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Enjoy Good man to man body contact and the Sport of wrestling submission style or working up a sweat Going at it Pro style Wrestling as well . Will wrestle any style or just Rough-house and swap holds



  1. USA - Tennessee, Savannah Bay
    (I'm here from 3/02/2019)
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I am willing to travel 150 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 57-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 247 lbs (112 kg)

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Edinchattanooga is recommended by ncwrestlenow

What a class act on and off the mat. Ed is an EPIC host and makes you feel comfortable from the first hello, the first exchange of hold, and subsequent exploration through wrestling. It was as if, we had wrestled before!!! He is a great mechanical wrestler and shares his experiences with you. I can't wait until I can hit the mats again with Ed.



ncwrestlenow is recommended by Edinchattanooga

It was great meeting ncwrestlenow ! An evening opened up for me and since he was in Tennessee he went out of his way to meet at my place . We geared up and had a great wrestle . He had me in some nice holds and He is strong ! I had to tap ! always great to find a new wrestle buddy and make a new friend . We even discovered we had some mutual wrestle friends .



Edinchattanooga is recommended by Roodle0p

Ed’s a fantastic heel! Tree trunk thick legs perfect for scissors. We had a great time exchanging holds and rough housing.
Great heel on the mats, and a super nice guy off the mats!!



Roodle0p is recommended by Edinchattanooga

Great guy to Wrestle ! We met for a good give and take scissor match and we worked each other over in some great long held holds . He took every squeeze in dished out and gave it back with his powerful legs . Add this wrestler to your list !



Edinchattanooga is recommended by davedawg

Glad I got the chance to meet up with Ed. He’s got strong legs and worked me over real good. He had me seeing stars on his choke and scissor holds. I had red dots around my eyes for a few days afterwards from the pressure. I can’t wait til I get the chance for him to work me over some more.



davedawg is recommended by Edinchattanooga

Great scissor session with this guy ! I dished it out , clamped on my best scissor holds and this wrestler took it ! Davedog turned the tables on me and Gave me some of my own punishment back ! Always great to find a wrestle buddy like this one . Look him up and give him a squeeze !



Edinchattanooga is recommended by Txtussle

Though it's been several years since this talented bull and wrestled,in retrospect both his strength and mat skills stand out in my mind. A local Texas buddy was with me on a road trip,and though we both alternately locked up with him in a hotel bout,he kept us both on the defensive from the onset. Plus he is one Interesting man with whom to enjoy a post match conversation!!



Edinchattanooga is recommended by atlantawrestles

Ed and I have wrestled on a couple occasions, and each was a great experience. I particularly like to wrestle him, knowing the workout is going to be exhausting, which is just what I like. I heartily recommend meeting him when you're in his neck of the woods.



atlantawrestles is recommended by Edinchattanooga

Each time I have wrestled this guy we have had good long sweaty matches ! His skill level is incredible! Watch out for his combo of holds , as you try to escape one he is obtaining another two holds on you ! Before you know it you are bent and tangled up like a pretzel. He is about a 2 hour drive for me and always well worth the trip ! Good intense submission wrestling and he is not afraid of taking on a heavyweight like me .



martini is recommended by Edinchattanooga

Many wrestles with this guy ! Always a good intense time! He can dish it out and Take it !



Edinchattanooga is recommended by chicagopiledriver

Ed is a great guy who I have had the pleasure of wrestling many times at the Clash in ATL and in 1on1 matches. He rolls from sub matches to pro matches with ease. He's a good big man who loves to wrestle! My kind of guy.



chicagopiledriver is recommended by Edinchattanooga

This man can flat out Wrestle ! Skill level is at the top of any of the wrestlers I have taken on ! He is great to watch in submission matches and even better to take on . The his guy can also work some great Pro style moves and holds . He can take anything you crank on him and then dish it back out double! Don't miss a wrestle with this guy .



Edinchattanooga is recommended by AtlProFantasy

A truly great guy and a lot of fun to wrestle. We have had a couple matches over the years and I consider him a friend. Very good wrestling knowledge and just a stand up guy in general.



AtlProFantasy is recommended by Edinchattanooga

Great wrestler and can give you one Heck of a wrestle ! Good knowledge of holds and can go at it with a great intensity ! Like the Pros I watched growing up !



Stumpy Stew is recommended by Edinchattanooga

Great wrestler and Great Guy ! Gives a good stiff Pro Match ! This man is a master of Many Holds!



Edinchattanooga is recommended by lb200

I met Ed twice: Once at The Clash of the Titans of 2013 and the 2nd time at the Clash of 2016.

Ed is a nice, handsome and absolutely amazing wrestler. He wrestles both sub and pro and he definitely knows his stuff :)



Edinchattanooga is recommended by dadwrestle

Despite trouble with his arm, this GREAT USA wrestler took me on in a visit to London. As ever, am amazing experience!! By the way, he can deliver a tough gut punch, so beware! He's got skill, style and huge enthusiasm which makes any meet a 100% fun event!
Was the greatest of pleasures to host this star of the mats on MY mats in London few years back! He was a best of opponents; tough, strong, imaginative! Huge fund of great stories, I only wish there wasn't the Pond between us. Roll on another visit to UK! 100% Gold Star recommendation.



dadwrestle is recommended by Edinchattanooga

After talking about a match for many years, I was in the UK an had the Honor of meeting Dadwrestle face to face singlet to singlet ! A wonderful Gentleman and Host, he gave me one Hell of a good sweaty submission Wrestle ! I am sure he will give you one as well !



Edinchattanooga is recommended by Heel4You

I met Ed a few weeks before the clash 2016 and had a blast wrestling this great guy and wrestler.
Strong and skilled wrestler who can take a lot and dish it out as well.
Pro or sub he's great at both.
I highly recommend him.



Heel4You is recommended by Edinchattanooga

Met Heel4you in May of 2016 and must say for such a nice guy he make one Hell of a Classic Rough and Tumble Heel ! This wrestler Goes at it full on with some great well worked Pro and Sub moves ! Some evil elbow and leg drops ! He knows how to crank on a figure 4 leg lock and cobra holds and sleepers ! One heck of a good wrestle ! Watch out for his camel clutch he likes to work it !



bluethegrappler is recommended by Edinchattanooga

I Have wrestled and trained with BluetheGrappler for over 5 years, and will say he has a High skill level of grappling And MMA moves . Always a great wrestle , from full on go at it to exhaustion submission match to a good friendly work on holds and wrestle . Always a pleasure to make him tap out but hard to get him to! When you think you have his moves figured out forget that he will invent a new hold and tap you out ! It is always great to find a wrestle buddy willing to take on and train guys of all sizes and much bigger weight classes ! Don't miss a wrestle with this Dude !



Edinchattanooga is recommended by Kissdafur

Met the Bearstud a while back while he was visiting New Orleans. Had a fun, but tough and aggressive grapple with him. We found out later he had been wrestling with a cracked rib, But youd never know it from our match. Great guy on and off the 'mats'.


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Edinchattanooga 5/28/2017

Blue booted wrestler gets the tap !

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Edinchattanooga 5/28/2017

Tight squeeze on buddy from Knoxville

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Edinchattanooga 5/01/2017

Squeeze on him till he submits

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