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Age 20
Height 6'5" (196 cm)
Weight 231 lbs (105 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Gay
Looking for Male
Gear Singlets (if you have any), Shorts, Underwear, Nude
Languages spoken English
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  1. Ireland, Ratoath
    Place of residence
  2. France, Lille
    (I'm here between 9/05/2022 and 2/28/2023)
    6 Month Exchange. Will frequently visit Paris and some other nearby cities in Belgium, The Netherlands and Northwest Germany

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Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Online chatting, Like cyber wrestling

Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu

Fetishes: Gut punching, Muscle worship

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Love wrestling. Have a few matches under my belt now that have been loads of fun. Would love guys to teach me more technical aspects if they could when we fight. More into wrestling muscular guys and I’m down for anything really after that. Big fan of sleepers, triangles and armbars. Always willing to learn or pick up skills :) HMU even if just to chat

Favorites mean I’m trying to wrestle you 💪🏽

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Delta1717 is recommended by gioroma80

Delta1717 is probably the biggest and strongest opponent I´ve met here on MF. I´ve enjoyed our wrestling because Delta1717 is really awesome. During our competition he showed his very effective defence and also good attacks. It was a very challenging match and safe at the same time. I can really reccommend him :)



gioroma80 is recommended by Delta1717

Was fortunate to have a great match in a nice matroom with gioroma80 whilst in Prague. He’s a stocky, strong fella with quite a bit of BJJ technique. Initially had a some issues shaking him off as the fatigue of wrestling 10 guys in 10 days kicked in. I managed to tame him in the end though.

He’s a very chill guy to talk to and was a very accommodating host during my visit to his arena. An underrated must-see in Prague. Thanks for the match.



Delta1717 is recommended by Atreju

Great guy, it is just as enjoyable to talk with him as it is being inescapably trapped under his mountains of muscles. And always with a spectacular view.

But that he ridiculously strong was no surprise. I just about managed to keep a straight face when talking smack to him, after he told me that he unexpectedly put on 10kgs of extra muscle and is now at 112kg some time ago in our chat. Indeed, this kid is buff.

If u ever have the chance to meet Delta do so. I can't wait for a second round.



Atreju is recommended by Delta1717

I’ve been talking to Atreju essentially since I joined this site. Had the pleasure today of meeting him today in a gap in my itinerary. We had quite a sweaty rough tussle for about an hour or so. He’s quite the resilient, quick and surprisingly strong wrestler even if he may not look it. Caught me off guard once or twice but I managed to handle him ;) Off the mats he's a swell guy with whom I’m sure I’ll revisit for a second round, next time I find myself in Berlin. If you’re free to fight him, I recommend you do so.



Delta1717 is recommended by Berlin

what a massive and extremly strong guy. Also fast and with some techniques. His muscels and size are really impressive. If he was sitting on me there was no chance to throw him of.
Was really happy we could meet and roll on the mat.
Very friendly besides the mat too.



Berlin is recommended by Delta1717

Was unsure if I would get time to wrestle this guy but after a sudden break in my schedule I was delighted to get a shirt match in midday. Berlin is quite the classic fighter and a very strong one at that. Though we only rolled briefly I had a great time putting this solid guy through his paces. I highly recommend this great fighter should you get the chance to meet him.



Delta1717 is recommended by wrestlerle

Really impressive tall and muscular guy. So much strength, wow.
Besides the mats he is gentle and talkative.
Had a lot of fun :-)



wrestlerle is recommended by Delta1717

Had the great pleasure of meeting this charming fella on my travels through Europe. We had an exciting and sweaty match for some hours the other night. His pictures don’t do him justice and he’s incredibly strong with a fantastic chest and arms. Also monstrously cute ;)

Off the mats we had a lovely chat and I got some tips on places to visit for the remainder of my stay. Don’t pass up on this hot, amenable and reliable guy if you get the chance. Can’t wait to meet him again



Delta1717 is recommended by JUDOMARS

This guy is actually the most strong and muscular man I ever met ! was a great honor to roll with this sexy Hercules. I got no chance to submit him, sure, but took real pleasure to grapple, muscle to muscle with Dan. My hottest recommandation, but only for REAL strong and gifted grapplers!! I hope meet him again.



