange pins and submission holds. Wasn't sure which way was up or where my limbs were. I strongly recommend him and plan on grappling with him again.



Crendal is recommended by travilicious

What a great experience. This guy is lean, fit, and ready to hit the mats. He has BJJ training and I do not, yet he kept the match at a competitive level for both of us. His body is muscular and very lean even through he claims he doesn't lift. He was also nice enough to correct some of my holds and teach me a couple of new techniques. If you are trained in grappling or BJJ, I highly recommend a trip to Montana to take on this very attractive stud.



travilicious is recommended by Crendal

This guy is awesome. A real genuine guy. Good rolls. Lots of bear hugs and lifts. He didn't crush me with his weight difference, but rolled with me at my level. A good struggle each bout. Would definitely tangle with him again.



Crendal is recommended by wrestleuinla

What a great guy, Strong as all get up and says he doesn't workout . Hate to mess with him if he did. He forfeited his Jujitsu training to just work on some grappling at my level of skill. We had a couple of hours of exhausting hold exchanges. What a blast . If you get the chance to wrestle this guy do it. Just watch out for his stealth skills .



wrestleuinla is recommended by Crendal

Had a great roll with this strong guy. He kept up with me move for move, cradling me at least twice. He was an excellent host, getting to know me as the night went on. Will definitely ask for a rematch next time I'm in LA.