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Not experienced but pretty fit. Experimental mode now seeing what i like most. Having fun as i do! Like longer holds more than quick submits.



  1. Ireland, County Dublin
    (I'm here from 3/18/2019)
  2. USA - New York, New York City
    (I'm here between 6/21/2019 and 6/25/2019)
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I am willing to travel 200 kilometers


Age: 44-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (182 cm), 185 lbs (84 kg)

Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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beatdowntime madzer slpt




madzer is recommended by Darren786

I really enjoyed this wrestle. Turned into a heel jobber match due to me being much stronger (my take) or madser being hungover (his take). Madser is a really friendly guy and can take a fair amount of punishment. Definitely recommend.



Darren786 is recommended by slpt

Had the pleasure to be this guy’s first opponent earlier this week! Darren786 is a fellow Dubliner and wrestling rookie that shows a lot of potential already. His hard work at the gym is definitely coming through, such a deceivingly strong guy! Our main issue in Dublin is the lack of a place to wrestle, so we did what we could with a short time slot and limited space. I’ve shown him a few of my favourite moves, and in just a few mins he had me in a tight fig4 and a crucifix I could hardly break out of. Nice sweaty wrestle with a very friendly guy. Definitely recommend him for a match, and get him while he’s just beginning, as he’ll be an absolute beast once he learns some more technique!



slpt is recommended by Darren786

Was such a great first wrestle! Ticked all the boxes. Slpt is a really friendly guy and put me at ease straight away. So easy to talk to. And boy has the gym work paid off. He’s muscled all over. When the wrestling started, it was intense and safe at the same time. Nice boost for me that I was not a pushover by any means. I’ll take that. He also showed me a few holds and knows exactly how to apply the pressure. I really look forward to trying these out again. Only thing is he doesn’t know how to tap! Really have to nail him to get one. If you’re in Dublin you have to try and meet him.