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Gear brief, boxer, singlets, shorts, gloves
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  1. Malaysia, Kuala Kangsar
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  2. Malaysia, Petaling Jaya
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Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Workout partner, Outdoors fights, Online chatting, Phone chatting, Looking for coach

Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu, Wrestling with body punches, Arm wrestling, Going to matches, Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling

Stand-up fighting: Only interested in stand-up fighting, UFC/MMA style matches, Fistfighting

Miscellaneous interests: Friendship, Photo swapping, Stakes

Fetishes: Don't want sex, Boxing gear, Gut punching

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*Stocky average into learning any stand up fights or wrestling. Eager to learn seriously some skills and moves.

  • Don't mind bruises or minor bleeding in a sparring match or fights.
*Hit me up in telegram for quick reply : @Meepai ( I don't approve regular accounts, only fights/wrestling content acc)


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devilishjosh is recommended by Darren

Finally I met him after the first plan didn't workout. First of all it was my honour to wrestle with him and another 2 hunks.

We planned for a boxing match initially but ended up into wrestling match which we had a good fun indeed...we had quite a good sweaty and competitive submission match ( me easily sweat) .

He didn't fail to impress me with his skills and techniques....had proper build and strength where he efficiently utilized his energy to dominate me during the match.

But as a senior he give some good advice and guidance which I will definitely try on my next match.

Don't be shy to approach him, he might sound intimidating in chats but an absolute charming guy in reality.

Hope on our next meet up we can have a good boxing/MMA session instead




Omega Man is recommended by Darren

Omega_man is the most anticipated opponent in the 4 way match, as soon I entered the room I was nervous as I'm looking at him.

Despite we agreed for a fun casual wrestling session, he seems to be well build and strong.

Didn't take long for him to prove it on mat, he was quite skillfull and knows how to dominate his opponent easily..don't be fooled by his smaller physique as he definitely pack bunch of energy to keep going on it.

He definitely a rugged guy who can get competitive which makes me more excited to roll on together with him.

We had quite a good sweaty session over and he even managed to teach me couple of holds while dominating me.

Overall it have been my honour to meet another senior wrestler from the site and absolutely enjoyed our session.

Off the mat he was super friendly and easy to mingle around with...It would be weird for a rookie like me to recommend a pro wrestler but if you think you're strong, you have to try him

Till next time I wanna have a match with him again



trave is recommended by Darren

Here is my another opponent in the 4 way match, I absolutely enjoyed rolling together with trave as he was the hot guy during the match.

At first he was shy and be more on bottom then he started to take over the match and dominate.

I would definitely recommend this sexy guy for a good wrestling the Mat, he was a good listener and well mannered.



Darren is recommended by Alan2005sg

Juy 2022
Darren & I had a 4-way match with two others.
He is strong, fast & he knows his moves, I had a hard time to put him into submission.
Off the mat, Darren is a very nice guy that you always want to make friends with.
Hope to meet him again



Alan2005sg is recommended by Darren

Well, here we are...I was invited over by Alan to join a 4 way match with another 2 person.

I agreed for the meet up right away knowing I will having some good fun with Alan as a senior wrestler who have met countless opponents.

He still a strong man with good stamina able to wrestle without losing was definitely a new experience for me and been my honour too be invited by him for a match.

He was clear about what he wants and can go according our limits. At the end we had a good time on mat and off the mat he was super friendly.

Will definitely meet him again next time if I got the opportunity again



Darren is recommended by YangGanas

I am lucky to be the very first guy to have a match with Darren. An educated young man who has quite a good built and very hygienic too. He is also very pleasant and polite, making anyone feel very easy and comfortable to chat and deal with.

Despite being a rookie, it was obvious he has studied submission wrestling quite fairly before meeting me. He is not totally a noob when it comes to skills. And he is a strong guy! So we had a good match indeed. We agreed for 3 rounds which we latter added to 5 but we stopped at 4.

All in all, you should try him. I would certainly recommend him to anyone who wants a taste of a strong guy ;-)

Second Match - 21.7.22

After more than a year, we finally had our rematch. And since our first match (and I was his first ever opponent), I have been observing how Darren has grown to be a great fighter. Hence I know I should be expecting a way different, much better Darren now.

BUT i stil had a major shock when the rematch took place. Really didnt expect Darren to be this strong and skilled now. He doesnt only look better physically, but his strength and skilled was really super impressive now. as much as i prepare myself for the match, i wasnt prepared for this new Darren. and I tapped during the first round. And I honestly cant remember when was the last time I tapped in any of my matches before. and He gave me a choke from the bottom. Rare!

