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New to all of this but interested in learning and knowing more. I've watched wrestling on youtube and social media for a few years and now I'm getting in the ring myself.

I've wrestled a few times. I've done a submission/freestyle and I 've done erotic a few times. I like fun competitive matches where one guy dominates the other. Open on rules as long as we establish what's happening when we start.



  1. USA - Texas, Dallas
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Age: 35-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 200 lbs (91 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: shorts, jocks,

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dallaswrestler162 SamuraiJack


Dillan26 is recommended by dallaswrestler162

Had a great match with Dillan26. He is very strong and I was challenged the entire time. A gracious host, and an incredible mind as well.



dallaswrestler162 is recommended by Dillan26

Dallaswrestler is a strong dude. A bit smaller than me but he somehow still managed to lift and slam me a few times. Of course, I had to show him what's up by picking him up and doing the same!

He wanted to be very clear about preferences, skill level, and any limitations before we started, which I appreciated. After that it was game on and he had solid endurance! He taught me a new move and was a great opponent. Would definitely wrestle him again.



Dillan26 is recommended by SamuraiJack

To say that Dillan is a gentleman and a scholar would be to undersell the breadth and depth of who he is. I've read reviews where people have said things akin to 'he is one of the best folks i've met ...' and I now get to add my voice to the chorus. Intelligent, intense, intriguing ... what else could one ask for? Ah ... yes ... well the fact that I walked away feeling like I had made a friend!



SamuraiJack is recommended by Dillan26

Being new to the wrestling scene I was a bit nervous for my first "official encounter with someone from MF. Especially because he's had more experience than me. He taught me new things about wrestling and in the process didn't make the learning curve I was on seem like a big deal. He's got a well maintained muscular body-very strong. He's got skill and tenacity.

What makes it better is that beyond wrestling and wrestling talk he's a good person to have a conversation with. Look forward to more tumbling around and convo after!