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Age 52
Height 5'10" (178 cm)
Weight 200 lbs (91 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Gay
Looking for Male
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Languages spoken English
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  1. USA - Florida, Orlando

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Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques

Specific wrestling styles: Promission, Folkstyle, Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling

Miscellaneous interests: I'm a jobber

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LIVE IN ORLANDO. sometimes this puts me in Longwood which is just a suburb

5'11" 200lb discrete guy. Wrestled in HS and miss it. Like give and take, freestyle. Not great at sub but love the challenge. Great cardio and can hold my own against most guys. Let's meet and see what happens!


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DKnight is recommended by Loganscout

After being introduced to one another close to a year ago, and chatting over the year — we finally pulled it together and made it happen, and it was with the wait! Now he may play the unassuming opponent who has been out of the loop for a while, but he definitely knows his stuff. He’s technically proficient, strong as hell and an awesome guy. He’s handsome, personable, and is everything everyone talked him up to be. He a must on your list of people to wrestle



Loganscout is recommended by DKnight

I have been waiting for this stud to come to Florida and I was lucky that Orlando was on his list! We had chatted for quite some time and when he popped into town early, I jumped at the chance to meet him. Handsome, sexy, built.... yep that's him. And while I am always nervous the first time I meet someone, he had me relaxed and comfortable immediately. We had a blast wrestling and I have to say, watch out for those legs. WOW. When they get locked on you, you are going to tap

Off the mat, he is nice and easy to talk to. All around good guy. If he is in your area or hits you up, make sure you meet him. It will be worth your time.



DKnight is recommended by Scissorguru

Had a great match with DKnight! His wrestling background got me into some unique stretching cradle positions, which was quickly followed by some back and forth scissor holds and face pins. Fantastic host who keeps things safe and sane. Highly recommend if you come to the Orlando area. Look forward to our next match!



Scissorguru is recommended by DKnight

From head to toe, this man is exactly as you would expect. Once he had those legs wrapped around me, the battle to not tap began. He knows how to crank up the pain and bring it back down to make it the best of both worlds. And don't sleep on his upper body strength. We were both able to get a few taps and had a great sweaty bout. Safe, Sane, nice and fun. Hope to wrestle him again soon!



DKnight is recommended by SeattleFight

In what turned out to be one of my last matches before the lockdown, DKnight drove over to Tampa for a showdown that was at least a decade in the making. It didn’t disappoint, either. He’s big and muscular, a tough wrestler, and an all-around great guy. Just what makes me wanna take someone down 😈. We had a very hot tough match that I still replay in my mind … and I am really ready for a sizzling sequel. 10/10



SeattleFight is recommended by DKnight

After years of talking, this stud was in Tampa and I knew I had to make the drive to take him on. Best decision I made in Feb of 2020. :) While I had height and weight on him, he was not about to let that stand in the way of his victory. Pound for pound one of the strongest guys I have met. He loves working over his opponents and making sure they know he is in charge. I had a blast with him and enjoyed feeling his muscles in every hold he used on me.

Off the mat, he is a great guy and one I would meet again immediately. Can't wait for another match with him. Def hit him up if you are near him or if he travels in your area. You will be glad you did.



DKnight is recommended by Chiitaljock

After some hot banter this Man and I met. First off he is one of the nicest guys you will meet. he makes sure both have a GREAT match. HOWEVER, do not let that fool you for a moment. He is strong and handsome. We had a hot match with lots of grappling and long held holds. Watch out for his killer legs ! We wrestled and traded hot long holds for some time. He is a killer! I most definitely recommend. Cant wait to go at it again. GRRRR



Chiitaljock is recommended by DKnight

There are some guys that bring out my inner heel. This guy did it :) After some back and forth conversation, I was looking forward to meeting this confident man... and put him in his place. He did not disappoint. He has incredibly strong legs and was a handful! Wrestling was fantastic and getting him to tapa few times made it even better. Great guy during the match and after. Lots of fun. Def recommend if you can meet him.



DKnight is recommended by FL8892

I had a great time wrestling DK, strong and skilled; he made me work for every win.
He's also a cool guy off the mats and very humble about his excellent knowledge of wrestling.
I had a blast and a highly recommend him.



FL8892 is recommended by DKnight

This guy is the real deal. Muscled and knows how to wrestling.

