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sub jobber wants to meet dominant heels for wrestle and fight fun. Practice holds on me like fig 4 headscissor, nelsons, sleepers, choke, sbp. Grab, hold, slap, trample, facesit, gut punching etc



  1. United Kingdom, London
    London E1
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I am willing to travel 5 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 46-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (181 cm), 183 lbs (83 kg)

Gear: Shorts or naked

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E1fightsub is recommended by He-Man

Easy going and pleasant guy to meet up with, being a bit out of shape myself and him being taller and heavier then the ideal sub guy I'd go for (as 5"6-5-10 and about 65-75kg) I knew I'd not have an easy time trying to Dom my sub with my muscles and weight and I was right.

He's got strong upper body and gave me a great arm wrestle session and we are well matched currently with his right being stronger at times.
Lower body wise leg wrestling I made short work of him with my powerful thighs as a Dom should Do;) Loved to see him struggle with my weight in lift and carry aspects; any guys think they can lift me up like a bikini girl in various ways let me know ;)

Anyway yes recommend guy for lighter guys to take on and practice with or any Dom's/Heels that like to punish their subs then drop him line.

Btw I'm happy to sub for stronger guys or try and Dom you bigger muscle guys as we battle for who's the true "Master of The Universe!"



He-Man is recommended by E1fightsub

Very friendly and strong guy. We did strength games, wrestling, arm wrestling, lift and carry and facesitting. I would say he beat me 80% of the time. A great fun time was had.



E1fightsub is recommended by olderguy

We met at his place, he was well prepared and we were both on time; we grappled well together and both showed our strength without damaging each other and i hope that he enjoyed being massaged.



E1fightsub is not recommended by i love muscle

  • Unreliable / no show



E1fightsub is recommended by dadwrestle

After a short time exchanging messages we fixed a meet. Arrangements easy and straightforward. This wrestler underestimates his strength! He put up a tough defense against a much bigger and heavier! A good, long, sweaty session. Most enjoyable. I have no hesitation whatsoever if recommending this guy. 100% Gold Star recommendation!



E1fightsub is recommended by rimoldi

I recently made contact with E1fightsub who is also into gut punching and was lucky to be able to meet up with him while visiting London, we meet up and discussed what we were happy to do and then made a start as E1fightsub hadn’t had much experience of gut punching we took it slow and gentle, then gradually increased the strength of the punches to a level we were both happy with, I am looking forward to meeting up again next time I go down to London.



rimoldi is recommended by E1fightsub

Very friendly guy who came to see me on a visit to London for a gutpunching only session.
He was able to punch me for a lot longer as he was fitter, I punched as well but not for as long. We took it in turns to punch each other. Very enjoyable session.



E1fightsub is recommended by Superfly

A pleasant guy to roll around with, strong and enthusiastic about the sport. Reliable, safe and sane plus looks good in gear. Recommend



Superfly is recommended by E1fightsub

Great friendly guy and fighter. Great physique and strength powerfully built.



E1fightsub is recommended by fitman321

He was so much fun if like jobber match this is man.