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  1. Spain, Ayamonte
    (I'm here from 6/24/1993)
    My home


27-year-old Male / 6'0" (184 cm) / 157 lbs (71 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Spanish

Gear: singlets, nude, speedo


Hola soy un chico joven bastante athletico que le mola la lucha libre y la lucha grecorromana + submisión. Me gustaría aprender, tener un maestro y poder entrenar todos los dias ya que donde resido no hay opciones. Preferible me gusta la lucha, no erotica.

Estoy buscando un entrenador o alguien donde pueda acogarme varias semanas para entrenar juntos. Yo soy solvente, solo haría falta el hospedaje. Y un sitio para luchar donde esta preparado para ello.

Tengo algo de experiencia. Hice judo cuando era joven y he estado varios deporte (tenis, baloncesto, badminton) a lo largo de mi vida. Ahora practico mucha natacion.




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Duque5 is recommended by ww8924

We wrestled a couple times a few years ago and we had fun. He is not the strongest fighter I've met but he is a cool guy and I enjoyed wrestling around with him. Hopefully we'll meet again some day.



ww8924 is recommended by Duque5

I meet him two couples years ago, he is nice Guy, very strong and fit. Im realize that he main wrestling, keys and weakness point in the body. Hard to win against.

I remember that between all rounds (30-40), only i won one of them. He cannot move at all, i though he tries leave me win, but not.

Under summission we both loves squeeze our balls. He grabs me the balls a lots of time, not paintful at all (i like It) but you need to say stop, if not i would finish unfertile hahah Moreover, he has a big balls, so he barely feels pain. Was very fun and exciting at the same time

I strongly recommend fighting with him, u definetly will enjoy as i did :)