JUDOMARS is recommended by Delta1717

Had a great match with JudoMars the other day. He fended me off rather well for a lot of the match, despite my advantages. Was lucky enough to have a long match with this seasoned pro. Can’t wait for the next one



Delta1717 is recommended by polyethylene33

Hope I won’t leave lasting effects like Covid ;)
Had a blast with this stud, his pics don’t really show how impressive he is once you’re facing him. You’d better have some skills to take him on unless you enjoy being stormed out by pure power. Very fun match, I’m really looking forward to taking him down étain soon



polyethylene33 is recommended by Delta1717

Haven’t felt so beat up since I had Covid! Brute force can only take you so far, experience brings you the rest of the way (and he has plenty of that). We rolled for 2 hours or so and he displayed quite the proficiency with grappling. A safe, accommodating and damn skilled wrestler with whom another bout i’ll be chasing soon. I really enjoyed our match and can’t wait for the next one when I return to Paris



Delta1717 is recommended by Jorgefighter

Perhaps the most impressive body I hace seen un years, he is as powerful as he looks. Besides he learns quickly, each time Edubcn or I explained him a hold, he gradped it in seconds.
I am curious to see what happens if I get him fresher than we met. If he wants a 2nd round, here I am.



Jorgefighter is recommended by Delta1717

Met up with Jorgefighter (along with edubcn) on my trip to Barcelona. Was lucky enough to wrestle them both consecutively. It was also my first real matroom experience which was quite exciting.

After rolling with edu for hours I knew I didn’t have enough left in the tank to handle Jorge for long. He’s a considerably stronger fella than I originally thought. With massive biceps I might add. Great guy.

Him and Edu also showed me some technique I can use against more skilled fighters in the future, which I’ll certainly be using.

Every recommendation for this great guy. I’ll be back for round 2 soon.💪🏾



Delta1717 is recommended by Edubcn

Big, strong and good looking guy. The first hour I made my best to stand this mountain of muscle, and im proud I managed to fustrate all his attacks... however I didnt get any tap neither. All my attemps were useless, no way to move those arms or legs...

After breaking some sweat, we showed him some moves and tips, that he applied perfectly on the next rounds.

Give this guy some time, experience and a bit more of flexibility and will kick almost every ass around.

Thanks for the visit, and I hope to repeat you soon :-)



Edubcn is recommended by Delta1717

Had the pleasure of meeting Edubcn on my recent trip to Spain (along with Jorgefighter). Before we even met he went far out of his way to suggest attractions and events, as well useful guides to help me around the city on my first solo trip. Can’t thank him enough for his help in this regard as I largely underorganised the trip 😅

On the mats edu is clearly quite the skilled fighter and every compliment to his coach who is doing a great job clearly. Excellent stamina as we rolled continuously for at least an hour I’d say. He defended everything I could think of doing though couldn’t quite counter my size advantage when attacking. If we were more equals in weight and height I’d have had a long day.

Thanks again for the match and all the help on my trip. Be sure not to miss a match with this guy. He’s great 👍🏾



brosbro2 is recommended by Delta1717

Had the great pleasure of meeting brosbro2 straight out of the airport on my trip to Barcelona.

He’s a mighty little guy with some solid muscle. His pictures certainly don’t do him enough justice. Was amazed when I saw him at the airport

In terms of our wrestling match he’s exceptionally strong but I managed to get a handle on him. Biceps of pure steel and quite the upper body in general. We had quite the roll around.

Post match he showed me around his hometown and had a great conversation showing me things I could do in the city. Greatly appreciated.

In all a solid bloke and a great guy that I hope to meet up with again before I leave. My highest recommendation 👍🏾✌🏾



Italian Beast is recommended by Delta1717

He’s quite the beast, just as his name implies. I’m usually praised for my raw strength and it’s great to have found someone to call my equal in terms of power, however I did show him we weren’t even on the mats. Beast is a solid wrestler who’s strength is clear though his chiseled physique. Managed to get a number of taps out of him though they weren’t easy. We also dabbled in some side activities mid match 😉 Couldn’t keep my eyes off him, particularly his chest. He’s pretty hot.

Off the mats he’s an amenable and welcoming guy who even taught me some basic Italian to make it through my stay.

Great guy, I highly recommend



Delta1717 is recommended by Judomonkey

Whatever you think you see in those pictures, you are wrong… he is bigger. Huge biceps, and thighs like pillars of marble. This is one big strong boy.

