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  1. Canada - Nova Scotia, wolfville
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52-year-old Male / 5'11" (180 cm) / 165 lbs (75 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: singlets, squares, speedos
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I'm in shape and looking to have a good physical challenge. I am a str8 boy but I am not opposed to having fun. In fact, I have enjoyed some erotic aspects - with the right guys ;). I will wrestle any guy who respects agreed upon limits and who is . . . in a comparable state of fitness and close to my stats. I have several face pics loaded on here that I can share with guys I want to wrestle or who want to wrestle me - just ask. I am a boxer by training and still box so I get my fill of boxing with guys who aren't on here. I am most interested in gaining more wrestling experience but will trade boxing for wrestling with hot guys. I have a bunch of recent face pics in my private gallery on here that give a good sense of who I am physically and I am willing to share with guys I’d enjoy wrestling Game on!!



Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Boxing Boxing

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Outdoors fights, Not interested in cyber
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Promission
Stand-up fighting: UFC/MMA style matches
Miscellaneous interests: I have access to a ring, I'm a heel, I'm a jobber
Fetishes: Wrestle for top, Boxing gear, Wrestling gear, Nipple play, Face sitting, Rip and strip, Muscle worship

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Last modified: 4/01/2020


Fighter31 is recommended by Santgab

Great wrestler, we had an amazing match, bery well skilled and knows his way on the mats, great guy to get to know him, one of my best matches



Santgab is recommended by Fighter31

Finally!! Our paths crossed again after a LONG WAIT. “Round two” was definitely worth the wait. I’ve become a bit more “experienced “ and as a result, our meeting was HOT. Thanks Santgab!! 😉..... Great wrestler! Looks hot in his gear and is a fantastic wrestler. He locked me down a few times but hey, his muscle punishment was a pleasure to endure. In the end though, I won the trophy! :) We wrestled at his place - he even arranged for some mats for our match. He is the furthest thing from a jerk - a true gentleman! If he will wrestle you, go for it. But he is picky on who he wrestles - with a body like his, he can afford to be picky!



Fighter31 is recommended by wrstlrfan

Fighter31 is a great wrestler who has biceps for days! He's a kind soul with a positive attitude, who wants all participants to have a good time. We had a match in his hotel room, which doesn't allow for a lot of full on wrestling, but we did still have a great time going back and forth. If he's ever crossing your path, I'd highly recommend meeting him!



wrstlrfan is recommended by Fighter31

What a blast! This guy is in amazing shape. He is proportioned in perfect ways - ways that make any guy envious. His arms and back are “textbook!” And fun?? Ha! A total gentleman - very smart and a guy who wrestled me for a VERY FUN evening. As is often the case when meeting in a hotel room ... we had to throttle back our intensity but we both talked about how much more fun the match would have been in a matroom, ring or cage!!

I do not recommend him to any one because I want him all for myself! Lol. Seriously, don’t pass up the chance to wrestle Cyberfan!!



Fighter31 is recommended by hunkbasher

I remember talking to Fighter31 and he lived up to his hype. The whole package showed up at the door and before you know it we were locking on some pro holds in black speedos. Total dom stud on the mat, he worked this basher over pretty good.... great guy off the mat! Highest recommendation.

"Back in Toronto" and looking super hot, muscled and sexy AF in red pro trunks! Great to have a match after work, super nice guy to hang with and a skilled and sexy wrestler/boxer. Welcome here anytime my friend! Was awesome!



hunkbasher is recommended by Fighter31

What a blast wrestling Hunkbasher! He is an artist so he does a great job with creative holds. Awesome body and looked great in his black speedos. I'll wrestle him again when I am back in Toronto!

So I was “back in Toronto” and hooked up again with this writer/artist. He hosted me and spoiled me. It was a super time! Thanks!!



Fighter31 is recommended by scissors Toronto

Had a great match with this strong stud last time he was in town. He looks amazing, strong in his Speedo and we went at it, fighting submission style in a safe and aggressive way. We each made each other tap and had a very fun time trying out holds, getting physical and enjoying each other's company. A very nice guy too and a great opponent for anyone on this site.



scissors Toronto is recommended by Fighter31

I knew when I tagged scissors on here that if he accepted an invitation to wrestle that his height would immediately give him an advantage over me ... I was right and he effectively used that leverage advantage and his long legs to catch me in some dominating head scissors! He was a very safe and sane opponent. Punctual. He is the real deal and if you like the challenge of figuring out how to out maneuver a tall guy, you’ll find a great match with this guy!



