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Hi to all, i'm expecially look for Heel/Jobber Matches with me as Jobber, but also trading holds, a lot into gutpunching, trampling.
Stakes are ok.
I'm more into older man, Bears and daddy are welcome!

Ciao a tutti, cerco principalmente incontri heel contro jobber (io), ma anche scambio di prese, mi interessa molto il gutpunching e il trampling.
Mi interessano prevalentemente persone più grandi di me, orsi e daddy sono i preferiti.



  1. Italy, Paternò
    (I'm here from 5/15/2019)
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I am willing to travel 50 kilometers


Age: 28-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 123 lbs (56 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Esperanto, Italian

Gear: Speedo, Trunks, barefeet

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hanky londonscissorslover marco1111


Dragonfly is recommended by marco1111

Lucky to Wrestle dragonfly. Thought he would be easy to beat. I was wrong. He showed me how to suffer. It was fantastic wrestling. Hot and sexy pro style match



marco1111 is recommended by Dragonfly

Geez, my second encounter thanks to meetfightes, and i had so much fun!
Great skills, devastating boston crab and camel clutch, absolutelly enjoyed the match!
Outside of the wrestling mat a good person to hang out with!



Dragonfly is recommended by londonscissorslover

"Dragonfly" very kindly went out of his way to drive to Ortigia to meet me for this bout: certainly I was glad that he did! Firstly, he has the type of lean, wiry muscular body that just makes you want to attack it (but beware, he is very strong and his lightweight build is deceptive, as my body can attest to when he locked on an impossibly tight body scissors) : it was a back and forth bout wherein I probably didn't use all of my strength, as I wanted this to be a long bout & didn't want either of us to be exhausted. We both had specific "likes", which were suitably fulfilled during our fight...... and even though I know he likes to be the jobber, IF he wanted to, he could be a very effective Heel. His slim but muscular hairy legs are 2 very effective weapons which, if you allow him to, he will use to devastating (and rather sexy) effect. We took a break, went for a walk whereupon he introduced me to some Sicilian/Catanian specialities (the REAL Granita!!) after which, we couldn't resist a second wrestle, which had a different tempo but was equally satisfying in all ways. He is a handsome man and a pleasure to converse with.... I would recommend him to anyone who has the opportunity to meet him.



londonscissorslover is recommended by Dragonfly

I have met londoscissors69 after chatting and organizing our match for a bit.
He is so reiable and enjoyable (and patient when my english goes wrong XD) outside the mat, as during a fight, we did back and forth considering what we "wanted" most, and it was a pleasure to have a match with him, we had two, both enjoyable, funny and hot!
Definitely i suggest to keep an eye on him if you are in his area or he is in your! Look forward the second encounter now :)