Often I can get around power with some speed/skill but this guy has it all. His strength is tremendous and he has a good center of gravity.

Don't be afraid to wrestle him because of his size. He knows how to control his muscle and can wrestle at anyone's level. He is a FANTASTIC at trash talk as well :)

Great guy to talk to off the mat as well. You will not be disappointed.



DKnight is recommended by MuscleSportAZ

Had a great fun match with DKnight. After missing the chance to meet last year, we were able to meet up during my recent Tampa visit. He was gracious enough to drive to Tampa for our match.
DK is fit and strong with an athletic body attributed to the various sports he enjoys. Our submission match delivered various holds to each other including bear hugs, chokes, sleepers and scissor variations. DK has powerful legs that can dish out strong crushing leg scissors. We went back and forth for almost two hours during a fun and sweaty match.
DKnight is a terrific guy: reliable, friendly, easy to converse with and smart. Was easy to get to know him during our conversations. I look forward to another match the next time I get to the area. If you ever get to the Orlando and surrounding area, I recommend contacting this stellar guy.



MuscleSportAZ is recommended by DKnight

Finally got to meet the guy known as Tank. He def lives up to that name with muscled arms, pecs and legs. We had a blast trading holds, squeezing and working each other.

Tank is easy to talk to and a great guy. Make sure you wrestle this guy if he is in your area



DKnight is recommended by DenverWrestler

When you start to wrestle this guy, you can tell right away that he has a lot of experience and skill. His freestyle background translates well to submission grappling, and he uses his super-muscular legs very effectively. It was very easy to set up the match with him, he showed up right on time, and he's a very friendly personable guy. We had a real nice sweaty even match, and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. I definitely recommend him and hope to get further matches with him myself!



DenverWrestler is recommended by DKnight

Great wrestler who can go with the flow. He can work over his opponent as well as take the punishment. It was easy to set up our match and he was a gracious host. Easy to talk to before and after we wrestled. He is the real deal and fun.



DKnight is recommended by wrstlrfan

DKnight is a great guy, both on and off the mats. When off the mats, he's a kind, caring, and compassionate individual with stories and a passion for life. Easy to talk to, laid back, and enjoyable to spend time with! When on the mats, he has far more experience than he lets on! He was more than willing to show me the ropes (no pun intended) and let me try some of the more grueling holds on him, which both of us undoubtedly enjoyed. All in all, a great guy with some solid strength who knows how to roll! Highly recommended!



wrstlrfan is recommended by DKnight

This guy is top notch! On his visit to Orlando, I was able to hang out and enjoy his passion for theme parks and he even survived Halloween Horror Nights! :) He is easy to talk to and a lot of fun to hang with.

Wrestling wise, he is incredibly strong man and loves working over his opponent. While he was squeezing and stretching me, he always had that look of pure enjoyment which also made me happy. He is a powerful guy with huge legs awesome biceps and a ripped torso, I enjoyed showing him some holds and then feeling his power as he tried them on me

Def meet this guy as he is one one of the good ones... on and off he mat.



wantowrsl is recommended by DKnight

Met this big man on his trip to Orlando. He loves to show off his power and is great at working a guy over. Super nice during and after the match and well worth the time. Make sure you take him on if he is in your area!



DKnight is recommended by Galifter84

Great guy to meet and wrestle with, don’t let him fool you, he knows his wrestling. Put me to the test! Enjoyed chatting with him as well throughout the meet. Looking forward to rolling with him again!



Galifter84 is recommended by DKnight

What an awesome guy! Nice guy on and off the mat. Strong from head to toe and likes squeezing you into submission. Looking forward to meeting him again.



DKnight is recommended by rasslin bodybuilder

DKnight definitely still have that HD wrestling skills in him, though older but his grapevines are still deadly, meet him up to wrestle while you are in town



rasslin bodybuilder is recommended by DKnight

Muscle man who can take the pain. He enjoys being the jobber and it is fun to work over his muscle. He can dish it out as well so watch out if he gets those legs around you. Great guy, very nice to talk to as well.