Fighter31 is recommended by omr24

It was a good morning workout to wrestle Fighter31. Although he has no formal training in BJJ he knows how to defend himself pretty well, he's also quite aggressive and resilient so it wasn't easy to make him tap. off the mat he's very easy going and pleasant guy, thank you for a lovely wrestling morning. Highly recommended!



omr24 is recommended by Fighter31

Well...he had superior bjj skills and eventually owned the match. Well done bud! Even though it took him less than 15min to accomplish that, the match itself lasted the better part of 2 hours! Go figure ... he didn’t beat me up and spit me out ... I did have something to offer the scrappy teddy bear! Lol. I enjoyed myself immensely with this wirey grappler. I am open to coaching him on his striking/boxing skills to complete his arsenal!! Thanks bud for the excellent time ... like everyone else here, if Omr24 gives you the chance to wrestle, TAKE IT!! It was delicious!!



Fighter31 is recommended by asianwrestler

Had a fun time wrestling Fighter31. Even though it took us 3 months to finally meet, he constantly kept the excitement high through his constant smack talk that I would eventually learn the hard way that he could back up haha. He was worth the drive. We didn’t wrestle much in the traditional sense. He was much stronger, but I am proud to have beaten him in another manner ;) Would definitely have a match with him again, especially after he gave me a pair of Tarzan trunks. If you aren’t careful, Fighter31 may put you in a hold you can’t help but submit and enjoy 😁



asianwrestler is recommended by Fighter31

Haha! Had an awesome time wrestling Asianwrestler. He drove 1.5 hours to meet up and was right on time. We had chatted for about 3 months and eventually set up our match. Did we wrestle? Yes. Would the entirety of our 4 hours meet the classic definition of wrestling? Most likely not. LOL. But it was a blast for both of us. I won the wrestling time but he won the challenge . . . you can ask for more details on the challenge if you need them. LOL I would wrestle asianwrestler again in a heartbeat, especially if he is wearing the Tarzan trunks i gave him . . . they fit him and make him irresistible - a part of how he won the "challenge." :) If you do get a chance to wrestle him and he comes as "Tarzan," be ready to lose any challenge he makes. :)



Fighter31 is recommended by markmok110

After much back and forth this opportunity of a lifetime match with a High caliber guy materialized. No way I could pass it up. Soon as the door opens we were raring to go at it. Jack is a solid quality guy who loves to fight and wrestle. We wrestled many sweaty hours over the 2 days. The added bonus to the weekend was boxing training with a certified coach. It began the next morning with a lesson in wrapping my hands. Then we headed out to the beach. Jack taught me footwork, stance and movement. Plus a proper jab, right cross and 4 defenses. He is passionate about the sport, has keen insight and real time experience in the ring. Much information was communicated in one afternoon to a very appreciative student. Afterwards another round of wrestling. Life is good! Would I do it again? Oh yeah!



markmok110 is recommended by Fighter31

What a sweet guy. So dedicated to our meet that he drove 7 hours from Atlanta to Tampa. He gave me a sweet time with wrestling. I had a slight edge on mass so he spent a lot of time as a ”bottomboy” ... but that didn’t seem to affect our mutual enjoyment. We spent 2 days together and wrestled a good number of hours. What was nice was that we had enough time to get to know each other and I enjoyed having the time to share more about my interests in wrestling and get great feedback than I have ever had with another guy. Thanks Hammy!! ;-). I was also able to give him some real boxing training at the beach!! I’ll be keeping in touch and will look forward to seeing you again ASAP - along with some of your west coast friends next time!



Fighter31 is recommended by wrestlecj

We finally got to meet after chatting for a long time! He wishes he tamed this tiger but that was only in his dreams! It was a fun to body slam him a couple of times. and I look forward to wrestling him again. I would recommend wrestling Jack to anyone.



wrestlecj is recommended by Fighter31

After a failed attempt one year ago, we tried this again. I had a great time. Chris was big enough to handle me but he equally enjoyed me handling him. This is the second “tiger” in a row that I tamed! I had him completely splayed on the fight surface and totally limp - in every way but one. I did receive my first body slam ever and that was AWESOME! Thanks Chris - I should have asked for more of them. Next time give me more body slams and let’s put me in a rack across your shoulders as well. Take a match with Chris - it is a lot of fun.



