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Age 26
Height 5'10" (178 cm)
Weight 170 lbs (77 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Straight
Looking for Male or Female
Languages spoken English
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Last update 7/29/2022



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  1. USA - Texas, Killeen


Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Boxing Boxing
Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai
Judo Judo

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Tag team / group fights, Two on one

Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu

Miscellaneous interests: Stakes

Fetishes: Wrestle for top, Naked wrestling, Rip and strip

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Interested in wrestling for stakes. Athletic and with years of ju jitsu experience…be at peace with the stakes that are set as you will probably lose. I like the thrill of risk so I am looking for a challenge. Not normally attracted to guys, but uncertain outcomes in a combative setting creates a strong exception. In this context both sexual domination / getting dominated are appealing, so long as both sides are struggling to win. I imagine a contest of reluctant sexual humiliation and submission for the loser instead of anything violent.

Glad to discuss ideas for stakes. Don’t be afraid of scaring me off with anything too extreme. I'll just require a cash prize to compensate for the risk and win...


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