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Just looking for some sweaty fun and a good workout with other fighters in the area. Boxing and wrestling. Safe and sane.



  1. USA - Tennessee, Brentwood
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Age: 50-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 185 lbs (84 kg)

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Furman KOBama privateguy55 WGA-Rassler


Duke7 is recommended by KOBama

I got to box with Duke7 yesterday and it was a blast. He has a great area set aside to train. He’s game for the fight and anxious to learn more about the sport. Great guy and fun to be around.



KOBama is recommended by Duke7

I just had the privilege of a boxing session with KOBama. It was amazing, He is a real boxer, I mean for real. If you are looking for a hard, sweaty, serious time swapping leather with a pro make plans to set up a match with him. He is tough, in excellent condition and knows what he is doing. I learned so much in the few short hours I had with him that I can't wait for our next session. With all of that said, he is a great guy outside the ring as well, friendly, considerate and knows how to pull back his considerable abilities to match his opponent. I would highly recommend KOBama to anyone serious about boxing with a real boxer, you won't be disappointed.



Duke7 is recommended by Furman

Duke7 has a great home gym set up in his garage. It's the perfect space for his mats. He was my first opponent ever. I highly recommend him as an opponent. He's VERY strong. It was great to talk prior to wrestling about expectations and physical limitations.



Furman is recommended by Duke7

I had an opportunity to wrestle Furman and had a really good time. full disclosure, he has been a friend of mine for a while. I think you will enjoy wrestling Furman. He is strong and aggressive. I would recommend Furman as an opponent.



Duke7 is recommended by WGA-Rassler

What a pleasure to get to meet and wrestle Duke. He defines the word scrappy. He is athletic , strong, and made me work exceptionally hard every match. By the end of our session, we were both sweat soaked. He is a gracious host with a great set up for wrestling. I highly recommend Duke, you won’t be disappointed.



WGA-Rassler is recommended by Duke7

I had the chance to wrestle WGA-Rassler the other day. I must admit I was intimidated by his size and experience. He showed up as this mountain of a man and wasted no time getting right to the mats. He is strong as an ox, and an awesome wrestler. I had the most fantastic time wrestling him. He knows what he's doing and is a tough opponent, but never used his size or experience to prove anything. I learned so much from my time with him. I can't wait to wrestle WGA-Rassle again. He is also a great guy off the mats as well. I would highly recommend him to anyone serious about wrestling.



Duke7 is recommended by privateguy55

I had such a great time today - meeting Duke 7 for the second time and wrestling him for the first time . And I can say in no uncertain terms that this is just the beginning of many matches!
We realize we have lots in common , and I feel lucky to have become a new friend of this really wonderful guy...
As for the wrestling- it was long and hard and sweaty -such a good workout and so much fun.
He is a great host with 10 x 10 quality wrestling mats
His pictures are accurate: he is a beast!
I’m glad I have the experience factor on my side ( for now)
He is a quick learner and a natural athlete - and is going to soon be a force to be reckoned with ...
My highest recommendation....wrestle Duke7 if you have the chance!



privateguy55 is recommended by Duke7

What can I say, I just had a fantastic experience with Privateguy55. He is super strong and a really skilled wrestler. He showed me a lot of great moves. We just kept going at it until we were both spent, then we went at it again. He's aggressive in a great way. Off the mat I knew we would be good friends from the first time I met him. After wrestling him that was confirmed. I hope to have many more sweaty, tough sessions with this powerhouse. All his other recommendations confirm this as well. If you get a chance to wrestle him take it, you'll be challenged and better for it.