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Having practiced before Freestyle wrestling -trying to improve my PRO wrestling skills as I recently started to get more into this . Keen to arrange matches from
To learn from each other and practice !

Please bear in mind my PRO wrestling skills at the moment are beginner state - Please get in touch of interested .



  1. United Kingdom, London Borough of Lambeth
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I am willing to travel 100 kilometers


Age: 36-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (172 cm), 187 lbs (85 kg)

Gear: Shorts

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Duomatrix is recommended by Squashlad

25/02/2016: Had a quick grapple with Duomatrix at Kit at the Eagle (which he organizes) and really enjoyed it. He's fast and determined, which made him very hard to get to grips with to take down, and is very strong. His photos don't lie---there are guys in shape, there are guys in great shape, and then there are the guys like Duomatrix in the sort of shape that would just be seriously impressive, but for whom other, shorter words come to mind when that's what you're about to hit the mats with! Thankfully for me my extra height together with his desire not to scare the rest of the guys at Kit off from joining in the fun meant that it wasn't a total beating and (subs-wise at least) we came out evens. Off the mats he's a friendly, affable, outgoing and good natured guy and a thoughtful host. Highly recommended and I'm looking forward to more mat time with him.



Squashlad is recommended by Duomatrix

I met Squashlad for a quick fight at KIT Club at the Eagle London - despite the short match it was clear he had lot of experience under his belt - don't underestimate his strength based on his weight because you'll be quite surprised. I was quite impressed by his energy on the mats which makes me think he is very well used to very long sessions. He is extremely friendly guy and an absolute pleasure to meet him. I will definitely meet him again for a longer session anytime soon!



Duomatrix is recommended by northern monkey

Duomatrix is strong, fit and very quick. We had a quick bout at #kit at The Eagle, we locked up a little but I struggled to get him locked in anything, he likes to draw you in and then strike when he sees an opportunity. Will def wrestle again!

***Update - round 2 at the Eagle. We manage to get in a good battle as no one else stepped up. Again he's fit and strong, managed to get him to submit a couple times and he got me to submit (if I didn't I'd have been a sleep on the mat in front of a crowded bar haha). He's very very strong. A nice guy off the mat too.



northern monkey is recommended by Duomatrix

Had a Quick session at Eagle #Kit Night - I could feel him quite strong in his upper body and looks he could give some serious pain under his holds.... Which I wasn't in the mood to try ! Great session assured.



Duomatrix is recommended by leicswrestle

Met Jon today what an absolute pleasure it was to be the first to do so .
Strong as an ox body of a god a few more wrestling meets he will unstoppable .
If you get the chance to meet him do so
Have a rematch soon see if your stronger 😉



leicswrestle is recommended by Duomatrix

Great and very pleasant lad to meet, he is the first I meet for a session from here and very much pleased with session we had. He his very big and strong which makes ideal for proper wrestling sessions. I am sure he will give toughest times to many on here.