So taking that as my start point, it’s all about disrespecting the legs, don’t let him use those long levers and don’t let him take a firm hold. Get in close and choke him… and that worked well for me.

The issue was teaching him stuff… simple arm drag to naked choke. He learns and then promptly catches and taps me with it… only once but that was enough. Made me smile (a lot) and made me want to pull his arms off. That however is simply not possible.

As this chap learns stuff he will become an absolute monster and that would be an awesome thing to watch. Smart head on what is going to become a dangerous beast.

Thank you for a fun meet.



Judomonkey is recommended by Delta1717

Was very pleased to meet Judomonkey for a long, sweaty session after our schedules aligned suddenly. We rolled for a few hours. Ended up quite sweaty (both of us) and bruised (maybe just him😉)

I can attest to his skill as a grappler and appreciate the lessons he taught me in my first “bjj” class. He is technically solid and very well trained. Despite my physical advantages he got me to tap more than I would have liked.

Outside our match JM is a conversational gent whom I wouldn’t hesitate to wrestle again. If you fight here without experience and rely on force have a bout with JM. He’ll show you what some training can do 💪🏾👍🏾

Thanks for the great match. Let’s do it again soon



Delta1717 is recommended by Dublinw82

Met Delta yesterday for what was supposed to be a competitive match. It wasn’t ... he is formidable, very strong and already has skills you wouldn’t expect. I managed to hurt my shoulder at the start...but even if I was 100% he still would have wiped the floor with me. We exchanged a few holds too so I managed to get some taps that way with my scissors.

Really cool guy to chat too and clearly intelligent. Big recommendation from me and looking forward to next time. Hopefully won’t be as damaging to my ego :)



Dublinw82 is recommended by Delta1717

Meet Dublinw82 the other day after talking (trash) for quite some time. He hosted our match at his place and I’ve only good things to say. A sharp, enthusiastic and agile wrestler with a pretty lethal pair of legs. A shoulder injury cut our match and little shorter than I would have liked but still managed to work up a good sweat and roll around for a pretty long time.

I really enjoyed our meet and look forward to the next one, hopefully without any early injuries💪🏽👍🏾 Fight this guy if you ever get the chance.



Delta1717 is recommended by mlklutador

Delta1717 is an absolute beast. Certainly one of the most stronger fighters from this website with huge legs and arms + stamina. He loves attacking and have a fighter soul, if he learns more about some bjj basis, it will be impossible to beat him. I really enjoyed our match….can’t wait for another one. Highly recommended.



mlklutador is recommended by Delta1717

Had my second match today with mlklutador. Definitely the type of tough, competitive and gritty fight I came to this site for! I could only throw him around with brute strength for so long, couldn’t get past his guard at all though, kept weaving around me and made good use of our sizing difference and experience. A very skilled, very stocky fella needless to say, as well as a particularly accommodating host and welcoming conversationalist.

Highly enjoyed our match and I’ll be back for a more decisive outcome very soon ;)



Delta1717 is recommended by slpt

Some opponents don't quite feel like another human being that you're trying to overpower, but more like a wall of steel that you keep throwing yourself at, in the hopes to move it even an inch. And that is definitely the case for this lad! His stats alone are very impressive, so I was expecting to have a good challenge. When people say they're beginners, it also usually means I'll be the top dog (if not the heel) at least during the first match. All of that went right out the window meeting Delta1717.

The photos on his profile make no justice whatsoever to his current build. You might fall under the impression that he's all slender muscle, and as soon as he enters the room you'll understand that's not the case. He is as tall as basketball player, but as thick with solid muscle as a rugby player. I wasn't able to get him in a single hold besides a bodyscissors (to which he didn't tap); meanwhile, his insanely strong arms and legs extracted so many subs out of me that it was hard to keep count. His holds were tight but always safe, great banter during the match, super polite and neat, overall a top tier opponent that will give you the workout of a lifetime on the mats. Very very highly recommended! Get him now quick, before he puts on any more muscle! Hope to roll again soon man, thanks again for the great match 💪🏻



slpt is recommended by Delta1717

Finally met up with Slpt after quite lengthy chat online during lockdown when I joined MF. Was a perfect host for the day and gave me a good taste of what I can expect here. Great to have such a good fighter nearby.

His recommendations speak for themselves and I’d add to their volume only good things to say. Really enjoyed our match and hope to have another one soon. 👍🏾💪🏾