And we went on for another two more rounds as earlier agreed and I know I better be on my foot if i do not want to be embarrassed. Thank god, I was able to. And he requested for the 4th round, I guess hoping it would help make the final results a draw. But I guess not his day yet ;-)

But yes, Darren is indeed a beast. A powerful beast. He is certainly one of the best in Malaysia now - both in strength and skills. You want a real challenging match? Reach out to him!



YangGanas is recommended by Darren

It was my first ever match with YangGanas. He definitely a humble yet quiet guy but pretty good in decision makings..I had multiple thought's either should I cancel the match or just proceed as I'm a total rookie which challenged by a strong looking opponent.

But he guide me through texts and introduced to several match videos for self learning on the moves.. Definitely I learn something as to make the match worth it.

Just as per his name YangGanas, he indeed have the strength of alpha male during the match...despite he keep claiming he is not fit anymore. He definitely got the skills to pin you down in a seconds.

He is definitely the right guy if you're looking for a real match to decide who's the Alpha. Anyway, he is a pleasant yet well educated guy to know and it's definitely worth my the time .

Second match update (21/7/22)

After long due planning, we decided to meet again, and of course it was my starter match after couple of months down due workload and health conditions. As usual we had very short and clear conversation which is my way of planning a meet up.

We started our match after some conversation and yeah he still got the strength despite his claims saying opposite stuff. It was a good start definitely and i felt great to be able to buy some time compared to our first match. Made him tap out on first round which makes me hyped slightly and overconfident.

Seems that's became a grave mistake from round 2 as he dominate me with his good wide body and that absolute strength. I tried to fight back but by time flies my hand starts to lose grip and have to tap out.
I always love his super strong choke hold which almost knocked out me but yeah i believe it would be a great experience.

And i will definitely say he is still the nicest guy who take good care off me after the match as an opponent and friend. I'm back home the next day with bruises and body ache as it's been a while but isn't it what makes a good competitive match? till next match



Darren is recommended by Wrestle Nell

We been chatting a while not but timing to hook up always never worked out but the passion for wrestling was equal to none.

By change a meet of a few like-minded worked out for him to join in, he had taken a small knock a few days before, so we were cautious. From being an audience in my session he could not resist to join us.
This guy is polite and fun, got a good set on manners on him and equal to that when you grapple with him.

While I do advocate, I am into play wrestling and give and take, it was still good to turn it up a few notches with this fella. He is strong, and fast and knows his moves and I had a hard time keeping up with him. We ended up glowing and a sweaty mess.

Definitely want to face him again



Wrestle Nell is recommended by Darren

I met him after planning for a good time...It was totally unexpected match as I was slightly injured the moment and planned to join as an audience instead of wrestle.

But good god, we all know the spirit of wrestler kicking inside which makes me having a quick outfit change and had a good time with him.

Caught off guard a bit as he keep mentioning he is past competitive stage but trust me..Nell quite well experienced and know how to make moves around you..He definitely quick yet strong enough to pin me down couple of time.

Although it was a quick match, it's definitely drain my energy for sure.Sure will repeat again for a proper match

Aside that, he is another respected fellow wrestler that I felt honoured to met and I will always recommend him for a good time on and off mat.



Darren is recommended by Puteraezone

a short planned meeting .. my fight and darren made me throb and excited .. because it was the first time I met a strong fighter and he had the advantage of a strong body .. I was only able to return the blow by losing a few times in a fight .. but darren a lot give me guidance and give me a chance to retaliate .. from this meeting I get experience from real MMA punches even though it is a sparring fight and I feel very enjoy .. darren is a very friendly and easy going person .. I don't feel awkward hanging out with he .. i recommend darren to all who want to wrestle aggressively .. maybe after this i will meet again



Puteraezone is recommended by Darren

As a promise if my comeback on July, I planned to meet this guy after a short conversation on WhatsApp.

for sure what's planned never happened as I get nervous since it's been a while meeting a guy for fight.. we agreed for some good MMA sparring. Although we had some body stats difference, it doesn't stops us to enjoy what we like

We started quite rough with stand up fights, throwing some good punches on eachother. He pretty good in taking punches and hits although claims himself as a jobber guy.

Halfway we decided to drop our mouthguard gear and fight hard which makes us more excited for the rest of the fight. Ended up with bruises and small cuts which I would say a sign of good fight.

Off the mat, he is a humble, low profile guy with lots of patience..easy to approach and overall nice guy..I would definitely recommend him for those looking for good fight or some pro wrestling action..