DKnight is recommended by Swenrique

DKnight is in a class all his own!!! He happened to be in LA and and said I had been highly recommended to him. I believe it should have been the other way around! What a great guy, off the mats...intelligent, fun and down right hospitable! On the mats, built, strong, skilled and more than a worthy opponent! To say our extended match was anything other than a freaking blast would be a crime! I can’t use enough excellent, descriptive, words for this suffice it to say...if DKnight comes a knocking in your neck of the’ll definitely want to answer!😉



Swenrique is recommended by DKnight

Where to begin. From the minute he rose from the chair in the hotel lobby, to the second he bearhugged me in the room, i knew this guy was the real deal. Tall, muscled, handsome, nice, down to earth, normal and real. he is the complete package.

He asked about what kind of match i liked, what i did not like and stayed true to it all. He can show you his power one minute and dial it back the next, which results in a fantastic match.

Def look this man up when you are in LA. He is one of the good guys that we all hope to find on this site.

Oh, and his pictures just can't do him justice :) He is incredibly sexy



DKnight is recommended by Youngcub47

Managed to catch this guy on one of his chance visits to Detroit and glad I did. A very nice guy off the mats and a fun guy to trade holds with on em! He's got a nice solid build and knows how to use it while still keeping it fun!



Youngcub47 is recommended by DKnight

What a man. He may be a "youngcub" but this is one of the strongest guys i have ever wrestled. Add in the fact that he knows how to apply sub holds and you have an awesome combo. He is unassuming and nice off the mats but don't be fooled :) Once he locks his massive arms or legs around you, he is in control.

Check this guy out if in his area or if he is in yours



DKnight is recommended by CJ1966

Had a great match with DK. Hit gym first, wrestled for a few hours... he is very strong and skilled, and made me feel comfortable with my novice skill level. Taught me some great moves. Look forward to rolling again soon.

Cant reccomend DK highly enough. Don't miss a chance to meet him and wrestle him. Def one of my favorites



CJ1966 is recommended by DKnight

Met this stud a few years ago and he did not disappoint. I love taking on bigger muscle men and wow was this guy the man! We lifted at the hotel gym to start and watching him pump those weights was hot! He almost got a guy to join us.... yeah he is that impressive

wrestling was a blast as we battled and had a blast. Great guy who is fun on and off the mats



DKnight is recommended by Dawson33

Had a great match with this guy. Glad we finally got to meet up. Very nice guy off the mats as well. Surprised by his skill and strength. Look forward to the next time we can roll. If you get get a chance I would definitely recommend wrestling DKnight.



Dawson33 is recommended by DKnight

Meeting this guy reminds me why I am on this site... real guys do exist!

His pics match him and he is a hell of a man on the mats. Off the mats, a great guy, easy to talk to and genuine.

He is as strong as he looks and if he gets those legs or arms around you, be prepared to see stars.... or be in heaven :)

Overall, just a fantastic man who i hope i can wrestle again and again and again.



DKnight is recommended by Angelo

Great wrestler...grateful for the chance to have some time with him on his trip to NYC. Very strong with lots of stamina–and great legs. Sells a pro-workover like a champ. And a nice guy outside of the squared circle! Highly recommend!



Angelo is recommended by DKnight

What to say about this guy..... he is a total stud! He is a great heel and delivered some hot pro action in our match. He has the guns, chest and legs to make you suffer in any hold. Super nice guy as well so if you like pro style, this is your man



DKnight is recommended by Wrestletowrestle

Strong and very fast for his size. Don't be fooled if he says not trained in submission. He is an adept freestyler whose tight Scholastic holds can lead to taps as I found out. Lots of fun!



Wrestletowrestle is recommended by DKnight

it took a while for us to finally wrestle, but i am glad we did. Nice to roll on real mats and even though we wrestled his choice of sub, I managed to hold my own :) He is a great guy, easy to talk to and fun on the mats.



DKnight is recommended by Txwresl

J is a great guy,fun wrestler who knows his stuff and makes it a good match for both guys. Even though he is a good bit bigger, we rolled evenly and both had our share of dominating moments. Very nice guy off the mat. I am ready for round two. Recommend!



Txwresl is recommended by DKnight

What a great guy. As D said, i am bigger than he is but we had a great time getting each other in holds and working each other over. He knows how to go from jobber to heel in a second! LOL

Look him up if you are in his area or take him on if he hits you up.



DKnight is recommended by Redmond40

Great time and good workout with this grappler. He is very strong, fast and skilled. Was able to put him good holds, but he was able to do the same with a big weight disadvantage. Very impressive. Nice guy to boot. Visitng Orlando, give him a roll!



