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In shape, fit , masculine guy always looking for a fun submission style or give and take match with a competitive edge. Cannot host here but do some traveling.



  1. USA - West Virginia, Parkersburg (I'm here from 11/25/2004)
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Age: 57-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 163 lbs (74 kg)

Gear: fighting shorts, singlet, speedo

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DaveWV is recommended by atlantawrestles

When I wrestled Dave for the first time, I thought I was wrestling my twin! We seemed to be both evenly matched, and for every pin I earned, he had an escape, and vice versa. I had the time of my life wrestling him and will welcome another chance whenever our paths may cross...a totally great experience!



DaveWV is recommended by turnbuckl

We have been talking on here for years and we finally met. I was apprehensive because we scheduled an early morning match and my body takes a while to warm up, but as soon as he walked into my arena, I knew it would be great. We had a hot, rough, tough, fun, sweat soaked give and take alpha dad battle that could have gone on a few more hours. it was that good. He is strong so if he mounts you while you are on your back, you ain't going anywhere. 5 Star match. And a true southern gent- that is outside of the ring! Ya'll come back now- ya hear!!!!!



turnbuckl is recommended by DaveWV

I've talked with this guy for a long time and finally got the chance to lock up with him first hand. I was on a quick trip to NYC with limited time, but he was willing to meet me early in the morning. I got the great match that I was expecting too. Almost two hours straight hours of sweaty, intense, back and forth action! Don't pass up your chance to meet this alpha dad if you get a chance while in the Big Apple.



yayayo is recommended by DaveWV

Glad I was able to meet this guy on my visit to New Orleans. Strong and fit and knows how to use his skills in a match. Looks good in his square cuts too. Highly recommend this great guy.



DaveWV is recommended by DCabspunch

Had a great time wrestling DaveWV. He's a great wrestler and very skilled and strong. All around nice guy and I look forward to meeting up with him again



DaveWV is recommended by Matjock

I finally met DaveWV and had a blast wrestling him. Don't let this guy convince you that he's just OK. This dude is extremely strong and definitely knows what he's doing. He has a ton of stamina as well. If you want a hot, sweaty time, definitely get your hands on him. I'm glad I did and can't wait until we lock up again.



Matjock is recommended by DaveWV

I was staying out in the suburbs and really appreciated Matjock making the trip out to meet me. Very nice and pleasant guy who I think took it a little slower paced for me. I know he could crank it up if he wanted. I think I was able to make him work for everything he got and even surprised him with a few tight holds of my own. A great sweaty time for both of us and would gladly recommend him if you visit Chicago.



DaveWV is recommended by ro7999

DaveWV and I chatted a while before we met. He is a great conversationalist and a great his other recommendations attest to. He is skilled and strong. He is fast and knows his moves. I am not ashamed to acknowledge that he got the best of me. I highly recommend him and look forward to another match and some more fun with him.



ro7999 is recommended by DaveWV

I was able to meet this guy a few years ago when he was still in NYC. After a good period of time to get to know each other and some good conversation, we finally got down to business. The space was limited but had a good exchange of back and forth. I hope we get a chance to set up a rematch now that he is in Boston.



DaveWV is recommended by SilverFoxFight

I've met Dave on two occasions. He is a strong, fun guy and extremely masculine! We had a GREAT time wrestling...he's a tough competitor and extremely hard to beat...don't miss an opportunity to meet up with him!



DaveWV is recommended by gapbear

DaveWV is really a great guy to meet and have a nice long wrestle session with. I was lucky enough to meet with him again. As always he is a very smart and strong wrestler. He knows what he is doing and has a great time doing it. He has incredible cardio so once he starts he never stops. He will not gas out. Really great guy and as always was a pure joy to wrestle with. My recommendation for him is very high and I look forward to meeting with him again.



gapbear is recommended by DaveWV

I was lucky enough to get another match with this guy on a recent trip to South Carolina, our fourth match over several years. Each match gets better and more competitive. He is "strong like ox" and very physically fit. But mostly, he's a great guy and glad to consider him a good friend and buddy. Can't wait to lock up with him again!



DaveWV is recommended by calwrestler

Dave was in town for a meeting and made time to come over for a couple of hours of fantastic wrestling.....He is VERY strong, knows the holds, got me trapped any number of times! He has a way of pinning, painfully, that immobilized me !
I was able to make him submit twice, I think.... We ended the time together sweaty, tired and totally satisfied and happy ! I hope he comes back to S.D.
Also a great guy, smart, friendly, considerate. Oh, he loves wrestling and making me submit, but he doesn't mind submitting either occasionally.! Take him on if you get the opportunity !



calwrestler is recommended by DaveWV

Can't hardly say enough about Calwrestler! Was on a tight schedule while visiting San Diego, but he conveniently made everything happen to make it possible for a match. You need to ignore this guy's age because he's as skilled and STRONG as many of the younger guys I have wrestled. It was fun trading submissions back and forth. He made me work to get out of some of his holds. I hope we can meet again if I get back to San Diego.



DaveWV is recommended by jtwrestle

had a blast wrestling Dave WV



DaveWV is recommended by carolina wrestler

DaveWV is a great wrestler and individual. I have enjoyed our intense matches. Alot of sweat , holds, and mutual respect in our wrestling matches. I recommend Dave if you ever get an opportunity. You will not be disappointed!



DaveWV is recommended by pghwrestle430

Great guy, good wrestling, lots of fun. Highly recommended!



DaveWV is recommended by pecs44

We have worn each other out on several occasions, and I look forward to the next. DaveWV is a skilled and aggressive wrestler and a super nice guy to boot. Enjoy our conversations as well as our wrestling.



DaveWV is recommended by Norcalfur

Dave is competitive, skilled and strong, with lots of stamina. Wrestle him if you have the chance! You'll enjoy the workout!



DaveWV is recommended by Rusnak

He is a tough competitor. Strong, fast and skilled. He is tough to beat. Have had many matches with him and he is well worth it. He is a very cool guy off the mats as well.