Darren is recommended by gomolGusti

finally we meet..very excited to fight with him because we have a same interest which is catfight. we had a good match and a lot of sweaty.

had some trashtalk before fight while watching muaythai fight. we staredown each other before fight. a lot of pulling hair and slapping..

he is a soft spoken guy too and make u comfortable. he is a strong guy! he had a good skill in boxing.. recommend him to anyone into boxing/gutpunch.

definitely will rematch with him.. enjoy fight with him.. such a good fighter!



gomolGusti is recommended by Darren

Well, we meet after a good recommendation from another member. Realised we both have a thing for catfight which much of us here atleast in Asia don't have interest.

He look manly and rough especially in those manbun hair style..At the first glance, I know I will have some good fun with him.

Then had some trashtalk in between before the fight where things get hyped up while watching some muay Thai matches..We decided to have some glove action then a catfight until both of us get tired.

Starts with some good staredown like we hated eachother and goes with a whole sweaty session with both punching and kicking to the ribs during the box while lots of slaps and hair pulling during the fight...

We had a rough fight for almost couple of hours until I decided to make him tap with some dirty tricks. it was hot to see both of us laying down while breathing hard after the fight...we took some rest and head out in the middle of night for hangout around beach and supper.

Off the mat, he is a soft spoken guy and for sure friendly enough to make you comfortable..Had to say sorry for torturing him a bit through the match. Definitely will have a rematch or who knows if we could make a tagteam fight on next time..



Darren is recommended by The Sweaty Wrestler

Finally, after some minor adjustments to the date/time, I was able to meet & wrestle with Darren, a new rising star in MF platform. First impression: He is a gentle, friendly & easygoing person, with tall & strong body.

When the match started, Darren transformed into an aggressive beast, whom was difficult to be tamed :)
He is an experienced wrestler whom had wrestled many guys vs I am a rookie newbie in MF platform. Received a few sudden shots to my midsection during the wrestling, which caught me off-guard. Anyway, I managed to make him tap as well (errr....only once, haha).

In summary, it was a hot & sweaty competitive match, instead of one-sided heel-jobber type of match. Towards the end, both of us fought to the exhausted level and lying on the floor gasping for air.

After the match, we chit-chat for almost an hour. Definitely recommend Darren for anyone wish to have a great competitive wrestling session in KL area.



The Sweaty Wrestler is recommended by Darren

Well, here we go...met this guy after few exchange of words and plans.. It was indeed sweaty for sure...we had a good fun ( I do for real torturing him ).

I was nervous to meet this guy at first moment as he had better body shape than me..big pecs, wide shoulder and thick bicep, who wouldn't want that?

He introduce himself with just a singlet and shorts with the gym glove still intact. My brain started to startegise some plan which didn't work out on him.

We had real sweaty match where we struggle to hold eachother while rolling on the floor.. not to missed, we exchange few body shots too but I conquer more of his body and guts😈.

We had to put an end on my request as I was too exhausted due to the day schedule.

Finally he is a big build guy who ready for lengthy match and could go for a continuous wrestling. Off the match, he is friendly.
Definitely recommended for those out there.



Darren is recommended by ziqzaq

Saw his previous spar match and he seems quite rough, so I invited him for an oil match.

after a quick plan, we met at nearby hotel to test our strength and skills. He gave a sweet and soft guy impression at first glance but he proved to be a strong beast during the match.

We had quite rough session where he use his big stocky build body to dominate. It was an even match which I don't expect from a novice like him.
Recommending him for those looking for rough and intense match/fight.



ziqzaq is recommended by Darren

An unexpected invitation from him and definitely I accept the offer for a oil wrestling match..

Met him...good looking, lean build , without wasting time we get into wrestling where it was quite hot and sweaty session...the only sound we could hear is both of us grasping for air and struggling to dominate eachother which body covered in oil..

Had a nice rough session overall.. definitely recommended for those who wanted to meet quite skillfull and rough guy on mat.. Off the mat, he is another sweet guy just like next door boys. 10 out of 10



Darren is recommended by Joeronjo

Finally the day came!

never underestimate him. Darren is quite tall and stocky! Beware of his locks. Damnnnn. He might have got it from his previous matches and applied it on me. Pity me as newbie but as usual have to apply some dirty moves on him to weaken him. haha.

Next day we decided to spice it up and invited Nasz. I guess it was a wrong move for me as i never had a 3 way match! Curiousity filled up and i had to pay the price. Another damnnnnn but worth the experience! Both of are strong and it signaled me to train more and beat both of them for future match!

Let's rumble again!



Joeronjo is recommended by Darren

Well, there is plenty of things I can speak of him.

