Member since 4.2 years
Age 59
Height 6'2" (188 cm)
Weight 235 lbs (107 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Bisexual
Looking for Male
Gear briefs, jockstrap, speedo, naked
Languages spoken English, Korean
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Last update 6/23/2021



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  1. USA - Michigan, Wixom
    Place of residence

I am willing to travel 50 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)

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Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling

Fetishes: Wrestle for top, Jackoff, Naked wrestling, Cock fighting, Face sitting, Rip and strip, Muscle worship

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Love give and take wrestling holds till one guy can't take it no more and submits.


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awill92 is recommended by DBoone1734

had a good hot erotic feeling out type of wrestling match with a couple of holds...will get with him again when we have more time.



TennisDude216 is recommended by DBoone1734

good guy - took him down in a naked match - put him in 3 different versions of a head scissors before he finally submitted, then had to pay the price for losing. ;-)



DBoone1734 is recommended by ghdh40

DBoone is incredibly strong and tough. When he put me in a hold, there was no getting out. When he squeezed, a submission was soon to follow. Good luck to anybody who tries to compete with his strength. You're going to need it.



ghdh40 is recommended by DBoone1734

Had a hot match with this guy! He got me in a reverse headscissors and then later on a full body press as we wrestled for quite a while as I got him in numerous holds/positions.....as the match went on, we both started showing in our speedos (nice bulges) as it started to get erotic. Can't wait to wrestle him again!



DBoone1734 is recommended by Boxingruff

So glad I was finally able to meet this sweet guy after talking for so long. Was definitely a lot more sturdy than what I thought when wrestling him. Slipping out of some holds only gave a small advantage to regain some ground but very exciting guy to meet up with. Don’t let his age fool you, he rolls around like his age doesn’t matter! Wonderful guy!



Boxingruff is recommended by DBoone1734

finally got to wrestle with this guy after a long time - loved putting him in a couple different holds and after tapping, made him pay the price. Will wrestle him again very soon!



DBoone1734 is recommended by babyface180

Well, not much I can say, because it wasn't much I could do. Lol. If you're around my size and you enjoy size difference and uneven matches, this is your guy😎. DBoone is a very nice guy and very good conversation afterwards. I had a good time and looking foward to another match.



babyface180 is recommended by DBoone1734

We had a feeling out type of match and it took some effort to get him pinned down. Great guy to get to know, wrestle and talk to. Looking forward to our next match!