Fighter31 is recommended by SammyUSA

Fighter31 and I had a lot of exchanges and trash talk before our meet. No matter what I threw at him, he always hit back with smartass comments. It was the most anticipated match I've ever had and now that it was over, I can say the drive was so worth it. He looked great in his gear and we couldn't wait to see who the alpha was. We had a sweaty struggle and it felt incredible! Unfortunately, he came out on top at the end but I am proud to be the first one to strip him naked!! We continued to roll until it was time for him to head home and he manged to get another tap just before that. It was a 10 out of 10 experience and I hope I don't have to wait for too long for the rematch.



SammyUSA is recommended by Fighter31

Sammy drove the better part of 6 hours to meet. All I can say about that is . . WOW. He knows what he wants and he will do what he can to get it - a super nice guy! I came prepared to wrestle a tiger and it sure began that way. But I managed to get on top of the Tiger and tamed him after a long struggle. But once tamed, "Sammy the Tiger" took this str8 boy to the edge of the "fun" I say I am willing to have. My thong got stripped and I rolled naked for the first time! At the end (2.5 hours) I asked Sammy to rate his experience with me and he gave it a 10. He asked me the same question - my score matched his - 10! If Sammy is interested in wrestling you - or drawing out your willingness for "fun," don't be shy - he is a very cool dude!



Fighter31 is recommended by submuscle

Fighter31 is in great shape and looks better in person .He is a great competitor and fun guy.
I had some weight and size on him but he never gave up . I hope tobwrestle him again



submuscle is recommended by Fighter31

It was a lot of fun to wrestle submuscle. He has awesome muscle. He weighed 20lbs+ more than me but he made sure we both had fun. Great respectful dude who knows how to control a smaller guy in a sane way. Given the chance, I’ll wrestle him again ... no questions!



Fighter31 is recommended by maeCR1

Well I must say that he looks way better in person... he is a very nice and strong man. Very safe and also really good sport. I wouldn’t want to box this guy because he’d punch my lights out quickly but wrestling I can take him. I already want to fight him again.



maeCR1 is recommended by Fighter31

Wow! What an awesome match. maeCR1 has great profile pics but if you get to wrestle him like I did, you will be amazed at his physique. Incredible biceps and deltoids. Amazingly we traded subs but in the end he probably won the day but .... I got the first one against this hunk and it made my night. Thanks man!



Fighter31 is recommended by Littleguy123

Just had the most amazing match with fighter31. We wrestled in speedos and he looks awesome in a speedo. I definitely recommend him to anyone in his area. His body is much much better in person and I just loved being trapped in his headscissors cause his legs are awesome. I sure hope o get to wrestle him again some time in the future



Littleguy123 is recommended by Fighter31

Spunk. That's a good word to describe Littleguy123. He came to my community and asked to wrestle. I noted that i was bigger than him but that did not discourage him...he wanted me...and I gave him me. Haha. We had a great time. He wanted me to lock him in a reverse fig4 headlock and I'd say I gave him his desire. I also gave him a first by racking him across my shoulders. It was awesome! Naturally, he had some release and that cooled his drive or we could have wrestled for 6 hours!! Next time bud!! LOL He is a fun wrestler and I'd wrestle him again if I have the chance - so should you.



Fighter31 is recommended by Headrush

Met with figher31 and had a tough straight-up submission match. He is very fit from his amateur boxing training! He was a bit stronger than me, although I was able to tap him out twice, once in the beginning with a triangle hold. He tapped me out three times. He has good arm locks. Some of the mini-bouts went seven minutes or more before there was a submission. He was generous in allowing me to take long breaks in between tap-outs, so I could recover and have enough juice to continue in a competitive way. He was safe and controlled in the grappling, which I really appreciate. Also, he was fun to talk to. I would wrestle him again if he is in my area.



Headrush is recommended by Fighter31

Had a great match with Headrush. He came all the way across the city for the fight - that showed me he was motivated. And he was! He made me earn every advantage I enjoyed - and he got to enjoy his own time of control. For one of those LONG rounds, he was in control for the majority of it. Well done bro! We were a very good match up in size as well which is always fun for a competitive fight. Next time dude, ready or not I will shorten the time in-between rounds! ;) No doubt about it, I would definitely wrestle you again!