Been eyeing him for a while but distance set us apart before and this time he was around so I pretty sure I shouldn't miss the chance to meet him.. cancelled few plans but it's was absolutely worth it.

Trust me, he might keep saying "I'm newbie" but he had a good stamina to go on long round of wrestling. He is one of the perfect example for don't judge the book by it's cover.

First round he conquer me easily where I struggled to keep up for a while as he humps me with his big body. But the second round I had to pull the strings the other way to ensure it's a fair match.

Thank goodness my previous match experience helped me a bit in taking down him. Of course he is good in dirty tricks and its work well on opponent.

Off the match, he is a humble guy with lot's of experience and advice where we share thoughts on few matters. I appreciate the conversation.

The 2nd rumble planned on next day was intense indeed. Sweaty and yet erotic. Worth the stay.

Overall he is easygoing and fun to get know. They know I'm picky about my opponents so he absolutely worth to wrestle with.

There will be a rematch again and for sure I will train hard to do better and more rounds on future. Cheers



Darren is recommended by gut kkk

Great body and nice in person. Had a good gp session with him .



gut kkk is recommended by Darren

an easygoing going, planned at last minute for a Gutpunch session and we make it happen.

Had a enjoyable gutpunch session with him. First time meeting taller lad than me.hahaha



Darren is recommended by michaelchong

Had a gutpunching session with this guy. We have a similar stats but he's way younger than me.

i really enjoy testing his abs to see his If only he already fully recovered from his injuries, im pretty sure we already wrestled as well ;)..

Hope he will train his abs and build muscles so that i can punch harder next time ;)



michaelchong is recommended by Darren

Michael is a great guy obviously, friendly and very comfortable to be around him but a serious fighter when it cames to Gutpunch. We met after a short planning.

I made a mistake by underestimating his punches where I can't really take it plus my soft bellies. He seems really enjoying it. Tried to add some knees attack but my bellies give up after few shots.

So nice of him to motivate a novice like me for doing it, I definitely have to train my abs to take his punches on our next meet up, anyone near him, you should try his punches. It's worth it.



Darren is recommended by Small Venum

Darren is one of my favorite opponent. He is an energetic fighter. His punch is so powerful. We had a great and intense fight for our first fight meeting. I would like to recommend this fighter to anyone who wants to fight MMA and wrestling.



Small Venum is recommended by Darren

Well, it was a honour for me to meet him. Had my eyes on his profile since my first day in this site but don't dared to text him as I worried he might reject me due to lack of experience.

But he changed my mindset, met after some chats, turn out we both are quite introvert and shy but he obviously more skillfull.

Quite a nice guy as he teach me some attack and defence techniques before our match. Had a quite rough and sweaty session which I was expecting to be. Despite our stats difference, we had a good match.

Trust me, he might be small but his punches strong enough to take down a big guy.

I'm pretty sure he hold himself during our match since it's my first time, expecting a bit harder on our next meet up. Sure I have to build my stamina as a well. If you had the chance. Try him



Darren is recommended by zreay

Darren is a kind and easy going guy. He made u feel welcomed and comfortable around him. Physically, he has a solid body which i believe in few months, his muscle will be more defined than now. Yes, he is strong.

To be honest, during out last meeting, Darren keep holding himself back way too much to match my beginner level. However, I believe if he decide to go rampage on that day, i wont stand a chance at all and become a jobber. Yes, im not that strong tbh.

Will be meeting him again for sure. I do have to work hard to match his physical level so that he wont have to hold back again.

Do meet him if u have the chance.



zreay is recommended by Darren

Just got the chance to write up about this fella, Not really sure where to start but yeah, we met after planning for quite a while.

He keep saying he is weak and being humble about his body shape but I never buy it..I was assured he is a strong yet tough and yeah, I'm right. Don't be fooled by his body shape. He definitely pack a good amount of strength for rough matches.

Had few rounds which we enjoyed much despite covered with sweats. And for sure it's competitive. Impressive guy as he keep trying different locks and move to conquer me.

Had to avoid some move due to my leg and body injuries, but sure I will try it on our next match if he dared to meet again.😊😊

He might sound like a shy guy but he is wild and rough on mat. Worth to try him.



wrestlenazs is recommended by Darren

Where should I begin,

Guess I owe him a good time, very polite and easygoing guy. We planned our match sort of at last minute but still managed to make it happen. He indeed a strong guy who will give you some competition but still watch his opponent to be fair..
we had a great time together taking some pictures in his wrestling gear, both of us look sexy in it but that's what makes the match better. If you ever need a guy who play safe and sane but still strong, find him


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