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Amateur in the world of wrestling. Looking for submission, jobber/heel matches in Barcelona.



  1. Spain, Barcelona
    (I'm here between 1/01/2018 and 1/01/2050)
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Age: 31-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 143 lbs (65 kg)

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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BOXINGBOY26 is not recommended by Doran

  • Unreliable / no show



Doran is recommended by YoungFighter2993

it was a great match with Doran. He has great moves, is a skilled wrestler with strong legs. It was an intense match, that left of us exhausted. Also very friendly out of the mat.



SleeperLover is recommended by Doran

SleeperLover is a guy with a cocky attitude and some hidden moves. It took everything I got to make him submit and still I was only able to do it twice in an hour of grappling.

It's hard to believe such a nice guy can switch in the blink of an eye from sweet darling to tenacious fighter but you better be careful, he means trouble.



Triathlete is recommended by Doran

A jobber with sharp teeth.

He will contest every match to the end and will put you in serious trouble if you're not careful enough. Making him tap is no easy feat, which will leave you wondering how can a guy so lovely be so tough.



Doran is recommended by IntenseJobber

Doran was my first experience with wrestling. As a beginner, I was afraid it would feel awkward but Doran managed the situation flawlessly and very engagingly. He clearly knows what he's doing and made the fight very exciting. He also taught me some holds and tricks. 
I'm very glad he's my first wrestling mate. I can't recommend him enough and I hope we can meet again soon.



IntenseJobber is recommended by Doran

After chatting some days and planning our meeting I was prepared to go "soft" as it was his first experience wrestling. Well, I was clearly mistaken with this misleading rookie; he has a 6th sense for grappling and also packs a punch. Do not be deceived by his size because he learns very fast and that almost cost me a round.

On top of this he is a very nice and easygoing guy, totally recommended!



Doran is recommended by gentilefemere

woof woof... I thought I stood a chance with this felow, but I didn't. Very strong legs, some technique as well, lots of swet, and lots of fun.
Very energetic and sweet.
I hope I get my chance to win next time very soon!



gentilefemere is recommended by Doran

Totally recommended! We had an amazing time together. He is strong and above all very stubborn in giving up, certainly it's a challenge to make him submit. Here's hoping we can meet again soon!



Doran is recommended by jacklondoner

I really enjoyed to meet Doran. We spent a very good time. As he's one of my first opponents I could learn some movements and holds from him and received some advice. He's a kind and nice guy, but strongly competitive in the mat.



jacklondoner is recommended by Doran

My first match with jacklondoner started pretty chill as he is quite new in this world. However, he very quickly assimilated the holds and counters I explained to the point where he became a threat. He is fast, strong and learns very fast. We had an excellent time in and out of the mats. Terrific person, absolutely recommended!



Doran is recommended by USwrestlerTokyo

Very easy to set up a match with him and ended up having a fun, back-and-forth style match in my hotel while I was in Barcelona for work. He looks great in a singlet and he graciously lent one of his for our match. Recommended!



Doran is recommended by oct grappling

Es muy difícil de rendir, si tienen oportunidad de luchar con el aprovéchenla, además de que es hospitalario, espero podamos tener otro encuentro.



Doran is recommended by wrescomm

Despite a short match, I enjoyed Doran as a competitive driven, handsome young wrestler, and as a nice man to talk to off the mat. Hope to meet him again and continue/finish the fight. Don't miss him if you have a chance!



Doran is recommended by Jorgefighter

We have had a rematch after a long time and I can verify he is stronger than when he started. I hope we can have another without such a long wait.

Extranice guy with a lot of potential (more than the thinks) and very willing to learn and improve. To top it, a really funny, ironic and nice guy to talk with.
Un tío con más potencial del que él cree y con ganas de aprender, aparte de un excelente y divertido conversador.



Doran is recommended by nomade

I had a great, wild fight with Dorian. We fought really hard, never giving up anything & ended up exhausted. He is quite skilled and strong - and also very friendly out of the mat. I recommend !



nomade is recommended by Doran

I had an amazing fight with nomade since our body build and experience was very similar. Each tap was hard-earned and we both were panting at the end.

Absolutely recommended if you are looking for a cute guy who can put you in a pinch if you don't pay attention.



Doran is recommended by subbud

Very nice guy off the mats, but as soon as he steps on it, its all gone. We had a very intense competative match, with quite a few submissions (mainly from me :P). He is strong for his size and doesn't give up easily. Definitely recommended!



Doran is recommended by Wrestlerfun

Cannot be underestimated, he is stronger than he looks and can give you a hard time, applying some vicious choke holds. Otherwise a most desirable wrestling friend to have and soo much more :D