Redmond40 is recommended by DKnight

Fantastic match with the big man! We had a good match of back and forth, exchanging holds and seeing who could be in charge. Nice guy off the mats as well. If he is in your city or if you are close to him, give him a shout. You will have a great time



DKnight is recommended by rassling guy

very nice guy very reliable had an awesome time wrestling with him



rassling guy is recommended by DKnight

Great host, polite guy, good time wrestling.



DKnight is recommended by TobyCarter

We have met a couple of times and he's always reliable, respectful, and a great wrestling partner.



TobyCarter is recommended by DKnight

Great guy on the mats and off. always reliable and fun. Hit him up if in Orlando and you will have a blast!



DKnight is recommended by briansp

Dknight is a superb wrestler who very methodically wraps you up until you are immobilized in his grasp. He's a lot of fun on the mats and a really nice guy as well. I want a rematch as soon as possible!!!!



briansp is recommended by DKnight

This guy is fit, strong and has the cardio of a mid twenty year old. He will test you at every turn and continues to get better. Don't get trapped in those will be in serious trouble. Nice guy off the mat and easy to talk to. You will not be disappointed.



DKnight is recommended by HeadSqueezeKing

Had two matches with dknight before he moved to another city. They were incredible experiences. Don't be fooled by his size. This guy is a powerhouse and a trained wrestler. I got some holds in, but he took it to me in no uncertain terms. Great guy on and off the mats. I'd recommend him to anyone.



HeadSqueezeKing is recommended by DKnight

Had the pleasure of wretling this beast while in Tulsa. His loves his squeezes and knows how to use them. He is a great guy on and off the mats and i would recommend him. He is good at pro and can sell any move :)



DKnight is recommended by wrestleinsocks

Dknight and I have wrestled in Chicago and then in Orlando. Both matches were a lot of fun. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a good match with no attitude. He is a great guy to hang out with and as I said, loads of in on the mat! Highly recommended!



wrestleinsocks is recommended by DKnight

WIS is a great man and can wrestle at any level. We have met twice and while I have improved, he still knows how to stay one step ahead. I look forward to getting him on mats to see if i can surprise him! Nice guy off the mats which is just as important. Look him up if in Chicago or if he is in your city



DKnight is recommended by nwgamuscle

This fella is much stronger than he looks and a natural wrestler. I was pleasantly surprised. Nice guy as well. Don't worry about size difference, take this guy on if you get a chance.



nwgamuscle is recommended by DKnight

what a great guy! He is muscled, nice and knows what he is doing. He could have muscled me around but instead, we had a great match and lots of fun. Look him up if in Atlanta. One of the true good nice guys who know how to wrestle. Be warned, if he gets those guns around you, you will tap :)



DKnight is recommended by builtbod

no doubt I had one of my best times with this dude....his sneak attack from behind to start things off was a real surprize which lead to a quick scizzor and got the ball rolling fast....non stop battle...intense and sweaty....good workout....good match......made me submit...but then I pinned him my way....was all good...a ball of fun....cannot wait for the rematch...sure it will be even better next time now that I got his method a bit under my hat...but he probably has mine pegged too...which will make it even more intense next time around. Nice to know I have another buddy in Orlando besides Mickey Mouse. You have a standing Fast Pass to the front of the line when you come back to the NYC area again man!!!..and don't be shy to step up again and take me on for another wild ride on the matts.



builtbod is recommended by DKnight

Great guy! A normal, masculine man in NYC is a tough find so hit this man up if you want just that. While I did use a sneak attack, he was cool with it and we had a blast. He is very strong, solid and if he gets you locked up, you better watch out. Will def wrestle him again in a new york minute.



DKnight is recommended by Mark uk

Great wrestler, great guy and a great friend. If your in the Orlando area look this guy up. well worth the meet.



Mark uk is recommended by DKnight

What a man! Mark is an awesome guy and was fun to wrestle. Even though he could sub me in about 5 seconds, he made it a great time,let me sub him once LOL and I cant wait to meet him again. If he is in your city, reach out to him!



DKnight is recommended by Rough Edge

amazing freestyle wrestler ,possibly the most skilled I have rolled with , lots of fun ! Great guy !



Rough Edge is recommended by DKnight

what to say. GREAT guy, solid wrestler, can go rough or just for fun. A guy who is nice, genuine and you will have a ton of fun no matter what your experience level. and yes, he is as strong as he looks!