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Enjoy a long sweaty match with lots of long holds. As long as it is fun I will be up for it. Drop me a message to find out more.



  1. United Kingdom, Kirkby in Ashfield
  2. United Kingdom, Consett (I'm here between 12/16/2017 and 12/18/2017)
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I am willing to travel 150 miles


Age: 30-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 181 lbs (82 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Singlets, Briefs, Speedos, anything tight

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Crumpy141 is recommended by dermott wigan1

A guy with great strength just a bit more practice and he will be a formidiable wrestler. Safe and sane would definetly would recommend him



dermott wigan1 is recommended by Crumpy141

Met dermott at a group meet in pippas. Went into a private room and jumped right in. I got the shock of my life when this guys legs got a hold of me. Really quick and really strong. After every tap he kept encouraging me to keep going and pushing back. Great teacher and really nice guy. Off the mats he has been great to talk to and the trash talk is great. Can't wait for a rematch! Highly recommended.



Crumpy141 is recommended by Warkscub

Had a fun time wrestling Crumpy today at a group meet.
While he may not have much experience at pro matches for now, he certainly got stuck in and we had a fun back and forth bout, trading some holds.
He's a really nice, fun guy and with more matches under his belt will only get better.
Highly recommended and look forward to a rematch!



Warkscub is recommended by Crumpy141

Had a great roll around with Warskcub at a small group meet. Unfortunately I hadn't fully recovered from the previous match so I wasn't able to truly get stuck in. Showed me a few moves, had a very fun fight and gave just as good as I got. Off the mats, Neil is a truly lovely guy and great to talk to. Look forward to our next match. Highly recommended!!



Crumpy141 is recommended by Sir David

Met Mark yesterday and was great to finally meet the bloke who is worse than me for his trash talking prior to the meet lol. Had never done pro before but he give it a try albeit a little nervous but showed great prospects and has promised that he will be in the ring the next time we meet. 100% there will def be a next time.



Sir David is recommended by Crumpy141

Great match with Sir_David, my first time at a smaller meet and it was a very nice atmosphere. Off into a private room with David and he was a great match. Took it slow for my first match showing me some moves and things to do. Gave it a try and had alot of fun doing so. Off the mats Dave is just as nice, great to talk to and highly recommended. I look forward to our next match.



Crumpy141 is recommended by jamstu

This young guy is great on and off the mats, not too bad for a Geordie... he is strong and stubborn, two things which will stand him well being a fighitng jobber.. Thoroughly enjoyed our wrestle and definitely would recommend him to any one who wants a good fun struggle and wrestle.
yes he is a little experienced but that will change with time and the more he fights..
Wholeheartedly would give him the rematch that he so desires



jamstu is recommended by Crumpy141

Very nice guy both on and off the mats. On the mats he knows exactly what his strengths are and just how when to sit back and laugh at you being unable to break free.

Was shown a few new moves and tried them out a bit but to no avail.

Off the mats James is a really nice guy to chat to, very comforting and helpped me relax in a new environment. Couldnt reccomend high enough :)

I look forward to a rematch



Crumpy141 is recommended by Forester

Talks the talk alright. This little fella will goad you all the way to the mats and then whimper miserably as he's placed into hold after hold. To give him due he has a lot of raw strength just needs to learn how to apply it. Spent a little time teaching a few basics after letting him go. Really nice guy with great potential if he continues to persue this hobby. Wouldn't hesitate to meet again, especially as his skills develop.



Forester is recommended by Crumpy141

Met at Pippas in Manchester. I was a little nervous as it was my first time meeting at an event like this. Forester immediately made me feel welcome. On the mats he is a really strong guy and knows what he is doing. I was able to keep him off me a few times but his skill got the better of me and he managed to get me tapping in just a few minutes. After this he helpped me with some moves, showing me some subs etc and we went at it again. Sad to say he then tried some new moves that had me tapping again. Off the mats Forester is a genuinely sweet guy, very nice to talk to and I hope to remain good friends.
Can't wait for a rematch already!



Crumpy141 is recommended by fitguy2

Delighted to be giving Crumpy141 his first recommendation. It was really impressive that he had the courage to go along to a group event as his start to wrestling. He puts alot of energy into giving it his best and kept wrestling and fighting back despite being trapped in numerous different holds. Lovely guy to chat with and I hope that friendship continues and we have many more matches. Most definitely recommended



fitguy2 is recommended by Crumpy141

First match, First meet, First group event.
All I can really say is I had a blast, very friendly and was able to break through my nervous wall and get me fighting. Was alot stronger than I thought he would be and I am already looking forward to a rematch. :)